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Title: Alpha Male Subs Training Journal
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Most of that stuff is just expensive crap. I've used things that got all kinds of great reviews but all it really did is waste my money and give me some pimples on my arms.

You're gonna get much better results just being consistent over the long term.
Increasing the intake of the vitamins and minerals like D-3 and Zinc that promote testosterone seems to have worked for me so far. Maybe start with those? I also take 3g of D-aspartic acid (powdered, so can mix into a drink) which is a BCAA that apparently also promotes testosterone.
A Better Alex (ISTJ): EPRHAASC → AM6 → …
This morning, i was late to the college. I didn't get into my class. It's dissappointed me.

Oke, nothing big experience today. The girls said that i'm more handsome. Ha!whatever. i focus to my self develpment.

Mmm, this program works well on increasing maturity and it has improved my masculinity. I love this subliminal. Can't wait for next round.
Alright, here i'm waiting for my lecturer.

Men, how do you feel when you are alone, waiting for someone to come ?
Today, i met my old friends. They were very "gentleman" when we were in the High School.

I initiated to call name one of them. Then we were talking about "how is your college?", anything.

Also, i had socialize with any studients is the class. I talked about any topic in my mind.
It's 10 days more to finish the first run.

I've noticed a better communication with my family. Talking loudly,hardly, but with good response from people around.

Also, with about one week in the college i had better socialization with people i knew. In fact, i made them laughing with a funny story i experienced before.

I love it. Hehehe.
So what are you doing after AM6?
Re-do it. But before that happened, i'm gonna use another subliminal.
Do you mean a single-stage, or one of the magnets?
It's single stage. Many users here have recommended to use AM5/6 for 2,3,even 4 or more then you will get best result fro Magnets.

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