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Title: Wolverine - Maximum Healing Speed 5.5G Journal
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This should be a fun subliminal should it work out.

12 months ago, I wasn't at all concerned with my health.
I have been increasingly concerned in the past few months.

I began running a detox in November 2017 to supplement my MLS subliminal; I had been feeling very dull and tired. It has been helping, but I've noticed some interesting side effects.

- Poor immune system; I'm gotten cold symptoms at least 4 times since December 2017
- Losing hair; I believe that falling sick has contributed to losing some hair; my scalp line is much more visible than it had been one year ago. My scalp also becomes very itchy, and I have ongoing dandruff.
- Sleep; I have difficulty waking up on weekdays, and then spend my weekends doing a deep re-charge. This usually involves sleeping 10+ hours a night.
- Skin issues; For the past two months, I've been having skin breakouts to specific parts of my body. It started on my flanks, where my kidneys are. Then it happened right around my sternum and upper chest. Now, it's on both shoulders.
- Muscle and joint soreness; I've been trying to get good at running. I have a sore knee that impacts my ability to push myself. After trying a new technique, I've had considerable amounts of pain to my calf muscles; even seven days later, my right calf caused some issues.
- Loss of singing voice; after my first flu symptoms in December, I've been having major issues with my singing voice. Parts of my singing voice have become breathy or challenging. It has become much more inconsistent.

I'd like to run this subliminal program for at least two months, ideally three. I have to have some relief from these symptoms shortly.
Day 1,

No issues with dandruff or itchy scalp today.
My sores are no longer that red; more like bright pink skin.
Still have a dry cough coming up from time to time. My nose also plugs up, but I can snot rocket all of it down the sink and I'm back to normal again. My recovery from this current (mild) cold is very organized.

Edit: Zoomed through 14 pages today; at 144/297, making a total of 48.48% of Draft #3.
Draft #3 will be my last main draft, at which point I'll be revising the more contentious stuff (which I've highlighted), and finalizing the rest. I'm nearing the end. Should be no more than 20-25 days.
Have a good run. I've bought MHS in my early days here and I wanted to expose my parents to it.
I still haven't managed to do it yet as I'm away from home. It'd be interesting to see how MHS works for you.
I have great expectation about the program working for my parents as they won't be aware of it.
What kind of detox are you doing? Due to my MLS use I researched a lot on the subject, maybe I can help.
(06-18-2018, 04:23 PM)ianmarconi Wrote: What kind of detox are you doing? Due to my MLS use I researched a lot on the subject, maybe I can help.

Doing the basic detox from 'The Superman Diet'. I have the beginner's course, and I'm using a couple of the steps in that course, but nothing serious.
Day 4,

Still having the snot issue going on; after I clear my nose, I feel normal for the most part. Have had productive cough spells, after which, everything feels normal.

Trying to sing in the upper range; it's completely breathy for the time being. I can do some bubbling up there, but nothing really when singing. I can sing in the low range with resonance, but it tickles my throat and makes me cough.

My shoulder redness/acne has been going away; the ones I don't pick at are a slight pink. They're still visible. The one's on my flanks are still visible.

I think that another health issue, which I haven't mentioned at the beginning, has been clearing up.

Let's see where the future takes us.
Day 5,

My nose/throat clearing has been methodical; feel fine for 30 minutes at a time, and then feel plugged up. I go to the bathroom and snot rocket both nostrils. Then, I'm fine for the next 30 minutes.

I've also felt an interesting side effect; I have not felt actual, let's say, 'male vitality', for a couple of months at least. Nor have I felt a full-body attraction towards a women. This woman was a fair bit taller and a bit thicker than I'm normally attracted to, but I was popping a full-on erection just looking at her. The weird thing is that she wasn't that objectively attractive; but, there was nothing wrong with her either. She had a nice figure and was feminine. She was a volunteer at my work today. I spoke with her for a couple of minutes but I didn't try to get her info (we are at work, after all).

I think that my body might be pumping a normal level of testosterone again. I've had moments where I felt like I was 21 again.
Day 6,

Slept an incredible amount; probably 11 hours. Up late again.
I've reviewed 43 pages, and shortened my book considerably; from 295 to 283. I've reviewed about 15% of my book for Draft #3. I like how this section of the book is very easy to review.
I'll be done with the statistics chapter within the first 2 hours tomorrow, and I hope to complete the research chapter tomorrow. I'll probably be adding to the final chapters on Monday.

I ran for the first time in two weeks; I wasn't able to do very much this time. My knee did not ache at all, which is a plus. However, my lung capacity feels like it's been halfed. I was only able to run at 8 mph for one song at a time. Then, I had to walk slowly for songs in between.
Day 7,

I'm going to be buying a sleep induction mat from BulletProof:

I've completed 32 pages for my book; I'm at 276/284 pages for Draft #3.
It will be done tomorrow, but I'll need to add content at the end after this for a mini-chapter.
I'll need to complete a fourth draft, but I'll be doing a whole bunch of referencing work. Most of the work will be done by July 7.
Day 8,

I've bought the sleep induction mat.
I've also completed Draft #3, except for the entirety of Chapter 12, which I will be working on tomorrow, and will probably finish by Friday. After that, it's a restructuring, if necessary then a review, then a final review, with all the bells and whistles. Then it will be ready to go.

I should contact my book cover designer in the next couple of days.
Day 10,

The sleep mat is coming down pretty quickly; I'm tracking it on DHL.

My eyesight started to become blurry in my left eye for about 20-30 minutes; it's gotten better.
I look terrible; no real complexion, my eyes are puffy, and I had to shave for a work-related thing, so I have a lot more boyish features, which doesn't look very good with my long hair.

Once I've finish the book, I'll look into doing some facial workouts again; they work well for me.
Day 12,

The mat came in yesterday; it's very sharp and causes discomfort. It led me to sleep decently on 5.5 hours.
However, my cognitive function is a little dull.
I'm feeling an absence of feeling; no motivation. Only got a couple of pages done today.

A follow up on my original issues
- Poor immune system; had some productive cough at this start. Still looking washed out at times.
- Losing hair; Less itchiness, but still having dandruff at times
- Sleep; for some reason, I'm sleeping less than usual on weekdays. Did a deep recharge last weekend. We'll see how I do tonight, as it's the weekend.
- Skin issues; Skin is still giving me problems; it started to go away at first, but it's been lingering at 50% for a long time. They're lasting a long time.
- Muscle and joint soreness; Absolutely no issues. A success in that right.
- Loss of singing voice; Still having singing issues. It sometimes feels like there's a lump on my vocal cords.

New issue: digestion. Having the urge to use the bathroom for a poo, but then go a minimal amount. This only happens from time to time.
Day 13,

Skin has gotten over 50% better in 24 hours
Day 14,

The higher range of my voice is coming back a little more easily. Awesome!

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