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Title: Sleep Induction Aid Testomonial
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Disclaimer, I have been a tester for this program for some time now, and am an administrator of the site.

As someone who is a chronic insomniac, this sub is awesome. My brain has a hard time shutting down at night and over the years I have tried numerous over the counter sleep supplements to remedy the situation. No nonsense, this program knocks me out within a half hour or less and helps me stay asleep even when I only use one loop. I typically use 1 or 2 loops during the week and during the weekend I keep it on continuous loop when I sleep if I plan on sleeping in. 1 loop is great for cat naps during the day.

Compared to malatonin / herbal sleep remedies: otc sleep remedies usually make me feel groggy the morning after and they perpetuate a weird sleep pill energy drink cycle. This sleep aid subliminal, I feel, is more gentle yet also more effective. It helps me inwardly focus and as such I get quickly lost in a dream state and fall asleep. My girlfriend says it helps her sleep great too and she has also ditched the sleeping pills on the nights we sleep together.

Thanks Shannon Drinks
I'm sold, if a chronic insomniac computer programmer can fall asleep easily from it then it must be something.

How much time is 1 loop?

I'm very interested in this.

Would we be able to say play one loop of this followed by a loop of another sub?

I know it goes against the directions of 5.5, but it might be worth it if the sleep is that good
(03-26-2018, 10:58 AM)JackOfHearts Wrote: How much time is 1 loop?

30 minutes

(03-26-2018, 11:48 AM)Nox Wrote: I'm very interested in this.

Would we be able to say play one loop of this followed by a loop of another sub?

I know it goes against the directions of 5.5, but it might be worth it if the sleep is that good

When asked "Would using the awakener or the sleep aid affect DMSI?"
Shannon said this:
Quote:If you use it as a sleep induction aid, it will not. If you use it as a sleep optimizer, there is a chance it will, but I don't think it should be a big deal as long as you're not using it and resisting it while you do.

To expand upon his comment, using 1 or 2 loops stacked before your regular subliminal sleep routine is acceptable. Looping it all night and then resuming normal subliminal usage during the day should be fine.
Hi Cyanide,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.
I’m very interested in trying this now as I also have a very mentally demanding life that makes it hard to fall asleep.

I wanted to ask a few questions to yourself or anyone else that has experience with this sub:

Did it seem like you were getting long term health/restorative benefits from cumulative use of this sub?

Was it consistently effective at making you fall asleep?
For example, I’ve tried a lot of sleep aids/binaurals/meditations that work for a week or two then have little effect on me.
I have listened off and on for months as needed. Reflecting back on this time, yes, I would say it has helped the overall quality of my sleep and has trained me to fall asleep quicker on days when I don't use it. Don't expect miricles, but for me it has been a huge help. There have been a few select nights where it did not work as well for me but those such occasions were during days of extremely high stress. Aside from those few higher than everage stress nights, yes, it has maintained its effectiveness throughout my usage.

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