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LTU V5.0 (5.5G) Subliminal Reviews
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First I want to say this is a great subliminal and I continue to be grateful for the work that Shannon and Indigo Mindlabs does as it has had a huge impact on my life over the last five plus years.  The following is a compilation of thoughts and experiences I’ve taken away from LTU 5.5G

Universal Detox:  

I do feel healthier as a result of this module.  I have drink on and off since I was about 14 (currently 30).  There have been some dark times in my life when I drink in extreme quantities in addition to abusing other drugs for many years at a time.  The last few years I made huge strides in turning this part of my life around.  I believe subliminal messaging played a huge part in this and this module helped take it to a new level.  I rarely even have the desire to go out and have a drink with my friends on Friday night and when I do it’s like something is triggered in my brain that make me think the situation through in my brain.  For example I may begin thinking about how much I want to feel good in the morning so I am productive or how important my long-term health is.  These concepts were important to me before but this rationalization process wasn’t always being triggered in my brain when it should have been to stop me from drinking.  Also, I have renewed my passion for tea.  I have been drinking various high teas from around the world on a daily basis that is helping to detox and keep stuff flushed out.

Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer:

Also, have great news to report in this category.  Last year I finished my college degree and have been looking for an opportunity to put the degree to work and increase my income.  I was having difficulties getting interviews with potential companies.  Since beginning this program, I began getting a lot more interest from companies and have even had people come to me saying they can help put me in touch with the right people to get hired at their company.  Recently, I was offered a very respectable position that pays $57K per year.  Keep in mind that I live in Florida and the cost of living is really low.  This amount of money is like making double of that in some parts of the country.  This was very exciting news but I declined this offer after my current employer offered me the counter offer of $50K.  I took less money because I’m on track to be the general manager within a few years where I’m at and I feel like the company I’m at is a better fit for me.  It was still a raise of $10K that I made in one week.  Plus, I have other benefits of being where I’m at like making my own schedule, only commuting five minutes and wearing shorts/t-shirt to work.  This sub by itself didn’t make all of this happen but it seems like it made things happen faster and smoother.  I would also contribute a lot of my career success to the foundation that I build in programs like LTU 3.1 and AM 6.  These programs helped install discipline, drive, work-ethic, confidence, motivation and psychological/emotional fortification to help me reach my goal of being one step short of running a company.  Then LTU 5 has turned the volume up on all of these areas.

Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination:

I don’t notice this module every day but it has definitely had an impact on me.  I find that I’m more focused and tend to daydream/fantasies less.  I seem to think less and just do in general.  Early on in the sub I purchased a dry erase board for my refrigerator and began making a to do list.  It seemed to maximize my productivity.  I’ve gotten away from the list as I can usually remember in my head.  I also purchased an in home elliptical and have vastly improved my cardio and lost about five pounds of belly fat.  I go through times when I am on fire motivated but it comes and goes. 

Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid:

Good thing happened here as well.  I believe this module triggered some sleep deprived nights as it helped work out some things deep in my subconscious.  However, it was worth it.  I have an addictive personality and I just seem to be less impulsive and have less cravings for things now.  My porn interest is at an all time low.  I’ve been watching porn since I was probably 13 or 14.  However, I don’t think I have watched any in at least 2 months if not 3.  Occasionally I will have an impulse to but like the drinking I rationalize why I shouldn’t and it doesn’t have power over me.

Self Esteem Subliminal:

I’m not a hundred percent sure if this module has fully kicked in yet.  However, I have noticed a few things.  I seem to be less needy with women.  I don’t feel overly confident like when using ASC and AM but there is subtle feeling in the background that seems to be helping me and making me feel good about myself.  I seem to be displaying positive body language in social situations that cause people to react to me in a more positive way than I’m used to.  It just seems to happen so naturally that I don’t think I realize it’s going on.  I seem to be getting a lot more respect from people; particularly women, coworkers and subordinates.  I think it may be helping me to be a more effective and natural leader.

Disconnect From Negative Stress:

I’m very happy this module was included in the program.  I can’t say it works for me every day but it definitely makes a huge difference.  I’m able to get through difficult days more easily and seem to be able to shut everything off when I get home from work.  I believe this module has had a significant impact on my ability to fall asleep at night!  Also, some days I feel like I’m wearing an invisible stress shield.  This program needs to be in every product.

Genuine Gratitude & Appreciation:

I liked this module I definitely found appreciation in all the people and things that were positive in my life more often than before this sub.  All the success and hard work you put into your life becomes meaningless if you don’t have gratitude and appreciation.  I was able to stop and smell the roses so to speak, even in an often busy schedule. 

Happiness & Joy:

Like the module above I did seem to experience happiness and joy at a higher rate.  It seemed like when I would have breakthroughs I would be overwhelmed by serges of happiness and joy.  Sometimes even for no reason at all.

Let Go Of The Past:

I’ve had quite a few conversations with people from my past that had helped create some form of psychological or emotional suffering in my life.  These conversations seemed to help ease this suffering.  Also, I old patterns and habits have begun to slowly dissolve with time.

Anger Management:

I still have anger at times but I think I may have had improvements.  I think this sub has brought a lot of issues to the surface in a way that is helping me to overcome things and get the anger out.  I believe if I kept running this program I would probably seem deeper improvement in this area.

Overcome Guilt and Shame:

This module seems stronger in this sub then any other I have ever ran.  I found myself caring a lot less about what people think about me and accepting myself the way I already am.  The previously LTU as well as AM was good at this too but it seemed like this sub turned up the volume on it.  I’m able to do the things needed to better my life and enjoy more of the things that are important to me without any social pressure.

Overcome The Victim Mentality:

I’ve had interesting observations about the victim mentality while running LTU.  My life has been going pretty well over the last few years so I was surprised to realize just how much victim mentality I have in me.  Deep seated issues in the areas of friendship, love and work seem to be coming to the surface in a way that is allowing me to better understand them and hopefully overcome them.

The Auric Shield:

I like this module a lot and noticed the effects a decent amount especially at work.  I seem to be less affected when people are upset around me.  I can be around people of authority that are loud, upset, yelling and it doesn’t seem to phase me.  Before I had a mental fortitude that I could push through all that stuff but a part of me still felt it.  Now it’s like my energy at my core is also unfazed or at the very least less phased.  It’s like I don’t have a connection to the negative energy.

Improve Your Love Life:

I think my relationship has improved with my girlfriend.  I’m unsure of certain things with my relationship but things feel a little bit more like they did back in the beginning of the relationship during the “honeymoon” effect.

Loops Per Day:  

I have found optimal usage for me to be 4 loops per day.  I follow the instructed 4 days on and 2 days procedure.  The only exception to this is when Saturday is an on day.  My girlfriend usually spends the night on Saturdays making listening to the ultrasonic while sleeping not an option.  I usually listen to the trickling stream for 1-2 loops with headphones if Saturday is an on-day.

Length Of Use:

I used the program for six months for a total of 368 loops.  I stopped to run the new UMS.  Depending on how this goes I may return as this is a great sub that I know I can get a lot more benefit from.


It was worth the introductory price tag as I found the program to have as big of an impact if not bigger than AM.


This is the pinnacle of my subliminal collection.  I would still be running it if UMS didn’t catch my eye.  I would recommend this sub for both beginners and long time users.  It’s going to exactly what the title says, tune up your life.  I imagine this process is going to look different for every person.  This sub is going to input a massive amount of data and instruction into your subconscious and your brain will start prioritizing what is most important for you to improve and work on first.  I don’t know anybody that doesn’t want at least one thing to improve in their life.  The real beauty of this sub is that the multiple modules will attack deep rooted problems from multiple directions and at the same time.  This resulting in overcoming issues and having profound insights that you may have not been able to have otherwise or at least much quicker and easier than if not using this sub.  10 out of 10.