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Title: Breeze's UMS Journal
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Right, let's do this. I'll keep it short for now. The sub is downloading as I am typing this. I must say I am a bit skeptical about the ASRB ratios, but I don't have any reason to complain if the program works as intended, and it's such a relief to not worry about getting listening time in every single day. Do you know what else I am skeptical about? TID. It's TID, right? A couple of days ago, I was promised a certain sum of money out of nowhere, and if I am to receive that amount, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the sub has paid itself multiplied many times already. My first thought is to say it is a coincidence, but I don't believe that's fair to say either. We shall see. 

I am sure I'll face some challenges in my pursuit. The biggest of them of all is not to drive into overwork. I can jump into top gear and heat up the engine, to say so. I better avoid that, and hopefully, the sub will help me there. Next is boredom. I faced this with every sub that isn't a multi-stage. Hoping that pattern doesn't repeat itself with this sub. 

I've set up first of many goals, and I'll stay focused on the first goal, and the first goal only, before taking the next step.
Spent some money that I ideally shouldn't have, but not enough to hurt my wallet. Actually, it lead me to a solution to the problem that low-key bugged me for ages. Saved me countless hours.

I don't feel that 'go-getter' pumped up force guiding me. More like a gentle, guiding buzz. That's a plus in my case as I don't want to overburn myself. As for my goal, I feel pleasantly detached to it, and I can actually see multiple ways to reach that goal. I might pursue them all without much urgency. Which again, saves lots of time and reduces the overall stress. Good 1st day.
Man, I am driven today. It's more like cruising on a highway vs cutting through cars in traffic like you are in a high-speed car chase. It's effortless. I took a step closer to my goal today and that is saying something. I usually procrastinate the life out of it. I am worry-less if it will work out or not as there are potentially infinite other doors to go through to reach that same destination. Abundance, not a bad mindset to have, huh. I feel it'd be nice to just listen to one more loop today, but let's follow the instructions.
Changed my username, though my trademark potato avatar stays for now. It's all the better since it is the new currency we're dealing in.

I've been feeling restless and calm at the same time. I am restless to make progress, to take major action to earn more, and then some more. But I am not anxious or stressed about it to happen all in one day. It feels like I am learning the ropes, changing my mindset from the ground up. How it see it at the moment, there are more than enough ways for one person to make all the money. There's money... everywhere? Isn't it? It's right there in front of me, around me. All I have to do is seize it. But see, that's the tricky part.

I've recognized a few mental limits. They're nothing new and we've heard of them over and over again, but it's progress nonetheless to see them so precisely. 1. Lack of self-belief. 2. Comfort Zone. 3. Shame. Obvious stuff, right? 

For instance, starting a new endeavor costs money. Maybe it doesn't cost a fortune, but it costs something nonetheless. My problem is not that I don't have options to arrange the said money, the problem is that I lack the self-belief to do justice to that money. Then there's the unwillingness to expand beyond my comfort zone and put myself in self-scrutinizing eyes. Lastly, um, unwarranted shame to start from the very bottom, and starting so late. Irrational, yes, but is shame ever rational. I need E3 to do its thing. 

I'll stick to my goal, or shall I say landmark. It's not clearly defined and I don't think I even need to. Once I reach that first landmark, it will be the sign that I have broken free a little from the self-imposed limits above.
Been going through mindset changes more than anything else. For instance, being wealthy is not about how much money you have in your account, but about your ability to see the value in whatever crosses your path really, and contribute positively to the value. I am in training to see the value in anything and everything around me, let's see how this thought process develops as the weeks pass by running this sub. In my last post, I said, my problem is not that I don't have options to arrange money. It's been proven true. The money is as good as a click away now, and only last week I was wondering where the heck I am going to get it from. Progress, but I know better to get too excited too soon. 

Let's come back to self-belief thing, I am astounded how after all these years of running subs (albeit on and off), I never thought of it as something I lack. And how can you free somebody from the chains they don't even realize it's there in the first place. The more see how self-doubt has an effect on my life, the more I grow in self-belief, but it's a long process. 

My mind is clocking faster than usual, but I am not exactly feeling it. I guess it's like flying one of the faster aircraft without feeling much of the g-forces. I feel like there's a string of light projecting off my mind into the future, mapping out the landmarks, aligning it with the present, making it the path of least resistance. We will see.
I've been craving to run more loops as well, or rather, a loop more often. But I've restrained. No more Smile Though I don't plan to listen to it every day. Actually, I don't plan to plan at all. I'll utilize UMS as a fuel to shape myself up when I am distracted by unwelcomed thoughts and emotions. A lift-off when I need it. That, in all likeliness, means that I'll listen to it more than once in a week.
I played a loop today. I feel hammered. Had a headache in the middle of the loop and it is persistent. I continued with the loop, but damn, it felt long. It took me to a high and left me drained. At the same time, it charged me up to power through the day.

It was an emotional day yesterday. The loop did help me get back on the track. I am going through mindset changes as usual. For instance, how the concept of somehow "earning" the money or "deserving" it is so silly and manipulative. I wouldn't have a single doubt of my worth if I inherited millions of dollars today, I couldn't have said the same before running the sub.

As far as real results go, I am making progress there and things are moving fast. But I'll save the details for later when the result is 100% manifested into a reality.
Eh not having the greatest of times today. After a sound sleep, I am stressed, and there's hardly any relief from the headache that lighted up yesterday. I often catch myself focusing too hard, and for too long. It all gets blurred and fuzzy in the end. But the underlying hunger is still there. It feels like my mind is traveling through different portals, trying to align the best way forward. The best way forward, however, is riddled with issues that have haunted me since long now. I am referring to self-imposed social restrictions. Well, no matter how tough it is, I do need to follow through and grab the opportunity ahead of me to power through the rest of the UMS journey.

In a nutshell - Too much thought, too little action.

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