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Title: UMS Journal THolt
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Hello Everyone, 

I am going to start my UMS run early tomorrow morning before I go to work. I don't want to run it before bed in case there is a sleep disturbance. I am looking forward to experiencing all of the things everyone reporting including the celebrity effect and the visions regarding wealth. 

I will start with one loop and take a seven day break and see how I feel during my off days.
So I woke up early and ran one loop. I felt pretty calm after running it. Had bouts of euphoria. I have an urge to run another loop. I will probably run another one tomorow morning.
I am looking forward to how the celebrity effect/aura manifests itself over the next few days.
I listened to one loop of UMS this moring. I didn't notice much tbh other than my head feeling a little bit full. I have been feeling a bit nauseous but also I feel like I have a lot of trapped wind and gas. It's weird because I don't know if its the sub or not. I had a stressful weekend before I started UMS so maybe the stress triggered this.

Anyway I feel kind of mentally tired right now. I noticed yesterday I interacted with people a bit better. I will likely run another loop tomorrow morning and then take a break. I do feel more optimistic about life and wealth but nothing major at the moment.
I am currently running the MP3 Ocean Surf hybrid but I am wondering If I shold switch to the flac version because I keep hearing how much better it is than MP3.

Is it that much better than MP3 or should I keep using what I am using?
FLAC will be slightly more effective, but not a huge amount. It's worth doing if your device as able to play it.. if not I wouldn't worry too much as long as you're being consistent with listening.
SO I ran a loop in the evening and I felt energetic but felt wiped out this morning. I will not be doing that anymore. I am debating on running another loop and taking a rest for a few days.
Definitely feel more positive when and after I run a loop.
Feeling very tired. Had to come in to work later. Also my foot hurts as well.

I will probably not run a loop today. My head feels very full.

Just not feeling well atm. Will only run one loop a day now.
Woke up feeling tired and very irritable. I feel more and more irritated by my job that I don't feel is challenging. I feel less motivated at my current job than I did before I started UMS. It's like I am apathetic and indifferent.
It’s been three days since I ran the sub and I am very tired today. I slept about 10 hours last night. Very loopy today. I was thinking of running a loop today but I wonder if I should wait another few days .
Have developed a slight headache too. I may just want until Monday or so before running another loop.
So Monday- 1 loop, Tuesday 2 loops, and yesterday I ran 2 loops. Although I was tired when I awoke up, it quickly dissipated today.

I have an urge to run another loop today and make it four days in a row.
I still trying to figure out what my optimal loop amount is. I feel like I can run several more loops throughout the week.

As far as results, haven't really noticed anything tbh. Last night, I began to realize that I have limits around wealth that I felt for a moment coming off. It was liberating. Hopefully this increases as I listen more.
I am running a loop now. Feel a bit tired but also am beginning to feel optimistic about the future.
So I woke up with a slight headache along side a feeling of my head being "full". I ran two loops yesterday. I think I will take the new few days off as I have no desire to run the program is doing.
It is hard to tell what this program is doing. I did think about some ideas for a business or something yesterday but I am experiencing subtle feelings of unworthiness and doubt.
I will keep an eye out for the bloom over the next few days.
I notice for myself that it's better to give it time to bloom.

Maybe you should do some research about your business ideas. You are worthy and the doubt will get cleared up.

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