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Title: SleepPhones have a really low high-frequency output?
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Suit yourself LK.

-40db is the maximum volume setting on my Sleephones. That's bluetooth iPod maxed on volume, and bluetooth Sleephones maxed on volume. Now, keep in mind, that's with the phone's mic up against the speaker, because of course Sleephones are worn with the speakers flush against the head, not at a distance. So maybe that accounts for your -60db reading? I can stand the stream at -40db, but not the waves. The louder parts of the waves freak me out and wake me up lol! It's weird, I can listen at -32db all day on my Sennheiser PC350's to the waves, but -40db with the Sleephones seems to be a bit much. I think because the PC350's speaker's are about an inch from my ears, whereas the Sleephone's are pressed against them. Also, one final point, on my model, the wireless Sleephones, you have the have the speakers white side facing inward, the coloured side of the speakers denote which is left or right. Make sure after reading the manual for your particular model you have them facing the correct way and are on the correct side.

I hope that helps you more. Sleephones are excellent, and a big reason for my success so far in these programs.
Wow, so you're just going with full volume all the time! :D Interesting. Scary, but interesting. The base noise level my phone's frequensee shows me right now is around -85db. My normal ultrasonic volumes are between -70 and -60dB (1/3 to 1/2 volume), depending on which phone & headset I use. That's with the phone's mic up against the speaker and I'll move it around to make sure its the highest reading I can get. I CAN get to -40dB if I max out the volume.

It seems I'll start hearing the US track more prominently between -60 to -57db (60 - 67% volume) and then it'll start becoming too much beyond about -50dB (85% volume). I remember testing that if I go above -65dB I'll start having some residual ringing in my ears after listening. I checked frequensee on my other phone and it shows about 5dB less than these numbers.

The stream will start to feel too loud at around 60% volume. My two phones show the audio pretty differently with the same headphones and source, but the limit is something close to -50dB too. There's much more variance here between dB measurement and headphones.

Overall I think the mic's purpose in a phone is to receive speech which I think is somewhere around 500-1500 Hz (just guessing).. so they might have a poor high-freq response, i.e. they'd probably show less than what the level actually is. So not sure what's the maximum level that's still fairly safe for long-term use, so I'd not develop some life-long tinnitus problems.

Do you consciously hear the ultrasonic track all the time when you're playing it? Clearly? Do your ears ring after listening? Anyone else, what volumes are you using with headphones?
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Yeah man, -40db is fine. I use -40db on the Sleephones, their max, and I run -32db on my Sennheiser PC 350's. Max volume the whole time, yes sir. Only way to fly lol. One of the reasons I've done so well on these programs I bet.

Maximum level for safety is -32db. That's in all the instructions. You'll see -27db in AM6 and maybe some others, but that was a typo Shannon made. He's since corrected it to max volume of -32db. Anything up to that is perfectly fine Smile.

No, I don't hear the ultrasonic at all when I play it. Silent running, no ringing at all. Even while running it at that level for 21 hours per day everyday. And I have AMAZINGLY sensitive hearing, extremely strong hearing it's incredible. Now, if I went higher than -32db on volume I'd start getting the ringing sound, but up to -32db is fine and 100% silent. I find that the ringing sound means, either volume is too loud, or the speakers can't play US properly. It's always been one of those two causes in the end.

Hope that helps you bud!
Sorry for being offtopic.
1. How do you measure the dbs and frequency??
2. What's tapping??
(07-06-2015, 10:55 PM)waahbeta Wrote: Sorry for being offtopic.
1. How do you measure the dbs and frequency??
2. What's tapping??

1. Using application named Frequensee.
2. One of mind reprogramming method.
I'll check it out.

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