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Title: SleepPhones Sliding
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Hey Guys,

I started using the wireless SleepPhones at night with the ultrasonic track. It's been 4-5 nights so far, but when I wake up, I'm always finding that the headband has slid to one side, making the earphones almost useless... Note that they fit nicely on my head. Not tight, nor loose. I guess it's just the way I move when I'm sleeping...

Does this happen to any of you guys who are using them? If so have you thought of a way to avoid it?

Also, the reason I decided to go with them is that I sleep on my stomach. Even if I fall asleep on my back, I find myself on my stomach in the morning. So that means that one of my ears is always blocked while asleep. Does this affect the efficiency of the subs, if I listen to them on speakers?

Yeah that happens a lot with me too. But there's no solution
Hi guys,

There's something about this in the Sleephones FAQ on their site if I remember. Might want to check it out.

They talk about washing the headband a certain way to make it a bit smaller.

This issue is why I tell guys to be so careful when ordering and choosing the right size and measuring their heads correctly.

Sometimes, it can happen over time as well.

Hope that helps.
Mine slipped a bit but i just sewed both sides with some cotton which has tightened it up nicely Smile
Mine is a perfect fit.
But i dont know its some kinda war between me n my pillow and even with the rest of bed while I am asleep which slides it down.
Maybe I'll try Ricardo's idea.
I've sewn in my speakers to keep them from moving around inside the band.

From the first posts, it seemed that the BAND was slipping down at night when sleeping. That's why I suggested what I said.

But, if it's the SPEAKERS slipping around inside the band during sleep, then sewing them in the right place is best. Be careful to have them steady in the right place by listening to them a few times, then sew both sides of the speaker. Be careful not to puncture the speaker wire and you're good to go. My Sleephones are way better since I've done this, it's an awesome fix.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! Smile

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