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Title: Maximum Learning Speed (Multiple Versions)
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Maximum Learning Speed 5.5G:

Quote:Post: #90 | Day 51
Time for some concrete developments.

I took the same IQ test just now that I took on day zero while downloading MLS before starting. It's in English, which is not my mother tongue, so the results are biased with regard to word comprehension and stuff like that. Because of this and because I don't feel like sharing the actual numbers, I only post the differences.

The test I took is from http://www.seemypersonality.com/IQ-Test.

Unfortunately, I did not see the extended results for left and right brain when I took the test for the first time, so I don't have comparing values for day zero.

I'll take the test again when I come close to the three months mark. Maybe I'll take it regularly every 50 or so days as long as I am on MLS, don't know yet. But then I'll have to take into account that I get somewhat used to taking the test and the element of surprise will be gone. Maybe I will post concrete numbers some time in the future, everything is possible.

My mental state right now was somewhat similar to day zero, mentally fatigued and somewhat out of it. Definitely far away from a peak state. Which is exactly why I took it. Additionally, it was to have a real measure to how things are, because I am having strong thought waves again that tell me that MLS is doing nothing and not working and a waste of time and that I'd be better of running another sub (interestingly still either E2, AM, or BASE).

So without further ado, the results.
Overall IQ change from day zero to day 51: +25
Overall left brain change day zero to day 51: -3
Overall right brain change day zero to day 51: +14

Difference between left and right brain day zero: 20
Difference between left and right brain day 51: 3

What can I say? I'll stay with MLS!

Raz said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

Quote:...Mood and confidence are very high. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I stay much more in the present moment and bring to bear my metal abilities much better now.

I realize that MLS is a PROCESS and not a night and day swtich, although since starting MLS I have had some night and day things happen. I'm in MLS for the long haul and I'm willing to embrace the imperfection of the current moment for the sake of the advancement of the overall process. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!!!!! Historically, I would scrap the process if any imperfections would show up or I made a mistake...

-Wharrgarbl said this here
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

Quote:Just checking in with more MLS results

I just took an official Mensa IQ test and scored 27/33 (after having 4 whiskeys as well) placing me in a "good chances of passing the real mensa exam"

Had a wedding yesterday where I met several high school friends from several years ago. My mind was impeccable with details of our shared past while theirs was hazy and they'd forgotten a lot of details.

My intellectual ability has dramatically risen

I have a natural interest in learning and reading new things which interest me. This far exceeds what it was previously. At this rate I'll be a renaissance man in no time

My mind is super balanced right now.

I'm pretty confident MLS has driven me to make all the changes to my lifestyle that I have.

This sub is truly amazing.

-Determined said this here
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

Quote:Day 126

We're hitting mid of December and I'm loving MLS. I went on MLS to maximize my learning to rake in the cash in the holiday reason, and raking it in I am. I made half a mil of sales in the last 30 days. Now I am writing this not for the sake of bragging. When somebody gets laid from DMSI it's a win not just for the dude but for all of us as well. I hope to share this with you guys in this forum so we can count this as a win for MLS, for IML, for this forum and you guys in it who have helped me tremendously...

-Raikahoken said this here
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

-the concept of memory palace suddenly popped into my mind again and I have used this to learn faster. This helps me especially well because I often think visually and if I can link spatial objects that have a visual representation to knowledge it becomes easier to remember.
-adjusted my sleeping schedule unplanned, just got up earlier and sleeping on time was easy
-clearness of mind, reality seems to be more vibrant and I feel more in-the-moment. Comparable to the feeling right after a cold shower
-ability to focus increased

-MegaMan said this here
Maximum Learning Speed 5.5g.

-Clearness of mind has stayed constant and feels very liberating. It is like the brainfog is just gone and life is good, as if someone finally cleaned the windows and checks them for specks regularly.
-Interest and enthusiasm for difficult mathematical topics and concepts has increased steadily. Felt immense joy from a video about Brownian Motion today and laughed about the way my prof solved an equation.
-Learning rate has been improving, but not focussed on my studies. It is more like an overall learning. I am learning about myself, my family, life and then also my studies.
-This accelerated learning of "life lessons" also started a process of forgiving others and granting myself forgiveness. I feel like there is still some stuff (probably fear) that is blocking me from realising the goals of MLS and so it nudges me to deal with it.

-Megaman said this here

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