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Title: Join the LoveTrain (V3.2 Journal)
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Welcome guys to my V3.2 journal! I’m going to start with a LONG overdue report from Wednesday night which featured some TID effects from V3.2 and then afterward we’ll get into the new shit.


Had a date set with a chick I’d been cool with for several years but had stopped talking to due to my refusal to be involved with her platonically anymore. Weeks before V3.2’s release she texted me out of the blue saying “K-Train, I miss you.” I responded and went into autopilot with my responses. After a few days of this we finally set a date up for this past Wednesday. Date was great. I was calm and chill throughout the whole thing with zero anxiety whatsoever. I asked her specifically what she wanted from me and she said something casual and she winked at me when she said it. Why is this significant? This same chick has known me for quite sometime and when I last expressed interest in her she stated (after a couple times out with each other) that she didn’t see me as anything more than a friend. Even when I tried flirting with her and talking sexual she simply said “nah, I can’t flirt with you, I’ve known you for too long”.So a complete 180 for her.

Anyway, we drive and talk and finally get back to her car. I then say “Well if we’re going to be doing something casual we should at least get used to holding hands.” She starts to giggle as I gently grab her hand and caress it. We talk for a few more minutes before she grabs my arm and starts to lean on it. I tell her to whisper in my ear what she’s thinking. As she gets close to my ear instead of whispering she begins to softly lick my ear and we start making out soon after. She expresses surprise at how easily I was able to get her comfortable enough to do all this. We part ways but not before we kiss again.

Why is this significant? This chick is very very VERY shy and reserved. So for her to A) be willing to engage in a casual relationship and B) talk about sex so quick and in her own words...C) get that physical that fast is mindblowing. Granted, for those of you who’ve followed my journal or kept up with my posts you know I’ve been sharpening my sword (no pun intended) and have been working on my erotic dirty talk skills. Here’s where I credit V3.2: I was in the zone throughout the ENTIRE day and through the ENTIRE date. I was articulate, I was able to express my desires, interests, and intentions clearly with little to no anxiety (which had been an issue in the past).

Fast Forward to Present

No doubt many will ask “why wait to report this K-Train?”. Well to be honest I was still skeptical about this whole TID thing. It seemed...a bit too far fetched in my opinion. I mean how do you get affected by something you haven’t even run yet? But since I’ve been using V3.2 these past few days and especially after some of my interactions these last few days I can confirm that the calm, cool, and collected feeling I was getting before V3.2 is STILL here. Which to me confirms that TID was taking place and it was V3.2 that caused it. I'm so far impressed with the smoothness of this program. I fully expected to be kicking in screaming as I banged my head against The Wall but so far no resistance. In fact, I've actually been very clear headed thanks to the absence of BS thoughts. Let’s hope I can achieve design goal on a consistent basis. Good hunting guys. Blackhat
Sold!! Sold!! Sold!! Dang it !!
Come on guys.. please stop reporting all these good things because you're making it hard to not use 3.2. Tongue

I'm trying to resist haha.
Hey man, that's pretty amazing. Big Grin
Ya'll know what's crazy? And I hate to be like this but I'm gonna be real. Part of me...is still somewhat worried about DMSI being able to work. Crazy right? I mean, even after seeing what I just saw these past few weeks and even after the self-effects I'm feeling (low anxiety, clear headed, etc.) I STILL am a bit worried about this program. STILL f*cking worried man. And logically it makes no sense. I mean if you want to get technical on V3.1 I literally had about 3 instances where I got offered sex (design goal baby!!!) and was able to get phone sex out of one of those instances. I'm 3 days into actual usage of V3.2 and managed to get a shy chick to agree to a casual relationship and guess what? I'm STILL (deep down) a bit worried. It's like I feel most of this ain't real or ain't going to last.

My biggest worry is that all this is going to go away. That the positive results I experienced will be just like my V3.1 run where I got a little bit of success but extremely sparse success. Part of me just wants to quit and run away. But I know why. It's because now, I fear I won't match the success I experienced or even worse, the fear that NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN and everything I experienced was placebo.

But I'm going to keep going. The self-effects alone are reason enough to continue. It's amazing how much anxiety, porn, and fantasy was taking up my mental time. To have them be reduced this much is remarkable. In a few weeks I'll be going on spring break to the Caribbean islands. Hoping the reality bending and all the other stuff kicks in. Frankly, getting success with women isn't the only thing I want because I've been able to get that in the past. What I want from V3.2 is consistent results as far as women is concerned. I know what success feels like. I want to know what it feels like to be successful on a consistent or at least semi-consistent basis with women. I know that 100% of the inconsistency is MY fault due to some of my own issues but hopefully that becomes a thing of the past.

Sorry for the long boring post guys but wanted to deliver some "mental data" to the bossman. Hopefully we'll have some spicier stories in the coming weeks.
Report time! It's been about a week since V3.2's release. I'm not going to lie, part of me wants to be "disappointed" but in the grand scheme of things as pointed out by Shannon...V3.2 is definitely a success for me.

This is Goal#1 from the DMSI product page: Goal #1: Develop, project and communicate to others, through body language, vocalization, actions, choices and especially the personal energy field (“Aura”), the maximum possible sexual irresistibility.
  • Body Language - On point.
  • Vocalization - I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately but outside of that this area is also improved.
  • Actions/Choices - I am able to look people directly in the eye when speaking without my eyes darting. I'm also more direct and forthcoming.

I think this is a direct result of Anxiety Relief Aid. Granted, I still feel a little bit of anxiety but I can push past it and once I do it no longer exists. This has made it INSANELY easier to talk sex. I'm able to communicate my desires with zero shame and with almost no f*cks given. Example: Female coworker out of nowhere asks if I've ever licked a woman's ass. I chuckle a bit but then look her dead in the eye and said "yep, sure did". Another example? Last week when I went out on a date the chick asked if the stories were true about my [Rule 4] (hint: people born in the month of November Devlish ) and once again looked her dead in the eyes and said "yep, it's true" with a slight smile. She believed me very quickly. Cool

Ok so that now brings me to my "issue". I've been held back so long by fear and anxiety, and by fantasies and shit that I'm finding myself to be more clearheaded. It's like a prisoner who suddenly wakes up with no walls or fences and nothing but free roam. BUT...design goal is not being reached yet on a consistent basis (I know it's early Shannon, so no worries!) but I might need to "push the envelope" a bit and start doing approaches again. Initially I wanted to let the program do it's thing and test the main design goal but with all this newfound freedom I'm kinda feeling like "eh, why not?" We'll see in due time.

FYI: I've noticed older women are displaying way more IOI's than the younger women (20-25). Like yesterday this mid 40's lady was with her hubby and while he was looking the other way she just locked eyes and stared at me as I walked by. I was thinking "goddamn, ma'am really?" In fact while I was working this lady (once again mid-to-late 40's/early 50's) asked "why did you look at me that way". I was slightly worried because I thought maybe I shot her a rude look but after I inquired about the look I gave her she was actually more flattered by it than offended. I've noticed my eyes do look more seductive so I may have shot her "the look" without realizing it. My bad.Blush

Summary: V3.2 is providing great internal effects for me. Externals...seeing the celebrity effect in motion but let's be honest: there's only ONE main effect I'm looking for. Not seeing it consistently but V3.2 has been a major step in the right direction. Will keep ya'll post on future developments.
What's up guys. Reporting in. Bottom line: since the first week I've dealt with reversal resistance. Very. Severe. Reversal resistance. Here's the best analogy for it: a boy has dreamed of going to a theme park. He's seen how much fun it is and finally his family and friends go there. So he finally goes and sees this HUGE roller coaster. Part of him goes "this is going to be FUN! Let's do this dawg!!!" The other part of him remembers all the stories his mother told him about how dangerous roller coasters are. He gets in line, gets all the way to the front where riders board and then decides "screw this I'm out". That's been my subconscious for the past two months. It's been an absolute WAR just to f*cking post.

But I do feel like I made a breakthrough. V3.2 has reawakened a dormant version of myself that's always existed but I've always held back. Today, that part of me wanted to take over completely but I fought with it. I honestly think my subconscious suppressed this part of myself because this part of me tends to be more successful and is also:
1. More straightforward and brash
2. Is more selfish
3. Attracts more "haters"

In reality, I believe that I identify success (or successful people) as having one or more of those traits. In reality, you've got to care about yourself and be willing to act in the best interest of yourself which can come off as being selfish, and of course success naturally attracts haters.

I see others have been struggling so hopefully the data here is useful for the bossman for V3.3. F*ck fear.

How does your experience with 3.2 compare with your experience of 3.1?
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Hmm, I'd say very similar but also slightly different.

How are they similar? In both 3.1 and 3.2 I noticed "results" for a certain amount of time then a complete reversal. So basically partial execution and then resistance. Both of them affected the same chick (we'll call her "N"). Both led to me being pretty outgoing. Also, I ended up going on a spring break trip during runs of each them so they were tested in similar situations. In addition, I felt greater effects from each when I WASN'T actively using them (3.1 in the bloom phase and 3.2 in the TID phase).

Difference? First of all, the TID effects from V3.2 were VERY strong. The bloom on 3.1 was pretty strong, at least strong enough to notice shit. Anxiety on 3.2 dropped to record lows for me. Not many f*cks given. And I was much more dominant and smooth in my interactions. Also, with 3.2 it's been a bit harder to resist. 3.2 seems more...persuasive. It's "arguments" towards my subconscious are hard to disagree with.
I shall endeavor to make them impossible to disagree with. Smile
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
***No f*cking in this post***

Still on V3.2 B. I've grown a lot since being on V3.2. When I look back at who I am now, versus who I was 3 months ago I feel like I've improved so much. My anxiety is a lot lower. I'm able to express myself better. I'm more secure and accepting of who I am.

I've taken Shannon's advice and anytime I feel fear or apprehension or laziness I ask myself..."why are you afraid of XYZ"? "Why do you hesitate to ABC"? For example, I asked myself "Why do you act like a hypochondriac"? Answer: I want to control everything. When I'm not in control of my body or things around me, I feel scared. V3.2 then answers back and says "You can't control everything nor should you. You WILL die eventually. You can't run from death. Master death by accepting it for what it is: a part of life. When you accept it, you lose your fear of it, and when you lose fear, you gain happiness."

Tackling that one fear allowed me to seek out other fears and bring them to the forefront. Many existed since childhood. I'm outgrowing them. Problem now though is consistency. I'll go through periods of bliss then I'll take a few steps back. I will say this though: I've grown more from 3 months of V3.2 usage than I did with 6 months of V3.1 usage. I feel like if I were to use this sub consistently for another 3 months I'd execute because layers and layers of BS has been pulled back and I'm now literally standing on the edge of full execution.

The 3 versions of DMSI that I used consistently, which would be V2.2, V3.1, and V3.2, had a consistent theme of big manifestation/execution initially and then months of nothingness. V3.2 brings an improvement because I actually am FEELING a difference. Although manifestation are non-existent...mostly.
For the rest of this week I'll be using 4 loops at night. Initially I was a bit scared to go that high but I handled it very well.

Maybe it was just me but I noticed more looks and stares today than normal. I normally don't like reporting on simply "looks" because well, unless the women are approaching me or I approached them those "looks" don't mean much although I won't lie and say they didn't provide a boost to the old ego.

Also noticed people in general were very chatty today with me. Had some offers for discounts and such. My mood was also pretty good. V3.2 was definitely a couple steps in the right direction for me. Excited about the news I'm hearing in regards to V3.3 but realistically I know it probably won't be out for quite some time but at this point I'll take a late 2018 release of V3.3 with both key components to overcome resistance embedded than to take a product with only one of those components. Just my opinion though.
Been feeling great guys. As I mentioned in Shannon's journal I finally managed to get to the root(s) of my resistance and communicated directly with my subconscious represented by my inner child. Turns out the majority of the insecurities and resistances was stemming from the 5-12 year old K-Train who was still hurt and defensive from some of the negative experiences he faced.

Now I feel like the majority of my subconscious is working in cohesion. Each part is strengthening other parts and convincing other parts of my subconscious that may not be complying to get on board. Stressful and difficult situations and conflicts that normally would have me mentally preoccupied aren't even registering. If I try to consciously bring up something bad my subconscious goes "bruh, what are you doing? I don't care about that sh*t anymore. Let's keep it moving". Many of those critical traumas that should have been dealt with in the past are dealt with.

Ok blah blah blah all that's fine and dandy but let's be real, most people ain't listening to DMSI to "feel good" (although that's nice) we are (or at least I am) listening to DMSI to GET MORE SEX. PERIOD. Right now, that ain't happening...yet. I will say now after listening to V3.2 for about 3-4 months that I've definitely gotten way more from V3.2 than ANY other version of DMSI. I am eating healthier. I am more physically active. I do FEEL and LOOK more attractive. So I can see the cogs turning. Just waiting for the externals.

In the meantime I'm going to keep doing my thing, studying, and improving.
Sheesh man, it ain't DMSI without some execution then depressing ass sh!t huh? Yesterday I felt like I was executing cause the morphine drip was on. I had a nice swag to my walk. I felt sexy, looked sexy, etc. Then later on came the fears and the bullsh*t. Shannon's post below sums it up nicely.

(08-26-2018, 04:56 AM)Shannon Wrote: The "unknown" is scary. Universally scary. Some people enjoy the sensation of fear because it produces a rush for them, through adrenaline or endorphins or whatever, but that rush is generated by fear.

Making a drastic change, which in some cases may be required to achieve a specific major goal, generates a reaction according to how many steps away from "normal" that change and result is for that person. Too many steps in between, and it becomes difficult for the person to follow from where they are (Point A) to where the goal is (Point Z). The Point Z is "alien" and the amount of difference creates the "unknown" in how A becomes Z, thus creating this fear, because Points B through Y cannot be seen, or understood. If the change is great enough, then Point A is seen as "completely me" and Point Z is seen as "completely not me". Point Z is rejected because it is "not me" and the contrast is perceived to be so great that "me" would be lost in the change, thus the association with "death".

The truth is, this is just limited thinking and perception. You are the same person you were at age 10, but very much changed now, and you did not perceive becoming the "you now" as "dying" at 10. Likewise, looking back, you don't see the change from "you now" back to "10 year old you" as "death". You see it as a flow of change.

There is no literal death in all this, it is only transformation from one state of being to another, but "you" are always there, alive and "you".

Great post. Sums up my feelings. Right now my issue is that I'm young but once you're in your mid-20's people expect you to mature in some way. I feel depressed because I haven't matured in the ways I want to and perhaps in the ways others wanted. Pursuing this design goal of DMSI is going to essentially "reset" me back to the mindset I had as a freshman only greater because now I'll have the skill to take advantage of the opportunities being thrown my way. Problem is...I've already got my Bachelor's degree. I'm supposed to be developing the skills that would allow me to be a better father and a good husband. I'm supposed to be working on a master's or PhD yet here I am still chasing ass as a post grad.

I think this is coming from my progress with V3.2. I'll be honest with everyone, as much as it pains me to say this considering I've been here since this forum was in it's infancy....I really didn't think this DMSI thing would work...at least not to the point where females are propositioning you for sex without you approaching them. To sit here two years later and come this far in developing as a person and to actually SEE the design goal unfold in front of my face not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES? Damn man. So I'll take these feelings of self-doubt, guilt, shame and fear for what they are...a sign that I'm about to take that next step to where achieving the design goal doesn't happen once every several months but a sign that it's about to start occurring on da regular.

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