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Title: In need for an advice
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Ok people, here it is...
In my oppinion I have low self esteem I procastinate and also have financial problems, and I' am not happy with the work I do for living....yeah...and also people drain me fast....

so, since, for now, there is no way to make money to buy LTU (wich cost's my two months pay checks(I'am from Croatia),in my oppinion that is a reasonable price for LTU)....

I was thinking of buying SE, UMOP, and USLM.... but the question that bothers me is what to listen first, or what to buy first?

I am thinking to start with SE, than UMOP and USLM last....anny oppinions?
I'd say you'd want to deal with the self esteem stuff first before everything else. When you have a good base of that you can build from it. Instead of SE I think E3 would be a good idea, it has Self Esteem programming and much more that can help in that area.

Or the other idea could be USLM4 and have a goal around Self Esteem (though it is in the skeleton script but a goal would be more focused) and a goal around money.
Whoa !!!  @Benjamin  I totally forgot that E3 came out!!!!
In the past I did E, and E2 and it was ok...actually, more than just ok Big Grin  ... so, I will definitely go with E3 since there are new stuff in it , probably SE will be the next ,and UMOP will follow if needed....if not USLM.

That would be a plan, but, who knows, If the income changes... will go straight to LTU Big Grin

Thanks Ben !
Big Grin
I'm glad I could suprise you again with the release of E3! Tongue

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