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Title: Absolute Self Confidence
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July 13th 2014

I started to use this program to display the full potential of this sub. I've used ASC for 32 days prior to this, about a year ago. I had still felt the effects of the sub but at this time I would like my confidence to be as ideal as possible. This is part of the emotional health area of my life. I give it first priority.
I feel the effects of the sub have settled in and notice myself acting even more confident already. It’s relaxing to know that even though I’m in my most vulnerable situations, I will grow even stronger by experiencing my new found confidence. Changes I’ve noticed are that people respond to me much more positively.

One noticeable event that occurred this past week which is a perfect demonstration of my outgoing personality was that my girlfriend and I had won a free entrance ticket to this amusement park. We figured that we could sell it to a group of people and keep the cash profit. I effortlessly went up to a group of five and asked “do you guys want to enter the park? I won this free entrance ticket. I'll sell it to you for 50 dollars." The female that was with the group was instantly excited and receptive to the offer. The transaction then went well. There have been a lot of situations like this.

I've noticed that I feel a lot better about myself on the inside and I’m generally walking taller and with my head high. My decision making has been on point as well. I will let you guys know more as time goes on.


I feel a huge boost in confidence since my last update. I noticed it in one on one conversation, and especially when I have to get another person’s attention. At times I feel like I have to be confident in every area of my life, which causes me to self improve.

I haven't had dreams for a few days now but the one I just had was with an old flame and myself. It was a one on one situation and we were very close to each other. I explained to her that her new boyfriend is just arrogant, and creating an illusion that everything is ok. I called it out in her body language and compared it to the comfortable and happy feeling we shared together. She was convinced that I was genuinely confident. She was looking very hot/beautiful and we were both naked our private areas partially covered, but then I woke up. Women have given me this look when I speak to them and they can recognize my genuine confidence. They give me a small smile most times. I went to a wedding in Chicago this past week and it was effortless for me to start conversation and be comfortable with the people there. I've always been able to do this as a celebration is a great reason to be happy but this time around the people their felt comfortable near me while conversing.

I've been listening to the sub, 19-20 hours a day, sometimes less. I listen to it with headphones when i'm not working and I noticed the program working better when I do this. Aside from the occasional yawn my energy levels have been high. I have an interest in doing things as I enjoyed them for the first time. This allows me to achieve a lot during the day.


Day 21 august 3

I've been feeling better about myself and current situation lately. People have been showing me more respect and I've been having conversations with them about confidence. Towards the areas in my life I feel a lot better about getting things done and being disciplined when I have to. I'm able to make the right choice that will help me now rather than doing the wrong thing and expecting myself to be as great as I want to be in the future. I'm "being" what I have to. This state has greatly affected my physical health as I do not eat any processed junk no more. It has been consistent since the start of august and I feel confident it will stay that way. I've lost a couple pounds.

The first time I ran ASC two winters ago was when I was in Mexico on vacation. There were many young people there and being grateful for such a wonderful trip I made the most out of each day, enjoyed the food, friends, drinks and women I could talk to. I had only run the program for 32 days then but I had an awesome time. Two girls who only spoke Spanish had drinks with a buddy and I. I practically orchestrated hooking up with these Spanish women on the beach that night! Reflecting back on that situation I realize that people were very comfortable with me when I displayed confidence. Now I'm recognizing similar occurrences as women initiate conversation with me and are more open towards me. Men also show similar behaviour.

A lot of the power struggles with people I dealt with in the past are now non existent as they appreciate my value and there are subtle undertones of seeking validation from me in their behaviour. After this past year I feel like I'm more surfaced then ever. Maybe it will serve me well. It feels good knowing that I am improving everyday.

Until next time.


Confidence levels are off the charts! In all reality my interactions with others have noticeably improved as externally people respond well to me. I am able to hold peoples attention and easily articulate/ express my ideas as well as theories. Confidence has spread to other areas of my life as I feel better about being healthy and eating well, when it was a tough process in the past.

I'm getting about 12 -16 hours of exposure through speakers and 4 hours on headphones. I notice better results with headphones on. This past week has been good especially work wise. My work rate doubled which allowed my income to do so as well. I've been volunteering and in this study group scenario I was openly participating and giving out ideas. I was openly recognized as a community leader. My dominant male traits have been highlighted from using this program and I notice others around me becoming disgruntled by my improvement. I noticed that alot of my extra thoughts are being filled with confident ones and decisions are much simlper to make.

I see similiarities in my characteristics and Andrew Garfields )the guy who plaayed spiderman recently). The overwhelming comfort ive grown to have with people has increased. A group of fifteen different people can feel ok about talking to me about anything. It's easier to make friends.And now I can definately say i'm not arrogant at all anymore but just purely confident.i'm looking forward to my confidence affecting my actions more during this journey.

I definately feel better when I look in the mirror.

Until next week.


I continue to contemplate the use of subliminals and the subconcious mind in our lives and my gratitude for these subs continue to increase. As the human subconcious is one of the strongest forces in our reality it is so important that these programs are used according to the instruction and that we are as receptive to the positive change as possible. Now as I look at some of journals it is quite evident how self satisfied people are and how consumed by the ego of being an alpha male blinds them to wether or not they are actually receiving results. They shouldn't be doing things consciously that interferes with the sub. Only the people doing this can know wether or not they are getting any change from the program. Be emotionally healthy and honest in all areas of your life. Fear doesn't have any power in your lives. That's my overall review on subliminals that I've had for this month.

Warning: I will NOT be using tapping, pstec, tapping, FEFT, EFT, defractionization, releasing of any kind.

Just because the next dude says results boom because of combining this with subliminals over the internet does not mean you will experience such breakthroughs by "removing" such blocks. I simply listen to a sub starting from day 1 and notice the change in feeling it provides me. Then allow these affects to dominate and GROW over time till you "become" the goal you've wanted to achieve. Understand this concept and you will see increasingly positive improvements everyday. There's nothing stopping you from achieving the life and results you imagine all you have to do is feel an accept it. Trust your instincts you yourself know when you feel progress and spending all time on a computer is not a great indicator that the subconcious is responding to the script. This comes to the 6 psychological processes for everyone to overcome shame and to ACT.

Live in the moment, accept, be self aware, diffusion of thoughts, values, then commit to action.

My personal results that I've noticed this past week are a prime example of my confidence constantly improving. It's awesome how far you can go when you have confidence in what you do. A great test of this was from a individual experience of mine this week. I was three of my best friends and I went to an amusement park. I was very confident in my abilities as was able to manage to get one of my friends in for free by communicating clearly as well as drink 10 shots of vodka while perfectly expressing myself in a classy and prosperous way throughout the day. People were very comfortable with me and this seems to be a recurring theme with my confidence. There was a bungee jump type of ride and the staff could only comment on "how they smell it on me" but my actions and words were perfectly comprehend able, they allowed me on the ride . I had a successful day. And these positive receptive occurred when I was drunk. Now I'm not a big drinker so I'm going to list all the results I've seen over the past month

- I walk taller
- act more purposefully
- others respond positive to what I say
- been part of more leadership roles outside my workplace
- speak more loud and clear
- more sure of following through with projects
- my confidence cuts through the bullshit power struggles that occasionally arise in life
- work rate has improved
- women feel a sense of safety while being around me. Smiles, open body posture and touching.
- I get my girlfriend even wetter with my affection
- got another promotion at the office
- sense of "special" fulfillment each day knowing that I am improving
- I'm having dreams about my success in my career choice
- cut ten pounds of fat
- more of an overall positive view towards my life
- stamina during sexWink
- can hold eyecontact more noticeably with women for longer.

These are pretty subtle improvements in my life but I know while I continue to listen to this sub I'll just see greater changes in the future. So I'm very grateful for the abundance of powerful programs I can listen too I know that from here on out I will continue to see amazing results in my life. My supporters are greatly appreciated.

Some more of my personal growth tht I've noticed is that I think about things on the surface more. I also like to declare to myself that I'm more about improving my positive attributes rather then the negative ones that I would like to disappear.

I notice some resistance when I yawn. I feel as if my perspective is lighter, don't let this feeling fool you. Enough of it can cause you to stonewall the program. However the yawning does indicate internal change and can cause you to act even more when there is continous listening to the sub following.

Thank you

Confidence has begun to become integrated in every area of my life such as exercise, self care, relationships and career. A realization that i encountered most recently was what would happen if I just worked each day for the next twenty years of my life I would see so many amazing transformations. This belief has got me committed to improving myself each day. I feel more able and willing with my new found confidence. I am no longer "watching" what occurs from my actions but know what will occur when I move forward and stay committed to the process. I've been having wild dreams lately. Some nights they are kindof scary, fun, and weird all at the same time. Anyways I'm waking up feeling better and better from the growing effects of this sub. I'm getting 20 hours of exposure. Can't wait to see what this next week has in store for me.


Wow it's crazy how so many men on this forum are overcompensating and NOT showing any real result. I also like how some newcomers are thinking out of the box for suggestions to make subliminals. The main reason I am writing my journal like this is because most of the conscious questions a person has and that are being discussed amongst eachother can be answered by typing into a google search engine. Then there are other users who could be on here and even have two accounts to manipulate and validate themselves through the themes of power from posting on this forum. I am removing myself from this equation. Enjoy the read.Smile

It's been a pleasure listening to this sub. Women have been looking at me more and feeling comfortable around me. I obtain the leadership role in any group I'm in. I speak clearer and others respond more positively to what I say. I confidently when making decisions based on my judgement. My beliefs are changing and I am able to overcome blocks I had in the past. When I think about it many of the conversations I have with people are about confidence and how I have a Lott of it, or passion. This is a clear sign to me that the sub is working. The contrast between how I used to think and now is amazing. I can speak to police officers and other leaders abs they show me the utmost respect. People that are in the career I plan to be in for the future talk to as if I'm already in that group. I have a lot of dreams that show me being successful in my future endeavours


In many ways using this sub is going back to basics with me. By listening up ASC for 6 months I'm going to have long term confidence in every area of my life. This will be hugely reassuring when going through changes in future six stage programs.

I have had a huge confidence boost this past week. I was around a lot of family during this time so I was able to display it in many ways. I've learned to accept situations where I feel pressure towards. Confidence within my workouts has increased because of this and I feel like I can blast through the plateau I am currently at.

I would say the most blatant example of the awareness towards my new found self confidence was when I had to read a speech a couple days ago. It was in front of a hall of more then a hundred people. I displayed supreme confidence and read the speech out loud, into the mic, perfectly. I felt amazing on the podium as I gave emphasis and feeling into what I was saying. I could tell the entire hall could understand the importance of the message as I looked towards the people. I can absolutely say that it was one of, if not the best speech I ever did. Prior to the speech I had felt a bit nervous. But before I had arrived I was blasting ASC through both earphones and I could feel the subliminal effect dominate whatever nervous feeling I had. Thank you subliminals from IML!

More examples of the effects from ASC this past week is respect from absolutely everyone I come into contact with. Random guys that come near me wether they are walking by or sitting near me sometimes keep eye contact with me and give me a little head nod. While women notice my presence immediately and some of jerk their neck in my direction just to get a look of me. While walking on the street one thin blonde I walked by said "he's pretty good looking" to her friend. My little cousin caught up to me and told me what she said. I'm pretty sure women have been feeling safer with me as they have been constantly bending over around me.

ASC has begun to sink in at this point and I walk, talk and exude confidence wherever I go. It never waivers. I can't wait to see what the upcoming week has in store!

Emotionally I feel a big change has occurred as my new found confidence has allowed to make each day better than the last. Through action, I am content with everything but I now know I'll be ready for a test when it comes my way.


Wow I'm about almost done two months of a absolute self confidence in a row. It has been a joyous ride seeing the positive effects this sub has had on my life. I will now list you the improved changes ive seen these past 32 days.

Everyone I come into contact with recognizes my confidence as they show receptive as well as comfortable body language towards me.

I've had a lot of new confidence within myself as I push through my limitations more and more each day in every area of my life.

I feel confidence in everything I do and when I reflect back on situations I've been a part of I can't help but think "oh, that went really well".

I self validate more and sometimes when I listen to the sub I catch myself saying in my head" I feel really good" or " I'm very confident".

My body language shows a strong sense of confidence.

I am more disciplined

Every female that I interact with stares wide eyed in awh and amazement as my seductive skills and conversation tantalize them. Haha they recognize me as a confident leader where ever I am.

I dress better

I'm part of more leadership roles

I am able to hold a strong gaze when having eyecontact

I succeed in a lot more.

These results have shown a lot of personal improvement but I'm sure after the next fourth months my results will grown and translate into more macro achievements. I am in a perfect place in my life right now and each day continues to get better. I know live in the present moment with absolute self confidence!

Just a bit of a side note for Shannon IML and forum users. As helpful as this page is for recording journeys, results and having absolute transparency between the subliminal creator and the customers something about this set up irks me. I think just like any social network this forum can be addicting. While reading the transformations from regular people into their superior selves is amazing. The whole idea of resistance could possibly cause a forum user increased stress as they look upon others that are successful. This stress can become habitual just as if any person on a social network compares themselves to another. But more so as we have a subliminal creator basically telling how users should expect their journeys to be. The whole thing becomes over analysed way too far in the never ending challenge to be number 1. As some might look at this as inspiring others might feel compelled to constantly engage in the social structure of this forum as they are pushed to maintain a certain status in their own minds. This could negatively affect a persons like as they have they priorities shifted now by spending more time being on this forum rather than putting their energy into the other parts of life that matter.

Below is a link that really effected me in positive way on what drives people on earth. It's not watching your life go by. http://www.innergladiator.com/hard-work/ hope this helps give balance to your lives.


I've been noticing that over time, the more results I see and the more confidence I gain, tedious activities that are necessary to get through each day are not as important as the person with the right mind state to achieve them. For example the perfectionist, who wants to be productive every second of every minute each day. This is a good quality to have in terms of self inprovement but mentally and emotionally the fear that they are experiencing makes them a total wreck. I'm feeling more self confident this week and I know that the small things I get through each day doesn't compare to the awesome mindset these subs provide me with. Gratitude towards subs.

Last night I felt a shift in my thinking. One I'm sure all you subliminal users are familiar of. I feel super confident. My gaze towards people is more unshakeable than ever. I feel confidence throughout my body. Everything I say is without a doubt clear and audible. I've noticed my dopamine levels or confidence grow over time by remembering how I feel when I wake up. In the past I would hit snooze a couple times before getting up. Nowadays I wake up a couple minutes prior to the alarm or when the alarm goes off feeling ready to go!


For those of you who need a factor to want to take massive action lets go back to the basics. Think about how your schedule each day goes on. Some people get out of bed, sit at their desk jobs for 8 hours then get in their cars, go home and sit on the couch until they end the day in their bed again. Sounds comfortable. But it's just that. But there is a massive imbalance occuring throughout the day. None of the time is being spent standing. It is as simple as that. What are the things you have to get done? Which of them include you being in a stand up position? There are chemical chsnges in your body and a hormonal shift when you are standing, walking, which is also exercise. Not to mention the motivation and emotional health you gain by getting things done. This takes the least amount of effort to do, but causes the most action. As dominant males and females you don't want to sit down for no one . Try balancing out your day by spending 8 hours in your bed, 8 hours standing up, and 8 hours seated when necessary. This erases the pain you feel while sitting there thinking about all the excuses you have towards accomplishing what you need to. It is the way we were supposed to live life.
I am confident. Truly and genuinely. I have more purpose I what I'm doing in each moment then ever before. If there's something I have to do i have so much confidence within myself to stay disciplined and achieve my goals. One by one, day after day. Everyone around me knows it. There's less bullshit in my life than ever before. Time to go out and get what's mine.

I feel electric as I go on about my day. There is not a doubt towards my value in every situation i am in.


It makes me sick to read some of the struggle going on in these journals. All you have to do is play these programs at night. Because of certain releasing processes I see a person start off well while using a sub than clear all the progress that they made by the end of the stage. What's the point of that? These subs are supposed to help you grow. Some enforcers of using this conscious releasing technique are so stuck in their own way that it has been a coping mechanism for them, now everything is getting released. Even the good progress you made.

It is real simple to get you back on track 1. Start the new sub or stage and DONT release ever. I promise you will see results building each day that goes by. Don't let the social structure around you define wether or not you are a leader. And do not let someone's ego sell you on an idea when there's no factual proof that the effects will be better.

I've gone through this whole entire ASC journey so far without releasing. You'll feel confidence in the sub program working while its playing. I feel it every moment while it is on. From it, I've gotten results.

This is dedicated to the person who updates here everyday. Let me bring you back to reality. This is a social network just like any other. Put into perspective being on here compared to the rest of your life. You find solice by listening to others here but at the end of the day you are coming back updating your failures to this forum. It has been proven that these subs work. And you must've felt the effects of these subs somewhat to invest so much time here. You need to have a goal. Set the new sub you're going to listen to and just let it play every night (setting a new sub is essential because of all the beliefs you've cleared using the current one). Then go about your day working towards your goal. Your accomplishments will build your confidence and each day you will grow closer to your goal. FORGET about releasing. The rest of your life awaits.

Ps. The idea about combining conscious releasing and subliminals is not necessary. As you listen and your beliefs change what you want to aquire comes natural to you. All resistance is broken down from the subs over time.

Subliminals already produce the balance between self growth and self acceptance.

I am walking even taller than before. Must be because of the weight loss. Which was a goal of mine that I'm more than ever capable to achieve based on my new found confidence. Headphones produce such great results. Whenever I have some freetime I put them on and feel unstoppable doing my everyday tasks, such as cleaning and research. I am more dominant in bed and last longer. Recover faster. I can't wait for what results the next 4 months will produce!

These past few days have been good. All I can say is that I'm more in tune with my exterior reality and I'm less interested in following sensations or cravings from within. It's more control but also a feeling that I'm the most confident person in the room. If I want to do something I can make it happen without excuses, distractions or unneccesary disturbances. I love myself. Can't wait to see what I can produce for my life this week . I can't wait to show the world my subliminal results. Women everywhere recognize my sexiness and I am a distinct leader at my workplace. I've also noticed all the subtle things that have come into alignment with my new found confidence.

Thank you


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