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Title: smash is a natural alpha
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(09-02-2012, 01:56 PM)smash Wrote: Nice insight Shannon, just for interest (and still one more post on this thread)...

Women Magnet 2.0 is built in 5th Generation: is it ok to listen to some self recorded affirmations during day and/or do some mirror affirmations or will it be too much?

I would definitely not listen to a recording of them. Doing them yourself should be okay.
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... have to add some more cents here ...

I wrote with Cory Skyy and was 1 step before joining his blue print program, where he will transform average joes into true ladiesman. I declined, because I didn´t know, if I have enough time next 12 month. Initial price was at 3,000$. I think, when it´s not blueprint anymore, the final price will be at leaste 10,000$ for 12 month.

Put this in comparison to Women Magnet 2.0, where you´ll get additional subliminals and you know the deal... I think it´s really cheap with 500$, as it will (my feeling tells me that) at LEAST give the results that Corys program will give me,... and all of that, while I am sleeping. And it will go a lot deeper and really transform from the inside out. Glad, that I made the right decision ;-).
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High five to that, brother!
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Hi Guys,My Name is EricNortman i am 19 years old and i finished AM5.
I have a friend his 17 years old and he want to buy the AM5 Training Program.Is It ok for him to use AM5 In his Age,If not please explain that to me.
thank you very much.
I am still hanging on Gratitude... why? Because Gratitude Sub kicks ass at its finest. YESS!
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Hey smash! Can tell us a bit why the gratitude sub kicks so much ass? It's been a while since you've posted here and I'm curious to see where you're at.
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I am FEELING absolutely HAPPY, nearly all the time. I am really happy, when I think about my life... concerning, the friends I have, the gf that is at my side, my business and the way, I can help people out, and how they express gratitude towards me. It is a SPIRAL ;-) of success, that I am climbing higher and higher every day, hour and minute. I am also doing story telling and written affirmations, but Gratitude does its main work, I suppose.

I am listening to it at least 6 hours a day, mostly 8 hours and sometimes 10 hours. I have also WM2.0 and Alpha Set on my hdd, but I am not willing to switch at the moment, as I want to feel the full effects of this sub, as I think, there is some more to come.

I feel absolutely confident within myself, as I have anything handled within my life - must be same feeling of an alpha, as it is a guy, that has everythiing at its place for his own satisfaction and still is able to look in the mirror and smile, because he knows, that he does something good every day.

Those are some of the feelings, that I am having since weeks now. Great, and I think Gratitude is an absolute depression killer, and can be used for this issue, too!

Shannon, I hope current web developer for affiliate-plattform is doing a good job, and I can use it soon :-).
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I have to agree 100%, my friend, Gratitude is one of my all time favorite and perfect if you ever feel a bit down Wink

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