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Title: lano1106 SM3 Journal
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Since I have decided that my next program would be SM3 10 days ago, I have been on MIR to fight an infection. At the peak of the infection when I decided to give MIR a try, I was pretty sure that I would need an antibiotic prescription to get rid of the infection. I hate going to the doctor to get antibiotics. I pretty much see that as a failure to not fight and vanquish an infection by my own. So I am pretty happy to see that I went through it by myself with the help of MIR.

I am still coughing a bit but the cue that I use to say that I have finally recuperated from my infection is me having enough energy to return to the gym which I did this afternoon.

As instructed by Shannon, I'll continue MIR for 3 more days. That brings us up to Friday and Saturday, I'll return to AM6 Stage 7 for 4 weeks in order to refresh the concepts that AM6 taught me the first time when I did run it. I did complete AM6 last February so the program concepts shouldn't be buried too deep in my mind.

Concerning my motivation and expectations about SM3. I have expressed them in few places elsewhere but I guess that in order to make this journal self-contained, it makes sense repeat them here.

My favorite IML experience so far is AM6. I still discover positive changes from the program even months after having completed it.. If SM3 is capable of improving my alphaness in the sexual realm inside and outside the bedroom as much as AM6 did change me, that is going to be awesome.

IOW, I want my subconcious mind to receive specific instructions on how to alter my beliefs and behavior to be more alpha sexually. My gut is that DMSI is something else and not as specific simply because it is gender neutral. This is where my fascination for SM3 comes from.

I guess that once SM3 programming is installed in my subconcious... this will be an additional toolset that DMSI will be able to pick from to do its job...

As far as my subliminal program history goes. I have been introduced to IML with DMSI in July 2017...

This made me become a believer enough to convince me making a bigger investment into AM6. I did love the journey... Then I did return to DMSI... As far as my memory can tell, the sequence AM6+DMSI did make my second DMSI experience different than the first run...

I expect that the AM6->SM3->DMSI (newer version when I return) will also give something different...

So here is the expectation. If I invest time and effort with SM3, let the program lead my development in the next 6 months... then return to DMSI if needed... I would expect my desire to improve my sexual and attraction skills where I want them to be and be able to easily get new sex partners on a regular basis (if that is what I desire in the moment) by the end of 2019.

If I'm honest with myself, I'm really not looking to rack up an incredible lay count. That is not my thing but minimally have options. A list of 4-5 women that I get along with incredibly well and that are craving for my sex and are just a phone call away to a hot hook up. I'm not there. I pretty much lost my last FWB (it lasted 3 weeks) and I'm currently without options and that sucks. I wish that there would be a weekly sexual hook up that would arouse me the whole week with the anticipation of it... I love that and I'm not having it right now. This is the type of relation that I want to easily initiate without even thinking about it with SM3.

Hopefully, the goal will be realized... I'll put my energy to it... All I know is no matter what, I'll move on to BASE after that... I can't be stuck on a single issue all my life...

but we will see. I trust the program. I trust myself and the goal will be fulfilled
It is good to see many DMSI journals updated... Forum activity appears to me to have been very quiet lately where most active journal writers out there was only LTU ones...

I was supposed to start the AM6 Stage 7 refresher to prepare ahead of starting SM3 last week. I had to be longer on MIR as my infection did not want to go... We got very bad weather in the northern east coast. Like I was still wearing my winter coat in May!!! As far as I know, it is the very first time that we have such a bad spring season here... Nothing to help me getting the upper hand over my infection. Last week-end, the weather was fantastic... I took a lot of sun, we did open up the house windows to breath fresh air, I did eat a lot fruits and vegetables to get a vitamin boost and now this is it. I'm fully healed for at least 3 days.

So all that to say, that I have finally started AM6 Stage 7 today with a 1 week delay. I have decided the SM3 start date. I'll start the program on May 30. I choose that date because with those 32 days period... I always need to check the calendar to make sure when I should switch stage. At least for the first stage switch, it will be easy. I'll start Stage 2 on July 1st...

Ideally, I'm cutting some round corners, in the best world, I should have run AM6 Stage 7 32 days... but I don't want to delay further SM3 program listening as summer is my prime season for social interations... I want to get the most of that social peak while executing SM3.

I'm pretty confident that it is going to be all good since AM6 is pretty still fresh in my mind... and I have never felt alpha as I am feeling right now in my whole life... So I feel already ready for SM3 but I'll follow the instructions as much as I can by running AM6 Stage 7 before starting.

23 days of refreshment before starting will be plenty enough and is a good compromise to respect my goals for the summer.

I don't know if there is such a thing like TID with SM3... but I have started to alter my sexual behavior with women that I meet in my day to day routine...

For instance, I got, what I thought were solid leads, 2 leads that could be converted as good FWBs... I connected with 2 girls in dating apps... I did use the Mode One communication and my discussions with them did turn out sexual pretty fast. Being my age and most women my age on the market having kids that they have 1 out of 2 weeks... It kinda dampens the spontaneity and with time passing by... the high buying temperature cools down.

One of them, I was making her hot through sexting... We exchanged phone #s... I made her cum several times with phone sex... She was working at home yesterday... I made her wet... I wanted to actually meet her in person... but no she came up with some BS excuses such as:

- I have a lot of work.
- I cannot invite you to my place
- I hate going in hotels

Go figure when I texted her, she was about to go in her backyard to sunbath and she did that for 2 hours till 3PM then she texted me to tell me that she would go make a 1hour nap to be full of energy during the evening... So yeah, the I have a lot of work is BS.

I did tried to use the commitment and consistency principle... that was funny... I did arouse her and I did ask her to tell me that she wanted me to make her cum in person. She did say it and then I said:

Prove it to me that you really mean it with action... Feel the arousal rise in your body as you realize what is about to happen...

And then nothing.... I caught her in her own BS... Later that night, she did text me again, it was about 11PM... I guess that she wanted some more virtual sex or some other BS... I did punish her bad behavior by simply ignoring her. Some women... They like to toy with men and are quite happy to use them as some masturbation tool... I don't have time for that shit and I disqualify those female time wasters...

Possibly simply by holding my ground... This may make her change her behavior torward me. The other girl have a similar pattern... She text me at 3am Saturday night to tell me that she is horny... I'm sorry.. but I'm not going over to have sex with her at that late hour... Plan your shit and lets meet some morning next week and see what happens.... but again, it doesn't seems to be serious neither...

Oh well... Lets see what happens when I'm going to run SM3!
I just did check SM3 instructions. It says that you can start SM3 if you have completed AM6 within 3 months.

I did finish AM6 on February 9th.... Soooo.... technically, I could start SM3 right away since I'm still within the 3 months completion period....

I think that I can benefit with a small refresher... but considering that I'm still within the 3 months period... doing 23 days refreshment instead of 32 should be fine....
oh it I got a flash. During AM6, I did read through the 2 recommended books in the instruction twice each while it was recommended to read them 3 times.

I'll try to complete the reading the books for a third time while in Stage 7.

One thing that I have noticed in the DYD book, it is that it contains a lot of references on other books to clarify more in depth some topics. There is A LOT of them... For instance, for DYD chapter 4, my notes have this:

Chapter 4: How To Use Communication And Humor To Attract Women

How Women Test Men And Why:

Women want a challenge. Think romance novel themes
- Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (red)
- How to be the JERK Women Love by F.J. Shark (red)
- Endless Rapture by Helen Hazen (currently reading)

I did read the first 2 books. And yes, I must confess, they give a lot of very valuable insights about what kind of challenges women seek in a man. Especially 'Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women' but at the same that this book gives valuable insights, it is also kinda boring to read too... but I definitely got something out of it....

The third one... is very interesting too and is the one that I am currently reading... It explores and try to explain the reasons about why women rape fantasy is so widespread... It is very fascinating as well...

I'm just not sure how exactly rape fantasy and being a challenge for women are connected... I'll try to figure that out on my 3rd DYD book reading and clarify my notes on that point...
wow... it feels like I have a lot of journaling catch up to do... Maybe I am a little bit ahead of myself but I was reading SM3 intructions and I have spotted a recurring theme that is also present in DMSI as well in the Stage 6 description:

Focuses on shifting “you approach and seduce them” to “they approach and seduce you”.

We'll see when I reach that stage and I'll approach it with an open mind but my stand on the question has always been that you can:

- Grab a woman attention
- Possibly charm her and generates attraction for you
- Then through strong frame control, set in place the frame that she is chasing you. You are the price.

Unless you are a celebrity or project a celebrity halo creating enormous social proof for you... You will generally have to make the initial step to get things going. Once the first step is done, through strong framing, you set up the frame that she is the one chasing you...

Another tip that I always use when dealing with women is ask myself, what would a man living in extreme abundance with women (think James Bond) would do in my situation?

For one, he would never reach out the girls. It is them that would always reach him out because he doesn't care, he has more women chasing him than he has time to see all of them... Despite not being there yet... It is very easy for me to emulate... I simply have zero neediness with women because my business which is my priority #1 provides me plenty of challenges to spend with...
I have faith that when you get to that stage, the women will come to you. Shannon's subs are no joke. Personally, I've got to do a lot of healing and getting my shit together before I focus on something like DMSI, SM3 or WM. But I'm sure they all work great and will get you far with women.
Damn... I woke up with a sore throat this morning... A day after I stopped using MIR... Screw that... I cannot develop a dependance on MIR to feel good... I'll continue ahead with the main program.

First night sleeping with AM6 Stage 7... I did a dream rich with symbols in it this morning... It has been a while since last time it did happen. As far as I remember, that last time that it did happen was maybe about 2 months ago when I was starting using DMSI 3.3.1-D.

Some details are blury... There was 2 girls in the dream... (Funny, it relates to what I wrote yesterday)... One did spent some time with me. We did hang out, we did some car trip running around. Then the second girl did call me on my mobile and wanted to meet us so that we hang out the 3 of us together. This is where it gets weird... The girl that I am with kinda disapear.

And I have to climb a mountain to perform some gardening on the top of it... I kinda noticed that some plants needed attention and this was bugging me, I had to go and fix them. (don't ask. I have no idea what the meaning might be)

So I am at the feet of the montain on a road. And there is 2 possible paths. I can climb on a ladder from a series of wooden ladders. They all lead to a nice, well maintained green lawn that easily lead where I want to go. Each of them had a date beside them. I did pick the 2014 ladder. Start to climb. Then I notice that there is cavern on the mountain wall and I decide to go in the cavern. The cavern is very narrow and dirty. I need to crawl to go inside it. Then it leads to a steep forest trail that climbs the mountain. There is all sort of nasty things in it. Disgusting insects... Viscous mushrooms... And I need to crawl over them because the trail is so narrow that the trees's branches are scratching my back, my arms and my face... As I progress into the trail, the obstacles becomes always more horrible...

I remember that at some point, I had to pause because the obstacle were simply too much...

From a reader point of view, this might look like a nightmare... But I did actually enjoyed it very much... There was so much symbols that must be important in some way but none of them makes any sense at all...
yesterday at crossfit, we were 3 men and 3 women...

I got plenty of attention from the women... bantering with them was fun.

The AM6 Stage 7 refreshment is making itself manifest. I thought that everything was still fresh in me but apparently not. The fun that I was having with the ladies must correspond to this AM6 goal:

- Enjoying the company of others, and especially beautiful women, more and more comfortably and easily.

This morning, I made another dream related to sexuality:

I was at a public pool and as I was walking around the pool, a hot girl did faint to stumble and fall into the water and she 'accidentally' lost both pieces of her bikini. I had to jump into the water to "save" her from drowning.

She didn't believe me that she lost her bikini so I had to touch her there to show her that she lost it... Making out did follow. Of course, I was aware that closing the deal there was impossible so I did explore the possibility that we go somewhere else but nothing was working. She had an excuse for not doing any of the suggestion.

Bottomline she was the ultimate tease. And it is funny as one of the girl that I am currently interacting with perfectly fit that description. Always use ambiguous communication. Never commit to anything. Tease with the idea of hooking up... but it never happens for BS reasons...

It is funny like I have tried several strategies. I did tried address the most likely possible objections. Kept the idea of meeting as low pressure as possible. I have now categorized her as a Wholesome Pretender (WP) from Mode One universe...

Now all I do is that I call her on her BS and challenge her to prove me wrong... As she does as I predict, I ignore her.

Yesterday, she did tease me with the possibility to see her today... Yesterday evening, she offered me to do sex webcam session. I said no thank you, we will leave that for when we get intimate and I am not in position to come see you.

This morning when I saw she wasn't acting on what she said she would do the day before, I texted her and said something like:

I would be happy to see you but I think that it won't happen. Even if I feel that you want to do it, I have the impression that you aren't game enough to do it for real. Feel free to prove me wrong but I'm going to wish to have a good day right now ;-)
It appears that the 'calling her BS and challenge her' strategy might have been the best. She said that tonight she is going to propose me concrete plan for the week-end...

I'm still a bit skeptic but I'm going to let the runner a chance to win me... So what I know is that despite giving her another chance, one thing that I know is that the attention that she is going to receive from me will be minimal until she proves me that she is worthy of receiving it...

I guess that she is not used to have a guy who isn't afraid to hold his stand and call her out... This must do her some effect...

We will see...
Another AM6 goal that I notice being bring back to the foreground with the stage 7 refresher is:

- Refusal to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, walked on or treated poorly by anyone, but especially females.

The result of that is that I am finding myself irritated by others and find myself in arguments to assert my rights and defend them with vigor. The urge for justice and respect to my person is strong. It is very reminiscent to what I was feeling when I started the AM6 program.

The funny thing is that torward the end of AM6, I felt, possibly because of the varnish layer, my way to handle those situations was becoming smoother... It feels like a mini surge of aggressivity where my boundaries need to be respected...

I am amazed how potent and powerful this program is... I guess that I notice the effect because it has just being brought back in the foreground and for that reason, everything is amplified... Hopefully, things will become more balanced as it used to be...

but in all this turmoil. I recognize that no reaction from me is gratuitous. I'm not bursting into anger for no reason. People that treat me right have the nicest part of me in response. Only when someone try to pull shit out of me that I am going to react accordingly with vigor.

Despite being strong responses, it makes sense
Yesterday evening I got a date with the hard to see girl. Both of us were tired. On my side, I wouldn't have been pissed if she did cancel so much I was tired. I could have go to sleep at 10PM. I took a guarana supplement pill before leaving my place to make sure that I wouldn't sleep in her face and that I would have the energy to do something in case that it could happen. It did work. I did retrieve my alertness. It is not something that I want to do often but once in a while, I give myself the permission to take some for special occasions.

On her side, after we met, she did confess that she thought about cancelling but she knew that she was on spot and doing that could have mean that she would have lost me.

I did set the meeting spot. 5 mins away from my place. She had to drive 30 mins. I'm a big fan of the commitment and consistency principle. I love to have my girls invest more for seeing me than me doing it.

If I make an honest assessment of my date. It has been a tough one. In the sense that she did test me a lot. It hasn't been tough for me. I felt that it was easy for me to remain unaffected. Actually, I did enjoy her small attitude...

It wasn't a #metoo friendly date. I was initiating intimate touching and she was resisting and saying no but I knew that it was only token resistance and that she did really enjoyed that I was acting as a man.

but she was really tired and she said.. Well, logistic is bad for doing something more tonight. I have to go pick up my kid at 7am tomorrow morning.

Again, I was totally unaffected and absolutly not attached to any outcome. In fact, she is the one who did invest the most in coming see me. This attitude did probably spike even more her attraction.

I told her goodbye. I left and she did text me 2 hours later around 1:30AM in the morning to tell me that she was very horny and was wondering if I would accept if she did invite me to come at her place...

I said no thank too late... You had your chance when we were together. If you did invited me when we were together. I would have say yes. Now, I'm about to go to bed....

Not even sure if the last question was still a test. She test a lot... I start to enjoy women a lot... Each one plays a game with men. A different one each... When you are able to see through and enjoy them for what they are... This is very fun...

When you know how to play well with them simply by being alpha. You become a challenge. You are a guy that they aren't able to make him do any type of crazy shit by simply just danging some piece of meowmeow in front of you.

I'm 100% confident that my attitude with the girl has just made her attraction to me even bigger.

On a different note, I took an appointment to receive a P-Shot on Monday. It is not a cheap thing. If you want to know what it is, just google it but I am just going to say that this is a treatment given by urologists. It is very safe. It last 5 minutes and you could have sex right after leaving the doctor office. There is no known risk to the treatment and its purpose is to rejuvenate the penis to make it 20 years younger overnight. There is no guarantee about that but the treatment is also known to enlarge penises.

I don't think that I needed that but given that I'm about to start SM. I want to send a strong signal to my subliminal mind by putting my wallet to where my intent is to let him know that this summer we are going to have a lot of sex.
I was looking to get that procedure, it sounds promising.
I made a sad dream this morning. In it, my daughter was sick (maybe cancer) and did pass away.

No idea what is the meaning or what has caused that dream. One thing that may explain is that my young kids are getting older. As they changed and gain maturity, their old selves are gone...

Hopefully this is the meaning and nothing else more sinister because there is nothing more that I love more than my kids...
I have felt depressed and without energy for pretty much the whole week. Weather sucks where I live. We have a shitty spring. I still wear my winter coat sometimes despite being near the end of May. This fact alone certainly plays a role in how I feel...

I haven't heard anything from the chick that I dated last friday. Not necessarily a bad thing. I cannot put the finger on what exactly but there was something that wasn't feeling right with this girl...

I had 2-3 leads that I could have followed with by pinging them but I had no desire to do so... What for? Even if they would have bitten to my advances, I was feeling without energy... that would probably did not been great dates anyway... idk if it is me who is resisting or if this is a genuine rough period.

On one hand, this makes me want to move on ASAP with SM3 ahead of the May 30th starting date because I feel like I am stalling right now because of how I'm feeling and the lack of action from me this create. OTOH, I feel like I am still getting plenty from my AM6 Stage 7 refresher. Such as:

- A lot of dreaming (imho, indicates subconscious activity)
- Plenty of intense and authentic interactions with women

What the last point means is that it did occur at least 5 times that I have stumbled on a woman where when our eyes did lock together in the first 3 seconds of meeting, I felt something like as if it was on. In the past, very often when I did have that feeling, later on, I did sleep with her.

Also, they were very smiling, giggling and acting flirty around me. For sure if 'pulling the trigger' was an habit, I could have leveraged the situation to move things forward...

To be honest, I have started making bold moves that I wasn't doing before and those moves come from nowhere. I'm seeing my behavior changing in front of my own eyes as if I was a spectator. I like that feeling. but what I mean is that there is still space for improvement and change to have the life that I want to have.

I'll spare the details of that but I have some sort of private journal where I write down those encounters. This allows me to play them back and perhaps insert something that I could have said or done to have a different better outcome to them. Some kind of mental rehearsal so that next time I end up in those situation, the right thing to do or say comes out automatically.

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