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Title: aLpha maLe 5G, testimony [1x run]
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I am Zakki Rathomi, I am a married man.

My marriage was short enough for only 1 year. After that I leave my wife because she has an affair.

The next thing I went to my hometown, to my own parents.

Here I am experiencing a tremendous upheaval, I am still cautioning with my ex-wife herself when it has hurt me cruelly.

Psychologically, for 2 years I almost became crazy. Just room, eat, sleep & defecate, every day.
I also do not care about anything either, because both parents also do not understand my own will what i wants?

In accompanied by prayer, I get a conscience to look for the latest brainwave. & then I am focused on the brainwave community, and meets the field report on alpha male usage.

Again my conscience says, maybe "This is what you need".

My goal is to become 1 at that time to forget my ex-wife, that's it. But after 2x run am I got More than that turned out.

I will review Direct from stage 1 to stage 6 at once.

1x run:
※ My way of writing is neat, do not like to be abbreviated.
※ Incredible resistance, such as the struggle between life & death. But my determination was at that moment to change, if I could not let me die with peace.
※ insomnia
※ Incredible dehydration.
※ on stage 3 there is a desire to return to work Again, at that time I was self-employed.
※ I've also experienced incredible resistance, to not want to listen to the male aLpha Again.
※ on stage 5 I started to work diligently.
※ on stage 6, I really just can feel needy drained away, until finally I can focus with the future life that I will pass.
※ little by little I can forget my former wife.

transLated using googLe.

And many thanks to Shannon for everything, Long Life for mastah Hehhhee
As a reference and for anyone wondering, this testimonial is real but this user is banned for issues around piracy and reselling programs.

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