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Title: Honest Copyright Protection Testimony
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first of all, i want to say sorry because i pirated your products.

i made this threat because there is literally no testimony about CP.

at first, i only use ASC for a month. and i cant deny the fact that it is the best, fastest, and the most impacting subliminal that i ever use to that point.

i am shocked by the massive result. but the strange thing is it feels so natural, doesn't feel like a bomb of personality out of nowhere.

i become more curious about IML but the price is so high. After thinking about it, i take a shot in the dark to try and pirate DAOS. i already know about copyright protection at this point, but everyone that i know who have pirated DAOS are still getting the result. so i was like, why not?

i tried DAOS for a month or two, i don't really remember. it works but i feel really uncomfortable with it so i change to EPRHA.

after using EPRHA for a long time, i try to pirate another product to see if i will feel the same discomfort like when i use DAOS. this time i pirated LTU. and owh boy it feel so good. that is the best subliminal that i ever tried to this point period.

but i feel the same discomfort. this time im fully aware that i feel like this because i pirated it.

being me, i pirated OGSF to release the guilt of pirating LTU and DAOS. and you can guess right away what happened next. OGSF works wonderfully for other aspects of my life but not for the guilt of pirating. in fact, it's getting worse from this point

i was telling my self, "it works wonderfully so the CP must be a lie, but why do i feel this much anxiety and guilt for pirating it?" "there is literally NO CP block testimony whatsoever in google or in any other forum so it must be fine"

and i finish my piracy streak with using LTU again. I've come to the point that i cant bear the guilt anymore and i do an in-depth research about CP because i am really confused.

to my surprise, i found out that CP doesn't make the product obsolete. it makes so that you feel increasingly uncomfortable for pirating the product.

by "uncomfortable", i mean it IS really uncomfortable. you will think that the sub is not working but your feeling knows that it is working. and you really feel the guilt of pirating that sub to the point that you would rather not using it than feeling the guilt

After reading that, I immediately erase all of my pirated subliminals like what the instruction says. and my discomfort is slowly fading away.
I currently saving up my money to pay back my fault.

once again i am sorry for pirating your sub, i will make sure that i pay it back as fast as possible. besides, i really want to use your product again legally since while it is quite pricey; the quality, speed, and effects is totally worth the money
From what I remember the discomfort programming is only in some 5.5G. And in 5G it's a script that is educating you to pay for what you bought. Maybe the discomfort you felt is just the resistance from subs. Or you are just hypnotizing yourself because you know there is a CP inside, like when you feel discomfort when you approach a girl. Some people feel naturally bad when stealing from someone. I'm not even sure if there was a CP inside Daos 4G.

well, i haven't pirated any 5.5G program (and not planning to do that either). and i find out about the "uncomfortable" part in a 2012 thread.

and you might be right. The discomfort that i feel in DAOS is different than what i feel in LTU. but what i can clearly say with 100% certainty is that the "discomfort" really feels like it is from the subliminal (from LTU/OGSF), the change really feels like the "confidence" that i feel from ASC or the non-procrastination effect, self-validity, & the feel of comfort in a social environment that i feel from LTU. you will know it if you have used a lot of subliminal.

to be honest, i have pirated and use around 4 other subliminal from other producers consistently before using ASC (one of them are rumored to have CP). but i have never felt like this before. The discomfort and anxiety from IML is so strong that i would rather not continue to use the program than dealing with the guilt.

the feel of discomfort is fading away really quickly after i delete all of my pirated IML product. Logically, that is really not natural at all. i have never felt a crazily disturbing discomfort suddenly fading away really fast after doing a certain action like that. at that point, i am 100% convinced that there is a CP in IML's products

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