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Title: Using several programs (at once) ?
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Hey, Shannon.

First of all your subs are actually working! At least i notice a difference and my erection dysfunction is almost gone after only a week and i feel like a more confident man.

Anyway the question arises. When you describe that you may or may not use programs at once, do you refer to playing them all at once or using them all (I have Absolute Confidence 5G, Orgasm Enhancer 3G and overcoming Erection Dysfunction 3G), but playing them one at the time?

And if i can't use them all at once, which of these would be best to use?
I know their effect might decrease if you use several at once but that doesn't really bother me as long as i use them almost daily.
#1, as described in the instructions for ASC, you cannot use it with any other subliminal at the same time. ASC uses the fifth generation of subliminal technology, and your brain will not have the ability to process more than ASC. Trying to do so will cause unpredictable results, and not the results you want.

#2, this happens to many people. They get a sub, and it works, and they're super excited, like a kid at Christmas after opening his first gift. He wants to tear into all of them, and play with all of them at once.

This is a lot like a journey, and let's say you can cover one mile per day if you listen only to one subliminal. You think to yourself, "If I listen to two, I can make a half mile on each one per day. In a year, I'll still be 365 miles down the road, but I'll get the benefits of both sooner!"

This kind of thinking is mistaken. Using two subliminals is like wandering back and forth, crossing the "straight line" to your destination a couple of times per day. Instead of being a mile further along your journey, you've only gotten 0.7 of a mile from where you started that day. Over time, it will take you 50% longer to make the same progress you would have, if you had focused on one subliminal at a time.

I suggest the wiser course is to heed Shannon's admonitions about using multiple subliminals at once, and avoid it. Get your erectile dysfunction squared away, and then figure out which program is next.
Fear is a liar.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. -- Ernest Hemingway

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