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Title: Loops and ASRB2 ratios for 5.5g programs.
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Quote:Anxiety Relief Aid - To use it for long term programming you should use it for exactly 3 loops per night, back to back, for a total of 6 hours of exposure while you sleep, for a minimum of 2 (two) months (60 days).  Avoid using it for long term programming during the day, and try to allow for time for you to sleep after your six hours of exposure finish as well.

Quote:Depression Relief Aid - Use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back; that is, turn it on, allow it to play through five times, and then repeat the next day starting at the same time, and listen to all of the loops without interruption.
This will be easiest if you use a playlist and play the program while you are sleeping, but more obvious immediate results will probably be had listening to it while you are awake.

Quote:Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility Ver. 3.3.1-D - Use DMSI 3.3.1-D for 8 loops per day.
This is how many loops per day you should listen to back to back and without interruption, every day while you are using this experimental program. If you do not listen back to back and without interruption, you are breaking the primary ASRB value, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the program.
For DMSI 3.3.1, the power of the experimental program is such that a secondary ASRB value must be introduced to prevent exhaustion. That value is:
3.3.1-D: Use it 7 days straight, and then take 3 day off. (7:3)

Quote:Disconnect From Negative Work Stress - To get all of the the results and training this program is designed for, you must listen to it four (4) loops per day (easiest to do from a playlist while you sleep) and supplement with in-the-moment usage as necessary.  It must also be used as long term programming for seven (7) months to fully train yourself to make these effects and training your natural, automatic, default state for the long term or permanently.  Therefore, you are instructed to use this program 4 loops per day for 7 months.
This program is not intended for use by or to be exposed to persons under the age of 18.
Please be aware that it may affect your sleeping patterns by causing you to relax more and sleep longer and more deeply, which may require some adjustment to your schedule and extra measures to make sure you get up on time.

Quote:Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 3.0 - Best results will come from using this program for 3 (three) loops per day of use.  This will balance the impact it has with how effectively it buffers that impact to make your healing and clearing experience as easy and comfortable as possible.  It is suggested that you use this program while you are sleeping, but it is possible that doing so may make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep for some people, while others may find that it helps them fall and stay asleep.

Quote:Exercise Motivation - Use this program for 4 (four) loops per day, back to back, each day for at least 2 (two) months straight.  Naturally, do not use this program with any other form of mind programming.
Not intended for use by or on children under the age of 16.

Quote:Life Tune Up 5.0 - Loops Per Day: Use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back and uninterrupted.  Recommend using this program while you sleep, unless sleep disruptions occur.
Secondary ASRB: Use this program for 4 (four) days straight, and then take a break of 2 (two) days.

Quote:Maximum Healing Speed - To get the desired results from this program, you must use it for the correct amount of time each day.
Hybrid Tracks: If you choose to use one of the hybrid tracks, use it exactly four (4) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.
Ultrasonic Track: If you choose to use the ultrasonic track, use it exactly five (5) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.
Masked Track: If you choose to use one of the masked tracks, use it exactly five (5) loops per day, back to back, without interruption.
This program uses a special technology known as the Audio to Silence Balance Ratio (ASRB) that builds in short periods of silence (in this case, 3 minutes at the end of every hour) so that your brain and mind can rest and catch up, which optimizes the effectiveness, speed and efficiency of the program.  If you introduce pauses between loops of the program, you will lose the benefits of the ASRB technology and the program will be less effective.  This is why you must use all loops back to back, without interruption each day.  (You can use the program while sleeping, if that helps.)
For healing specific damage to the body, you must use this program every day according to the instructions for as many days, plus one, as you are consciously aware that you still need healing. So add one day of use after you think that whatever you are trying to heal is fully healed.
For system detox, regular maintenance, optimization and cleansing - when you don't have anything specific you need healed - use this program every day for 4 weeks (28 days).  This should be repeated once a year for light detox/maintenance/optimization/cleansing (DMOC), three times a year for standard DMOC and six times a year for deep, intense DMOC. If you use this program for detox/maintenance more than once a year, space out each use as evenly as possible: every 4th month if you use it 3x a year, and every other month if you use it 6x a year.
MHS uses In-The-Moment State Shifting, and is designed to shift your state of awareness to what is best for achieving maximum healing speed. 
Therefore, do not drive, operate heavy machinery or do or use anything that is dangerous to do or use while in an altered state while you are using this program.

Quote:Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 - This program will give best results if it is used for a specific number of loops per day, with each loop being one complete play-through of the audio.
For persons under 18 years of age, use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back, regardless of format.
For persons 18 years of age or older, use this program at a rate of 4 (four) loops per day, back to back, regardless of format.
Because of the intensity of what this program does and is trying to do, best results will be achieved by using this program at a ratio of 1 days of use to 1 day of rest.  So, use this program every other day.

Quote:Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude - You can use this program in-the-moment, as long term programming or as both at once.
In the moment use will simply be as desired, and should be a minimum of 30 minutes.  This will shift your thinking in the short term.
For long term programming (which is strongly recommended), you should use this program for three (3) loops per day, back to back, for six (6) months.
This program should be safe for any age to use, but if you expose anyone under the age of 18, please do so with parental or adult supervision regarding how it affects them, how well it is being used according to the instructions and what volumes are being used.

Quote:Self Esteem - Use this program six (6) loops per day, back to back.  This will be most easily done while sleeping.  It should be used every day for three (3) months.
This program is designed such that it should be safe to use for any age.  When exposing very young children, be extremely careful to use moderate to low volumes when using any format that includes an ultrasonic component, to help protect the child's hearing.

Quote:Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination V2.0 - This program can be used for “in the moment” (ITM) and long term use. It should be used in blocks of as close to 3 months at a time for long term use as the secondary ASRB allows you, and “as desired” for ITM use -- but only as necessary.  This program cannot be used with any other mind programming technique, and even ITM use is restricted if you are using another form of mind programming.  Long term use should be at 4 loops per day.  The secondary ASRB value (days of use to days of rest ratio) for this program is 4 days of use to 1 days of rest, and the repeat, for as close to 3 months as that allows you to get for each block of usage time.
Due to the motivational nature of this program, please note that it is generally best to use it immediately after you awaken, or set it to play right before you awaken, as it may induce so much motivation that it interrupts sleep otherwise.

Quote:Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer V3 - This program is at its best for the majority of people when used for five (5) loops per day. Secondary ASRB is 6:2, meaning you should use it for 6 days straight, then take a 2 day break, and repeat.  This program is designed to be used for blocks of approximately 3 months at a time, as dictated by the secondary ASRB ratio.

Quote:Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer V4 - USLM4 uses a primary Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer value of 30 minutes of audio to 20 minutes of silence to allow your mind to rest and maximize the effectiveness and speed of execution.  Listen to it three (3) loops per day. Secondary ASRB is 3:7, meaning you should use it for 3 (three) days straight, then take a 7 (seven) day break, and repeat.  (Yes, you read that correctly.  This is the first time we have ever seen a program require more time off than usage time per cycle.)  This program is a significant risk for exhaustion if you do not use it according to the instructions!

Quote:Universal Detox - To achieve the best results, use this program for exactly 6 (six) loops at a time, without interruption between them.  This is most easily done by listening to it while you sleep using a playlist on your cell phone or computer.  Use this program every day for 3 months each time you run it.  Remember that a deep, thorough detoxification takes time, and while toxins are being flushed out you may experience various effects that result from that process.  Be patient and let the program do what it's designed to do.

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