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Title: Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer (Multiple Versions)
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Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer V3.

Quote:@Infinite, Tbh I really have no idea which subliminal I am gonna use next. I mean whenever I think of using another subliminal, my mind goes blank. I have no idea

I feel really good on this subliminal. Life is so smooth and easy.

I feel as if I can do anything in calm and relaxed way.

I can talk to random people and there is something about my Aura that attracts animal..This weird.

One day a cow just walked right in front of me and was like "Sup bro?"..

It's like my Aura brings the goodness out of people or some like that.. They talk with respect and are willing to help me even though I don't care much cause I always find another way..

Still I thank the people and motivate them cause that's how we humans should be with each other..

On USLM3 I am successfully overcoming my fears thanks to FRM.. World feels like a safe place nothing to be afraid off.. Do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say.. Live the way you like.. Just keep improving slowly but surely..

-Zane said this here
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer 4.1.

Quote:Hello, I'm happy to say I finally came out of my shell and went to a local store that was hiring one weekend for a instant interview and got a small job to pass the time by. Works great with my current schooling and personal needs for hours.

-XyzN said this here
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer 4.2.

Quote:To all the people who want and need a subliminal that supports their trading and especially their trading mindset:

In my opinion it is already there. USLM 4.2

I have a lot of years experience in trading stocks and forex, made losses and some wins. Mostly I was taking profit too early, getting in at the wrong timing (emotional trade opening) and the trades went into the stoplosses too often.
With USLM 4.2 all that changed. I have to admit I was already a bit on the way from the cognitive or the conscious side I knew what to do but when I wanted to go into a trade my subconscious took the lead and I was no longer guided by the trading rules. Since USLM 4.2 I am very calm with trading, I put my entry points a little bit further away, I am aware that the money could be lost but I'm also aware that I can win a lot more than my position that I buy into. I have confidence in what I do. When the candles turn red I look at the fundamentals of the business model and when it still fulfills my idea then it is just a moment in the red. I'm not day trading or trying to make fast money. I want to invest for the next 5-10 years.

I have seen stocks that go ridiculous high but I was calm and staying out of there since their business model is not something I want to invest in because I see no future there. So I let others gamble with those stocks and focus on long term growth companies. As I sad earlier I am calm. I know what I am doing in the stock market and the rest is just noise.

So as long as there is no dedicated trading or investing subliminal I recommend all of you try USLM 4.2, I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

-Arigold said this here

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