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Title: USLM3 Journal
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Day 300

I have not posted anything for like 2 weeks now. I did not feel like posting.

Back of the mind, I am still looking for ways to buy UMS. There are few ways / sources of funds I can use to buy it. But I do not want those sources to buy UMS. I am looking for money to drop from somewhere in my online account and I use that to buy UMS.

Speaking of UMS, I was reading the page and journals of other people and Shannon somewhere mentioned that UMS shows you ways to earn money. It is quite strange that in the current past, I have found numerous ways to earn money. I have not tried those ways. Most of the ways are related to online businesses. In the past I have started a business then hopped to another one and then hopped to another one. At the moment I have so many online ventures that it is not possible to work on all of them. I have not devoted myself to only one and that is the reason I have not succeeded in any one to the point where I can earn some sort of regular income. I am still everyday looking at businesses, courses offers but find it very difficult to focus on one. Its like I am looking for some sort of guarantee that when I press the button the money will flow and then I will put in the hard work and effort later. I know it does not wok that way.

On my business goal on USLM3, it is moving forward very slowly. I have achieved a big milestone yesterday and now can look forward to very active and aggressive marketing for it. Looking back, I can say what I achieved in about 10 months has been done by people in 3-4 months. One reason is that I did not give it consistent time everyday. I did not focus on it very deeply as I should have done. Now the next worry is funding for the marketing stage. Overall I am satisfied that the business is still going regardless of the snail speed. I think USLM3 is responsible for keeping it alive.

For the past month or two, I have been listening to the sub during night mostly the ocean surf version. I have noticed that 99% of the nights when I am listening to the sub, I have dreams. On my off days there are no dreams.
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Day 304

I was just browsing the youtube and came across some law of attraction videos. One looked interesting and so I signed up at the web page to see the details of the course offered. I did not get the course but the instructor shared one meditation visualization to earn money. It is just a guided visualization with no music or any other sound. I know that with sub we should not listen to other programs, but Shannon also mentioned that simple visualization on same goal would be fine and the sub would most likely overcome other things. I listened to it and really enjoyed it and noticed a lot of positive thoughts. I plan to do it for some days to see if it helps me in visualization. I had intended to visualize my money target and things I wan to purchase with the income. I think I was too lazy to do it and then with this guided visualization it was a bit easy to do it.

I listened to the sub as usual but I woke up several times during the night which I think was due to the high volume of the sub. (ocean sounds)

On the business front, I had a discussion with my mentor and realized so many things which I am not doing. I have done some of the things and will be talking to my mentor again tonight and clear the remaining points. I am feeling a bit excited as I feel I might now be seeing some positive results from the business.
E1 182 days: E2 127 days: USLM3 300 days ...

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