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Title: UMS: Lets break the wall of lack!
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Hey All, 

I have been on LTU for 4+ months and I switched to UMS yesterday. 
I loved LTU and I will come back to it probably, but I need to get my finances handled.

It will be easy to see if I have success or not on this sub so that's something I look forward to, as it is not always as obvious with subs like MLS or E3 etc. 

My bank account has 366 euro's on it right now and I do not have a lot of material wealth either.
My goal is to make 2000 euros or more of passive income each month so I can travel with ease.

I do have a minimum wage job right now and not a lot of hours but i do still live with my parents so I get around and am surviving. 
I also have a idea for a business that involves coaching but i am not really taking massive action and think it is fear that if i really start that then i will be overwhelmed and fail or something.

i am skeptical about the amount of loops and already i want to increase it but i will follow the instructions.

money will allow me to do what i love and follow my dream so that's why i switched to UMS and did not stay on LTU for 6 months.

I will probably not really update a lot but i will post when good things happen or i get an influx of money etc.



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