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Title: Turn off DMSI 3
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Is there anyway to turn off DMSI? I have a girlfriend now and I think it's causing issues with some of my close female friends
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What issues..? Details?
(08-13-2018, 07:10 AM)Zane Wrote: What issues..? Details?

A girl who had feelings for me before DMSI (2 years ago). She's married but we are very close friends and I also had some feelings for her, we both told each other about those feelings recently (we didn't know they were mutual)

However for me they were only fleeting feelings, and as she was married I thought she felt the same.

Now I'm with a girlfriend the other girl is still being persistent, and also threatening me that she will tell my girlfriend about the moment we told each other we had feelings for each other.

Problem is she is close friends with me and my girlfriend and it's getting complicated as we are all going on holidays together.

I guess I'm naive that I thought we could just be friends after expressing these feelings.

I really love my girlfriend and don't want anything to jeopardize this.
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Well, If I were in ur place then I would have told my gf.. Its better she gets to know it from u then from her..

When u tell her it's considered honesty.. When she tell its.. Considered Idk...something not good (dk what word to use)..

Still I haven't been in such a situation so.. You gotta wait for others to reply to ur post.. Before u can decide.
She is jealous, you are a nice piece of meat, manipulation tactics, if your GF is smart she will see through it easily.
Just tell your gf she is jealous, I dont think she will tell your gf anyway, thats suicide for her if your gf likes you.

If you want to "turn off DMSI," simply run another non-sexual subliminal. Something like MLS 5.5G. Or perhaps US/LM will make your relationship more successful and, with some luck, you won't even have to deal with your jealous friend.
Telling someone about feelings isn't something blackmailable (apparently not a word, but you know what I mean). Feelings mean nothing without action, and the fact that action wasn't taken works way more in your favor in this case than the simple act of telling another girl about feelings.
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That wouldn't stop the fact that this woman is manipulative and trying to cause you trouble. If you suddenly got rid of all the DMSI programming she would still be trying to cause you issues.
She is wet, she can't help it, end of story, just laugh about it, next time she says that laugh about it, Lol Lol Lol
If you tell that to your gf she will get jealous too and love you more for it, the more girls are attracted to you the more she will see that you have value. This is the worst kind of threat she can do, most stupid in my opinion, she must be desperate to do that.

Pre-emption. Tell your girlfriend what is going on, and then when this girl says something, it will be obvious that she is trying to manipulate things.

RTBoss is right, though, simply play something nonsexual for a while and it will eventually shut down what has not become permanent.

I can't win with you guys. It doesn't work, it works too well.
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I reckon,

If she is the right girl for you, then she will be okay with the situation (another woman having a crush on you).

If she (your girlfriend) can’t handle it, then she is obviously wrong for you (too immature, too jealous, too insecure, etc).

On the other hand, maybe she will be okay with you getting some on the side with this other woman Smile

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