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Title: The Train HOWL'ING Down the Tracks
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K-Train's the name, detailed journals is my game. Current plan is to run HOWL (Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss) for at least 2 months. Goal is getting back down to approximately 185 lbs which is the weight I was at before I started my doctoral degree and got FAT. My stats: 5 ft 7, approx 215 lbs. This coming Monday will mark 3 weeks on HOWL. No BS, let's get it going.

Table of Contents

1. Initial Impressions of 5.9G

2. Habit Changes

3. Physical Effects

4. HOWL effects on Mood

5. Conclusion

Initial Impressions of 5.9G 

5.9G is extremely smooth. Older generations tend to have a bit of a "breaking in" period where you have to get adjusted to the effects and in some cases you might get a "surge" of effects that hint at what the program is capable of doing without resistance. The problem is that often times those effect go away once your subconscious sees progress (if you resist of course). Not with HOWL. Literally just press play and go on about your day. I will say that if I listen to HOWL for an extra few hours over I get hit with a bucket of fatigue later on in the day.

Habit Changes

I'd say within the first few days of exposure my appetite took a dive. One of the biggest reasons for my weight gain is that my appetite became insatiable at times. If my GF cooked I would often need multiple servings and even if I did eat only one serving I would quickly be rummaging through the kitchen for more food. When I began HOWL I started getting full much sooner and would find that I could go longer periods of time with minimal food necessary. In addition, I started sneaking in some exercises at the gym connected to the clinic I go to. Small changes, but beneficial. 

Here's a great example of HOWL's habit changing effect: last night I went into the refrigerator wanting something sweet. I had two choices: a Reese's peanut butter cup or a low-fat dark chocolate infused with plant sterols boasting only .8G of sugar and a fraction of the calories of that Reese's. Normally I would have reach for the Reese's cup but instead I said "nah, gimme that healthy stuff" and went for the healthier option. Added bonus: I felt completely satisfied after eating the low-calorie chocolate and didn't eat anything else for the rest of the night. BOO-YAH!

Physical Changes

To adequately describe the physical changes allow me to lay down a foundation. I have two pair of scrubs that I wear, a large (top and bottom) and an XL (top and bottom) This past week I put my scrubs on (my XL pair) and noticed that they were now looser. This is in contrast to last month where they fit more snug on my body (a horrible reminder of the weight I had gained during my degree program). Overall, I do definitely see some weight loss changes.

Energy wise I definitely have more energy than before and I believe this is a side-effect of the much deeper sleep I've been achieving as well. Most days (today especially) I leap out of bed ready to take on the world and kick @ss. Still noticing some joint pain but I'm able to power through it a bit better. Also, libido last week was WAAAY UP. My GF and I are currently in separate cities due to our internships and there's definitely been days where I had to whack the weasel to shave off the excess energy. What's interesting is that normally after doing that I'd be a bit lethargic but even afterward I'm clear headed and don't have mental fatigue.

HOWL Effects on Mood

No question, this is where HOWL shines the most. To put it blunt: I'm f*cking happy. A LOT. In the past 2 months I honestly felt kinda beta due to all the stress I had. Looking back I was a bit of a pessimistic son of a b*tch. These last few weeks on HOWL made me realize that my testosterone levels most likely plummeted due to all the stress over exams, the overeating, not exercising, etc. Now I feel f*cking GOOD. My response to stress has improved as well. For example, last night my mom called snapping on me because I didn't answer her last two phone calls. For the record, I was doing a video shoot with a coworker and so I had my phone on silent. Rather than snap on her I calmly told her the situation. She was still in mini-freakout mode but rather than get amped I calmly asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She declined and I went on about my day with zero-f*cks. When we talked later she was much more calm and chipper.


So in summary I feel confident, I feel like I can kick @ss, and I'm losing weight. I intended to weigh myself today but my scale is broken. Either way I ain't stressing over it. Good job Shannon. Now I hate to be greedy BUUUUUUUT is there a possibility of a Hormone Optimizer for Muscle Gain (HOMG)? Ya know, so that after I lose this weight I can gain muscle and live out my dream as an exotic dancer in Miami???? J/k. Sort of.   Roflmao

HOMG YES! Good idea!
5.9g looking very promising indeed
You're killing me, Smalls. I had ALL of tose experiences to 7 days of HOWL also... and I miss the hell out of it. Tearing up and getting misty eyed, here. Wink But seriously, I miss it. It made life so much better in so many ways. Blew my mind.

I have plans to do a Hormone Optimizer for Body Builders, Muscle Gain, some such. It will depend on what the models tell me is the best approach. But yes, it's coming. I have some other hormone optimizers I'm going to build as well. Lots of great stuff coming down the lines. And, 5.9G is getting better and better with every build, because every time I build a sub I am working the skeleton script further and further towards 6G. Things are definitely looking up!

You know you've been in college too long when you make posts that have a table of contents. lol
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
(05-22-2022, 01:45 PM)Shannon Wrote: You're killing me, Smalls.  I had ALL of tose experiences to 7 days of HOWL also... and I miss the hell out of it.  Tearing up and getting misty eyed, here.  Wink  But seriously, I miss it.  It made life so much better in so many ways.  Blew my mind.

I have plans to do a Hormone Optimizer for Body Builders, Muscle Gain, some such.  It will depend on what the models tell me is the best approach.  But yes, it's coming.  I have some other hormone optimizers I'm going to build as well.  Lots of great stuff coming down the lines.  And, 5.9G is getting better and better with every build, because every time I build a sub I am working the skeleton script further and further towards 6G.  Things are definitely looking up!

You know you've been in college too long when you make posts that have a table of contents.  lol

The table of contents is definitely a byproduct of too much college Lol , but I do find it helps me stay focused while writing and has the added benefit of allowing people to see my results in an organized way without having to sift through my ADHD fueled ramblings Blush . Plus, I personally prefer to hear about results and less about other stuff when I read other's journals which is why I make sure to label where the "results" are and where the "other stuff" is for my own journals.

Table of Contents for Report 5-30-2022

1. Official Weigh-In/Physical Appearance Changes

2. Effects of Elevated Testosterone

3. HOWL Experiment: Exposure to Multiple People

4. K-Train's Wishlist for Summer 2022

Official Weigh-In/Physical Appearance Changes

Today I weighed in at 204.8 lbs which is approximately 10lbs lower than my starting weight of approx 215 lbs from 5-11-2022 (approx 4 weeks ago). I definitely can see a difference, my belly isn't bloated out like before and overall I feel "lighter". This is a huge change and what's great is that this was all for the most part effortless. I still have some more weight to lose but this is definitely a good start. After today no more weigh-ins for at least another 3-4 weeks because I want to stick to the instructions as far as not focusing too much on weight loss. 

Effects of Elevated Testosterone

I feel like HOWL has essentially been a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) treatment because that raw, aggressiveness that I felt back when I used to play sports in high school, lift weights, etc. was BACK. In a good way though. I'm much more assertive and I speak my mind much more now. Honestly I understand why MMA fighters used to get TRT. When your T-levels get boosted back to an optimal range after being in a suboptimal range for so long it almost feels like getting the clock turned back. Super high sex drive, throwing the finger at idiots who try to tailgate you on the road, shaking off BS thoughts so quickly that you forget about them until someone says something. The good life.  I haven't done any weight lifting on HOWL but I imagine that if I were to actually hit the gym regularly and up my protein intake I'd be able to get absolutely shredded without much problem. HGH is also high up as well but I'll report on that later because this report has been deleted multiple times and I'm honestly just trying to get through as much of it as possible.

HOWL Experiment: Exposure to Multiple People

This weekend I went out of town with a lot of family and exposed several people to HOWL. I'm going to report on my mom and dad specifically since their the ones I exposed the most. Bottom line: they ate much less and got full quicker (as did I). We ate at a BBQ restaurant, got nice hefty servings on our plates but we were only able to eat about half of it. The other half we packed up for later but threw away because we forgot to refrigerate it. This pattern of eating was consistent for all of Memorial Day weekend. Several others in our family had similar results where they ate only a fraction of what they would normally eat during a "snack attack" or when eating out at a restaurant. For me personally, going out of town usually means packing on the pounds but I ate much more controlled and didn't "pig out" like I normally would.


K-Train's Wishlist for Summer 2022

Ok so here's the subliminals I'd like to see get the nod between now and Oct.1 as well as my rationale.

1. HOMG (Hormone Optimizer for  Muscle Gain)

- I've spoken about why already, no further explanation needed. NEXT!

2. Ultra-Success/Luck Magnifier 

- USLM is of course one of my all time favorite subs and also popular sub around the forums. It hasn't been remade in quite some time, and with all the bad crap happening to people due to political/social/whatever crap that's going on in this world, I feel a little bit of good luck wouldn't hurt nobody. With 5.9G the synchronicities would be amazing!

3. Attract Positive Energy (APE)

- The boost in my mood from HOWL has made me appreciate just how beneficial positive energy is and also how it affects others. We have AOL currently so I'm not sure if Shannon would think it redundant to make a subliminal that boosts moods but my thought is that APE would allow the person to become a super saiyan of positive energy that walked around boosting the moods of all those around them (themselves included). 

4. Male Enlargement/Enhancement

- Big D!ck energy. 'Nuff said.


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