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Title: Started AM again.
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I started 2 days ago.


i started feeling anxiety really big and depression.
I am feeling very irritade, angry etc. In general i am like that but now its like 20x moer. Today i was screaming at a guy so much that everybody was calming me down to stop. Guy was like a child confused and didnt understand what was happening ( he did make a big mistake and i had to suffer becaues of it - and in general i would probably break his head ) but now ...

I was like a steam machine on him. When i finished - i started feeling pain in chest. Went to my apartment which is near and just fell in bed. SLept for 2 hours - now i am super tired. I feel like my past is hunting me ... like something is so wrong.

But when it comes to girls - i havent been chasing girls for some months. Now - i thin i called every girl in my phone book, and i must say i dont know why - but felt good Smile

its really rough - especially depression
Day 4

Anxiety, rumbling thoughts, tired , depression - one word chaos in the head.
I am full of some "fears" ... anger.

Everything annoys me, just feel so bad - past is hunting me. I have senteces in my head "Release the boy and become a man"
Than all bad things that happend with my previouse girlfriends ( some crazy shit ) are going trough my head .

Yesterday i had a dream of falling, and i was seeing all ex girlfriends laughing while i was falling.

Does it have to be this intense ? :/
also i am having chest pain ... anyone?
Anxiety causes chest pain look it up on googlexzzzznsjsn

this subliminal is killing me
(03-27-2015, 06:07 AM)somebodynew Wrote: also i am having chest pain ... anyone?

I get it too. I get it all over my chest and sometimes back. It's anxiety, you need to overcome it.
"2% of people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think." -Dr. Kenneth McFarland.

Where do you sit ?
its spinning in my head - past/present / bad / good

like a volcano
How much time do you listen each day? Maybe you overuse it?
8h while i sleep
(03-27-2015, 08:01 AM)somebodynew Wrote: 8h while i sleep

Which subs have you done previously?
none, why should i? AM brings all together
I think Shannon should advise people new to subs to do something like ASC and/or EPRHA first. AM is quite a sub and as a first sub to use it can be a bit traumatic. I had a rough time with it especially stage 3, depression, mood swings and I was also getting heavy sensations in my chest and stomach but it passed off.
well than i will stick to it and see
(03-27-2015, 09:29 AM)somebodynew Wrote: well than i will stick to it and see

Yeah at this point you have to, simply because you have to finish it (says so in the directions).

But I'd say you've learned your first lesson which is to look before you leap. Wink

When I first got here, I asked around and came to the conclusion that I do OGSF first. I'm glad I did, that sub was great for me.

Either way, if you keep your eye on your goal while still factoring in what you NEED to deal with, you'll be fine.

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