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Title: Raykon - The Sexual loving Beast DMSI 3.32 Journal
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(04-25-2020, 04:13 PM)Raykon Wrote: Things are going great with my GF now, I managed to completely repair the damage I had done, but I had been met with a TON of shit tests that ive had to beat ever since I ***** up. She's been testing me allot but ive been passing them because I'm self aware and have lots of PUA knowledge, She is finally saying I love you too me again and I had sex with her RAW finally, I had to show her my test results to show her that im clean and free of stds.

Her love for me is strong again and she put her guard back down. Her guard was up after I ***** up by getting angry and it took a while for things to go back to normal. But things are good now & I'm thankful.

A word of unsolicited advice, if I may. Seeing where this thread is going. Big Grin

I've always been of the belief that pretty much "there ain't no such thing as a 'shit-test'" (I mean, there is, but it's not what it seems like, but I'll get to it) mostly because the PUA stuff has all those "oh, that's a shit-test, respond this way, oh, that's a different shit-test, respond thattaway", etc. (which, incidentally, often results in what Shannon has mentioned in that very attractive females are oftentimes bonkers because of this. I usually say "***** sonnies", but that's my lingo Big Grin)

If anyone is acting towards you in a way that's deliberately intended to humiliate (especially in public) or get a negative emotional response from you (so pretty much - is *provoking you on purpose*, and later on would use that to guilt/shame you into obedience should you respond as any - and I can't stress this enough - *as any sane person would and as should be acceptable in any sane society, lol*) then that ain't a shit-test, that's a psy-op. You see this going on, walk. If the female in question escalates the "shit-testing" in response, run. Big Grin

Actual "shit-tests" are a form of testing whether you're not running a "psy-op" of your own. And they're not intentionally humiliating - like, ever.
"A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him." - A. Crowley
(05-04-2020, 06:40 PM)Shannon Wrote: Few things I have consistently observed with women:

  1. The more attractive she is, the more crazy she is; this is a natural result of how guys treat such women as prize objects and sex conquests.  Crazy means potentially dangerous and unpredictable.  It is why I no longer go after 9's or 10's, and I am extremely cautious with those who come after me.  Some women are a form of crazy you can handle.  Most 9+ females are not.
  2. The more attractive a woman is, the more likely she is to have other guys trying to have sex and a relationship with her.  As such, she will tend to be playing the guys who are most easily impressed by her, simply because she can.  This is not true of all women of exceptional physical beauty, but it is common enough to account for the majority in my experience.
  3. The biggest red flag a woman can give me that she is not worth the trouble is if she tries to get to sex or love too fast.  That always, Always, ALWAYS means one or more of the following:
  • She is trying to test and/or manipulate you.  (The pass response is not to allow her to get to sex or relationship so fast, or in some cases, at all.  If a woman offers me sex on the day I meet her, or on our first date, that is an automatic refusal on my part and a red flag goes up.)
  • She is playing the field.  Every single time I had a woman go to sex or relationship with me too quickly, she was a cheater.  Every. Single. Time.  It means they don't understand the value of those things, and they don't understand it because they're not emotionally invested or involved.  Meaning they don't care about you, they're just having fun and/or using you.  It also often means they have no self respect or self esteem.  
  • She is crazy.  (See above.)
Also, in my experience, strippers are not worth even trying to date.  I have dated one, and am friends with another; there are good ones out there for a relationship, but they are exceedingly few and far between.  Even the good ones will quickly be severely emotionally damaged by that line of work, and the longer they do it, the worse it gets.  If they are not emotionally damaged by it - even bigger red flag to stay away.  At best, that means they are lying, unaware of the damage and/or already incapable of connecting to their emotional centers and do not have a normal perception of the world.  At worst, it means they've been completely destroyed emotionally before becoming a stripper, which can lead to some pretty awful things.

I suggest perhaps taking note of my experiences and conclusions when it comes to women in the future, since you seem to be following in the footsteps of a few of the older guys here... could save you some pain and suffering.

Thank you Shannon, I really appreciate this, more then you realize. She definitely did exactly what you're saying, she said I love you to me the first night, and had sex with me the first night. everything you've said makes allot of sense.

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