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Title: Overcoming Fear (Multiple Versions)
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Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:This might be the only post I am making, or this might be the first of many. I am not going to write much, or as often. But I do have some thoughts to share. First of all, this subliminal is incredible. 

I can't help myself but compare it to the previous version, which was a masterpiece in its own right. It felt like an oasis, a safe and impenetrable bubble. OFv2 approaches the same result, but differently. Instead of wearing a protective shield, it's the part of my skin now. It's a greater sense of being. It's the pure realization of the phrase, "being comfortable in your own skin". I've had some criticism the past few days, from the people who always do nothing but criticize, but I've handled it to perfection. And I've surprised myself with how well I have handled it. My ability to see through things rationally has sky-rocketed. 

The first couple of days were weird, in the sense that my mind couldn't process the instructions fast enough. I still feel like it's chewing on the new input. As a result, I am sleeping an extra couple of hours but that's no big deal.

People struggle, and I don't mean to undermine anybody's struggle since everybody is in a different place in her/his life, but as I progress through the overcoming fear journey, it all seems so pointless. There are practical problems to deal with in everybody's life, including my own, but they can be dealt with without the participation of fear. Easier said than done, I know. With the previous version, I was flirting with the idea of believing that it is possible to be fearless. Now I am aligning with the reality that being fearless is. It wouldn't be wrong to say that I am on the top of my personal mountain, and it's a bit lonely here, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I don't know what's the next mountain to climb is, but I am enjoying the view while I am here. 

Even imagining "fearful" scenarios has lost the weight behind them. For instance, being in a crazy road-accident, or dancing in public, or being accidentally naked in front of strangers. For that matter, "practical fears" such as failure. In that light, I do feel detached/indifferent, but at the same time, I am connected to the world around me. It's a sweet, sweet balance. 

I had a porn stash saved up on my hard disk, which I didn't watch, but I deleted that right away, the very first loop. I held onto that as security. Actually, I haven't watched porn or masturbated at all since I pressed play on OFv2. I believe this energy can be utilized elsewhere. I am eating healthier, and weight is one issue where I go up and down, but I do feel in charge of it at the moment. Hopefully, this is setting a new trend.

In a nutshell, I am in far greater control of my life. There's nothing more to ask for. Being fearless doesn't mean that I am going to wake up tomorrow, living a perfect life. A life, which speaks true to you, is cultivated through constant time and effort.

-Breeze said this here
Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:About a week away from being the two month mark of being on OFv2. Some things that I've noticed are porn use has been cut drastically, and is now maybe once a week? Even when I do look at it I don't feel good about it. This tells me a little more time will be needed on OF to get completely over using it, but I'm almost there I can feel it.

Also, I mentioned in my one month update that the need for eating a lot has decreased significantly. This has become even more apparent as I continue to use OF. In the last two months I'm down 13 pounds and can be completely satisfied with one meal a day or one normal sized meal and then something small later on in the evening. Exercise habits are great, and I'm on my way to getting in the best shape I've been in my life and I'm finally starting to feel a lot better physically.

One fear I can tell I still have is financial success and financial independence. In that past I can say I've had a bit of a gambling problem, which cost me a lot of money. This includes a lot of trips to the casino and losing lots of money there as well. Over the last 5-6 weeks the desire to go and gamble isn't really even there, and my thinking is moving towards what I can do to get out of debt and finally be free from debts I've held on to for way too long. More time on OF will certainly be needed to finally be over this.

-Bayern said this here
Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:Day 30

OFv2 is unveiling aspects of myself that I had either forgotten about, covered up, or thought I had outgrown. A large part of it is related to intimacy and sex. In fact, I'm having regular dreams on those two issues. As far as I can remember, they're all positive. Last night was no different. The biggest effect I'm seeing on that front is that OFv2 is bringing me face to face with myself. There's no burying my head in the sand anymore. There's no turning away from it. There's no sugar coating anything. The truth is bare, uncovered, in all of its glory (or lack thereof). It isn't scary. It just is.

There's still a long way to go, but I'm very pleased with OFv2 so far.

-NOMAD said this here
Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:I partied all night with some new friends I made and the next day (today) at 2pm I ended up getting laid unexpectedly. It was very random what happened and I don’t want to go into the details because it’s too personal but let’s just say I had one of craziest experiences of my life.  Overcome fear is fucking insane!!!!!!!!!

-Raykon said this here
Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:Keeps getting better

Had to fire a guy at work (non-paid position) --- Did it without much hesitation and got major props from my boss. This will change my job and increase my responsibility but I feel ready for it.

Edit: I should add this is someone I've worked with for 5-6 years. He's always bugged me, and made my job miserable. Somehow in the last week it became intolerable to me and I simply executed, realizing I had the power to do so in my position. Now my boss knows I have balls.

Women are looking at me on the street and everywhere, and I always end up in little conversations in enclosed spaces (deli, coffee shop, etc.). My walk has changed, I don't hesitate when crossing the street, approaching homeless people / tough dudes.

I had a date the other day that went really well, GF material.. Hopefully will see her again in a few days. Another date tomorrow with a different girl.. and I don't seem to hesitate about meeting up from the dating apps. More dates on the way unless I end up with a GF.

-Djl4 said this here
Overcoming Fear V2.

Quote:Im very happy with the result after tuning my volume to 4/15. It mean's im executed what OF does. Im more fearless in the public, my happiness through the roof, freedom from negative thought, More relaxed more attractive when around woman. I love learning again after 10years ago I hate learning anything (That's why im broke right now because i didnt learn anything when i was young LOL, don't do that kid). I gain my mental clarity comeback, more logical than before (Im a empath person, that's why im always make dumb decision). My anger towards women is getting less and less (I have bad bad experience with my last ex) and much more i can't say because is to subtle that sometimes I don't realize.

-MagicalAlchemist said this here

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