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Title: LTU6 - Bayern
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So yesterday I decided to move on from OF and start my LTU6 journey.  While I absolutely loved OF and what it did for me, I felt like LTU has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now, and because of that my OF results were being derailed a little bit.  Again I really liked OF and may go back to it after LTU.  Also, LTU will be focusing on areas that will greatly improve my life now and in the next six months I'm sure.  I'm thinking I may run stages 1-6 two times through before I even think about moving on to stage 7, but that'll be a decision for later on in the program when I see where I'm at with progression.  I read the description that Shannon had put up last night, but only really skimmed through it since I'd rather not know too much about the program so I can more accurately assess my progression and not think too hard about each individual module in the program.

Last night was my first night of listening to LTU.  One thing I felt instantly this morning was I'm a lot more angry about my current situation than I was on OF so I've been in a pretty bad mood since this morning.  After I ate lunch though I've been feeling much better.  I can already feel the negativity being worked on since all morning I had extreme negative thinking that I feel like was being projected onto other people, but has since went away and I realize that I was projecting that negativity.  

Looking forward to the next 6+ months.
Cycle 1 - Days 1-3:

So far for the first three days I've also been noticing the detox module working extremely well.  Like Shannon mentioned in his journal, the first two days in the mornings I was in the bathroom more than normal.  But what stood out to me the most so far is the mental detox.  Towards the end of OF, I noticed my head and thinking were very heavy and not very clear.  The first three days on LTU my thinking hasn't been this clear in a long time.  I'm thinking clearer and processing things faster.  As far as food is concerned, I'm already eating better and not drinking as much and not drinking soda at all now.  I had a bad habit leading up to starting LTU of drinking a decent amount of soda each week.  I would go through phases where I wouldn't drink any but then the next week I would binge drink a ton of soda.  On LTU that desire to put soda in my body is no longer there.  Because of this and eating better this week my body is looking and feeling better already, and have already lost 4 pounds since starting.  Hopefully that keeps up.

Other things I've noticed so far is that I am starting to be more outgoing and "enjoying" being out in public more.  I put that in quotes cause I'm a little reserved and keep to myself and usually just do my thing, but so far on LTU I don't mind being out in public and being around other people.  

Good start so far.

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