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Title: LTU5 - Griffin
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Hi all, 

I have been on LTU5 from when it first came out. so we are coming up on 3 months soon (don't know the actual days).
So far it has been a very good experience and especially in motivational terms, it works better then UMOP which I also used in the past.
so why am I posting now after almost 3 months of usage? well I feel like I hit a plateau or hurdle I need to get over.
I am busy with a project to get a youtube channel off the ground and with UMS, USLM etc I think it might be a hit.
but to get everything going is hard for me, motivational wise, where do I start etc. 
I think it is a fear of success, accepting I can earn money even. I never held a steady job, because of the market but also because of my lack of will to work for a boss or something that I don't believe in.

now I think LTU has done a lot for me already and I am seeing synchronicities daily especially numbers, and under that especially 111(1) I see it probably 5 - 6 times a day.
I also have this feeling that it will be alright and I will succeed, just there is like this invisible barrier of motivation or structure or something(I have Attention deficit disorder) 

well I will try to post some more over the days and weeks, as I plan to run this sub at least 6 months and then go to UMS(depending on success of others)
Also this thread is probably all over the place so don't hesitate to ask stuff if you want to know!


Life is flowing and I notice its easy to get out of bed when I have an alarm clock where I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

I procrastinated on working on my project again and feel bad about it again as always.
I am working on it tho every day, just not making a lot of effort and I could be doing so much more.

i notice i trained consistently and worked on the project consistently last week but somehow since Friday my motivation has dropped

should be getting some nootropics tomorrow or the day after and that might help with my ADD, focus, and motivation.

overall I did enjoy today and still love life.
So I did some calculating and I think I am on day 80 now.
Today was semi-good day, felt good but procrastinated again.
I think I am working through something, as I had way more motivation 2 weeks ago.


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