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Title: E3 Josh journal
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Hi, so after reading some of shannons responses to my questions and regarding fear being more than just approaching women but could be deeper, i looked into e3 and ltu5 more, e3 has positive attitude and positive thinking and i think with clearing fears my confidence will improve which will lead to better results on dmsi in 3 months time and by that time maybe a newer version might be out with the full magnus engine included and see if it is powerful enough to achieve its goals for me.

I have just recently started to notice a bit more attention at times but thats from a couple ladies that see me 2-4 times a week at the pub near me, but a free hot chocolate just this week is not normally something i get or ever offered which was a new experience and it wasnt at the counter she came out to me at my table and offered to make me one.

But also plenty others that im invisible to but its worth mentioning that happened.

I have just downloaded the flac files for e3.

My start date is 30th March 2019 and will listen for the 3 hours and 45 minutes each night from 9pm till 12 45.

I am hoping with how much more powerful the subliminals are with a completed magnus engine that i will see changes quickly in a positive attitude and thinking way, and starting to become more confident around women instead of overthinking everything before and during conversations and be able to be clear and relaxed.

If i see results quickly it will make me more of a believer in subliminals and will hopefully continue to work when back on dmsi.

So will see how things go starting tomorow, that means im not taking a full week off but can be seen as an experiment if there was turbulance then we know dmsi was doing something. Just 2 days off subliminals before starting.
Currently listening to 2nd nights loops of E3.

During the first loop which i started just after 8pm, for some reason around 15-20 minutes in i was having trouble keeping eyes open was drifting off at times, by the 2nd loop im more awake.

Didnt notice much today after last nights loops but i was annoyed by 2 people in the gym i was using one area with kettlebells and at one part i do farmers walks with it not far just 30m and back, but this guy who does calistenic work decided to just move into my space and not care that i was there doing my workout so i had to move a little more along to keep doing my stuff, i was a bit annoyed angry felt like punching him but just let it slide. On the way out was talking to a staff member and some other person just interupted me and started talking and i had to wait till finished speaking or i could of just left but thought that was rude too.

See how things are tomorow after tonights loops.
I am really interested in this sub.
Hi Zane, i think it will be a good sub for most to listen to, as shannon mentioned it has full self esteem, positive thinking and attitude and universal detox and other things.

If i can feel confident in myself in all situations like socially and not worried about the reactions i get from someone it will go along way to doing what i feel like and feeling comfortable doing it instead of 2nd guessing myself which when comes to women i dont act on any situation even when clear signals are given because dont believe they are sending those signals to me.

Today i re activated tinder put same photos as i had last week and within 1 hour got a match and 3plus likes, that seems like nothing but i used to go 12 months without even having the 3+ likes appear or a single match. That match hasnt responded to my message but the message was just casual and simple and i dont care one way or the other if the woman responds where previously i would probably be hoping likes what i wrote and would respond.

Will see after 7 days how my confidence is in physical situations around women, so far i havent gone up and spoken to any but i may try that at some point in the next few days and see how it goes.
So at the gym today i felt calm and relaxed, saw a few women looking at me but they dont approach but did have a few glances my way.

It didnt bother me one way or other though so i wasnt too worried about them or trying to talk to them.

Im not at the stage of confidence to go over and start talking to them yet but its only been 4 days of listening so far tonight will be day 5.

Did have a chat with a guy at the gym who just started working there and that was easy to do so thats a good start.
Been listening to e3 every night for the 3 loops 2 nights have been through speakers rest of the time hybrid with headphones.

Not really noticing much yet, maybe slightly more relaxed in public but thats all so far.

Hopefully it picks up soon after 17 days. Would really like that boost of self esteem i was hoping for.
So i have been listening every night for 24 nights so far, hybrid trickling stream most nights headphones and some just through speakers through my computer.

I feel relaxed and calm most of the time, feel comfortable in situations i already was comfortable in to start with and talking to people i already have been talking to plenty before hand.

New people i dont approach and go up to any to speak to, i dont seem to have that self esteem or confidence kick in yet, wish it would soon considering how powerful this product is. But i guess 90 days is what its going to take.

I get some being nice by message at times when invite them somewhere but in the end they just say yes will let you know then u see them out, and as i said hi to this one person ive known several years now who actually said would let me know about coming around for drinks and acting all nice, friends said never seen a woman be so cold when say hi. Not that i cared i was out for a good time and i did but that wasnt a positive reaction.

I can at times feel a bit more relaxed and calm but only in comfortable surroundings i know and feel comfortable in.

A more positive attitude would be good, its there at times slightly so far.

Universal detox not noticing anything there that i can see so far.

No dreams yet, so i dont know what changes are happening.

Will see how the next 36 days go for being 2 months in.
Completed 28 days of listening so far of e3, i may feel slightly more relaxed and confident in already comfortable situations, new situations no difference. Confidence with women self esteem wise no different after 28 days. Had a chance last night a lady was going out for first time in a while could of asked to join her since would of liked to gone out but not much fun on your own but chose not to, if my self esteem and confidence in myself was higher then i would of asked to just join her outright but didnt.

So if self esteem is doing anything its impossible to see so far.

Positive attitude maybe at times briefly, but i really want to put some fake friends in their place with the games they play, but i shouldnt expect better from 20-22 year olds to do the right thing most nowadays got no idea what that is.

Detox dont know if anything is happening there all week been eating junk food.

i guess i got another 62 days of listening to go to see if something starts to happen, but this program is meant to be making us move forward at a bare minimum amount and so far im just not seeing any forward move towards improving yet.

Will see how the next month goes.
My hopes and aims with E3 are for more self esteem and confidence as confidence is where im lacking in many areas especially when comes to socialising with strangers and in particular women.

Being more positive is also another main goal of mine with e3, as im normally a negative thinking person instead of positive thinking, which clearly is backwards thinking and wont let me move forward.

Other parts i hope would improve with e3 is better eye contact and more looking forward holding head up instead of looking at the ground, maybe smiling a bit more but not fake smiling so not those big smiles but just genuine type ones as i dont smile too much as i am in my head a lot so im always thinking of things that have happened or what could happen. Which is another thing i need to work on be more in the moment instead of thinking of the past or reactions that may or may not happen.

My voice with hearing aids is a lot lower then it should be unfortunately it sounds loud to me but isnt very loud so a lot of times as i walk away from someone im worried did they hear me or did they think i was being rude and ignoring them when i did respond but may not of spoken very loud or clearly. Hopefully e3 can improve on that as dmsi in the past some have mentioned their voice changed when on it.

With some luck my self esteem especially in social situations will improve a lot more, as that is the sole reason for purchasing this product.

Its been 31 days on hybrid so far, and i may feel more relaxed and calm in comfortable surroundings but not so much in new situations or around a lot of people, hopefully that improves a lot more in the next 30 days.

The above are my goals for this program and hopefully it will improve by the 90 days.
I had very low self esteem when I was a teenager. I moved to a rich neighborhood where I realized how poorly I used to carry myself compared to the rich kids my age who walked around like they owned the place. I had never had that kind of confidence, but I did work hard to at least improve my posture and keep my chin up. That is something that you can do, just remind yourself to keep your chin up. Do it around your house and it will be easier to do when out in public. The subs do help you to improve your body language. While SO and I haven't noticed it in ourselves, we do notice it in each other that we are carrying ourselves much better, and people respond differently to us because of it. It's great that you have the right perspective to realize that your negative thinking needs to change in order for you to move forward. You have the right attitude, man, it's only a matter of time before things turn around.
Hi Infinite, thanks for the response, sorry for not replying sooner.

Yes my posture has improved and maybe its from the subliminals but i noticed since starting at my new gym 20 months ago, i was not as confident because it was full of bodybuilders and fitness competitors but as i improved in training my posture has improved a lot. So it can be some from subs but i think mostly from my training and improvement in my body that has helped to have more confidence.

Im now 45 days in on e3, the best thing i can say is i maybe more calm in some areas, unfortunately the areas i want it to work in has not seen any noticable changes.

So my body language, my confidence, my self esteem around women or strangers is still where i was years ago which was the single reason i got e3 for in the first place, another 45 days to go to hope for some changes.

People can see this as me always complaining but can only report what the subs are doing and unfortunately listening to hybrid trickling for 3 hours and 45 minutes every night through speakers or headphones just not seeing much improvement in the area i need.

An example of this is we had friends over for drinks monday night now the person over we have known a long time now so i feel comfortable with her, her son and gf also joined hes very relaxed outgoing social type person and tried to get me to loosen up, but as much as i thought i was relaxed they all said how i need to loosen up and relax as im as stiff as a board.

E3 goals are to be more positive, more self esteem and confidence in myself which should lead to better posture and body language and maybe even a deeper voice as self esteem is what is lacking for me not to speak up louder and clearer when speaking.

Lets hope in next 45 days things start to change, just frustrating that this product is designed to push us atleast at a ceretain level forward each day yet i feel like im the same as i was before listening. Hope to see improvements soon.
Have you only used Hybrid format? By now you have to know that people who have a resistant personality usually don't do well with that format. They usually do much better with masked or sometimes ultrasonic.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Hi Shannon, thanks, on dmsi i did try masked versions but havent tried it on e3 because of all the updates and improvements over previous subs you have been making so i thought to stay with hybrid being the most powerful but i can try masked for the next 45 days and see how i go.

How about you stop thinking in terms of "more power is always better!" and "there are only two options!"?

Why don't you try masked and ultrasonic during that time? Divide it up into 22 and 23 days. I suggest you go to ultrasonic next, so that masked is the last thing you try.

The way you handle this tells me that you're afraid of success, which is apparent, given the resistance you seem to always have. But the way you think suggests self sabotage also.

Hybrid usually isn't the best option for personality types that are strong willed and resist what they perceive as "being told what to do". The world isn't as simple as "stronger is always better!"
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!

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