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Title: Determined's LTU 5.5G Journal
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For my own record keeping, I began LTU 5.0 on the 10/03/19

So I've currently run 2 cycles (4 days on 2 days off) and am now on day 2 of my 3rd cycle.

Despite wanting to switch to DMSI (lol) I'll be finishing the 3 months of this sub.

Wishing everyone here good luck and good fortune in their endeavors!
I feel DMSI might be enhanced after a run of LTU 5, more of a reason to see it through.

How Can I make my journal private?
Pen and paper
(03-23-2019, 09:23 AM)Cyanide Wrote: Pen and paper

Lol for real, how can I make my journal like Shannon's - so only I can post
Unfortuantely it's not an option at the moment. But the good thing is the people who were coming and giving advice in journals on things they knew nothing about are gone.
LTU 5.0 is working really well for me.

Initially I was a little apprehensive given the price (I paid $800) but in retrospect it was very worth it.

This sub does exactly as advertised, it improves all areas of one's life.

It feels alot like Alpha Male only with slight lean towards success instead of Alpha Status.

Thank you Shannon and thank you to your team for helping producing this.
How did you manage to pay $800?
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
(04-19-2019, 08:43 AM)Shannon Wrote: How did you manage to pay $800?

I got it before the price raise lol
(04-19-2019, 08:43 AM)Shannon Wrote: How did you manage to pay $800?

I think he means around $800 Canadian dollars
(04-19-2019, 07:03 PM)Superman Wrote:
(04-19-2019, 08:43 AM)Shannon Wrote: How did you manage to pay $800?

I think he means around $800 Canadian dollars

Either that or he means $600.  Smile
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Been a while.

I've grown alot and changed alot since I was a forum regular here one year ago. I have recently hit a low point which isn't really that low but does feel like it.

I'm experiencing great success in my profession, the best it's ever been and it's only going to get better. I put alot of time and effort into cultivating myself, my skills and habits. The only downside is that I've let my relationships atrophy. It's a fine line between pursuing success and sharing it with those around us.

I guess what's really getting me down is not having a significant other in my life. Might be that "improve relationship" module in LTU but I'm really feeling it. I've been really picky with women, putting a wall up when they approach. It's kept me aloof and somewhat enigmatic. This would work dazzlingly well for me in the past when I was really handsome and cool. Now that I'm older it's a different vibe.

The other realisation I had today was becoming aware of how important it is to live for the now. I've been spending too much time in my mind and focusing on where I'm going instead of enjoying what I have. It's not much compared to what I want  (is it ever?)

Change is the only constant in life. We only pass this way once. In the past I would think "living" meant going off the rails but it's not. That was a foolish delusion. True living is understanding that we're here having a human experience and allowing ourselves to experience the multitude of what's on offer. That means being who we want to be.

I'll take some extra paper and a pen with me tomorrow when I go to study in the library. I'll have a good long think about what it is I want to create and what I want to create myself into. So far being a dedicated professional is responsible albeit quite boring. My creation needs more zest!
In light of recent events, I'm going to post a short summary of all the subliminals I've used and the impact they've had, just as a show of solidarity with Shannon and for the work he produces. So if you're interested in reading a recount of some of the subs IML has on offer, read on

So my first sub was Alpha Male 6 in 2016. It all started when I randomly typed "alpha male" into a torrent search engine just to see what would turn up. As a self development junkie (having used hypnosis and NLP to good effect previously) AM6 was the next level up in my self development game.

Results: I ran stages 1-6. During stage 2 a whole lot of anger started coming up and I eventually ended up breaking up with my gf at the time. In retrospect, what AM6 did for me was awaken me to how shoddy my interpersonal boundaries had been and to how much anger I had stored up inside of me as a consequence. It should be noted here that within the field of emotional intelligence, anger is the emotion that is sent by the body when a personal boundary has been violated. The body usually only sends a small drop, just enough to resolve whatever the present issue is. Because I'd allowed my boundaries to be stepped on and disrespected for so long AND disallowed the expression of my own anger, an enormous amount had accrued. In 2017 whilst I was running the AM6 refresher, there was a trigger in my life from someone close to me where I was vacillating between "letting it slide" as I would have in the past (being "the better man" and all that crap) or expressing how I truly felt and reestablishing respect for the violated boundary. In the end it was too much to contain inside (which I give my thanks to AM6 for helping me finally express) and it all erupted.

Since then, I've been on a subconscious journey to remove all the unexpressed anger, reaffirm personal boundaries and removing alot of "trauma" energy which shows up as personal baggage. The reason why I said "subconscious journey" is because I've made great strides in accomplishing this in a mostly automatic way. So It is with deep gratitude that I thank AM6 for starting me upon this journey of personal excavation 3 years ago which still continues today.

Next sub was Maximum Learning Speed 3.0: My god, what a sub. I've documented my results with this pretty well in my journals and summarised them nicely, so if you'd like to review them, you're welcome to do so. In short, this sub made many incremental changes for me over time which ended up snowballing into powerful results. I used this whilst I was studying for the medical school entrance exam and the changes I made during that subliminal run have permanently upgraded my intelligence. This includes my ability to reason and my ability to write essays - both of which scored me a job as a tutor with the #1 medical school entrance exam tutoring agency. It should be noted that I didn't achieve this "magically" from the subliminal. I put the hard yards in and did the work. The subliminal helped nudge me in the right direction but I still took massive amounts of action required to achieve the successes I did.

DMSI: my god where do I begin with this sub. To date, this sub has had the biggest explicit impact I've ever seen or felt of any sub by a long margin. I have a journal documenting this too so do have a read if you want details but in short - this sub helped me transform into the most incredibly charming and sexy version of myself. I had a super abundance of women and some of the best sex and relationships I've ever had.

Ultra success: I used US in between my two runs of DMSI and interestingly it really shifted me (courtesy of the magnus engine) into a goal oriented, maximising my time and getting the most productively done type of person. The women just fell away as I became hell bent on pursuing my goals. This of course all reversed when I ran DMSI again but I ended up accomplishing what was crucial and necessary at the time.

DMSI round 2: Same as before but with MUCH more sex. And the funny thing about having sex is that women can sense this and they get attracted by it. I legitimately turned down many sex opportunities because of my own code of ethics and I had some seriously hot women throwing themselves at me. The thing I like about DMSI is that it makes it SOOOO natural. Like magically finding myself in situations which lead to sex or the natural seduction scripting (which is a pure god send by Shannon). Suffice to say, for the career focused man, this sub can be very distracting. In Shannon's own words, DMSI has the user constantly think about having sex and I found this to be very distracting from actually building a career.

LTU 5.0: Currently using this. I haven't been posting (I rarely ever do when I'm using a sub) but I'm on fire right now in my life. I decided against using DMSI (having finished the minimum 3 months of LTU) as I wanted to continue my positive career momentum.

I'll most likely be continuing this course up until AM7 drops (which I honestly can't wait!) because AM is just so damn empowering.

That's my subliminal summary, Determined signing off.

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