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Title: Around the World with Subs (AM6 + AoSI V1)
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I am Koenma. And this is my journal.

Background Physique

- introvert
- average looking
- 29 y/o

Background Character

- I have always liked myself, rarely get depressed about things or people or myself

Background on Dreams

- I have always been a dream chaser, always living a life with purpose, waking up everyday working to fulfill my dreams

Background on Money

- Grew up in mid class family, worked to earn my money, still not rich but I am in my most financially abundant in my life right now

Background on Women

- Grew up with no game luckily the girls that I liked also liked me, in college I want to attract more chicks so I studied PU, 80% of female action (including my 1st lay) that I got bcoz of PU but PU also ***** up my worldview so just like most guys who outgrew the game and had an epiphany about life and women, I left the PU community.

Even if I like myself, I know I need to improve in a lot of areas in my life, that is why this led me to subs. Here are the specific goals that hopefully subs can help me.

Goal on Dreams

- Develop the traits of the man that I want to be:
1. deep & commanding voice
2. dominant body language
3. remove "hehe" laugh when I talk
4. eloquent speaking
5. presence
6. hold conversation
7. assertiveness
8. persuasion
9. positive influence to others
10. lead others to believe in my/our vision so we can achieve our life's purpose and make the world a better place

Goals on Dreams

- I'm good on this one, I'm on the right direction. Just continue to keep my focus and enjoy the journey.

Goals on Money

- Grew up in mid class family, worked to earn my money, still not filthy rich but I am in my most financially abundant self in my life right now. Just need to continue on the right direction.

Goals on Women

- Take away fear of not escalating physically and verbally (after 10yrs in PU, IMHO to get laid all you really need is escalate)

Weapons of Choice

AM6 - To help me develop my AM skills
AoSI V1 - For attaction purposes, still using V1 so I can have Option B

Current situation

I'm fulfilling and living my dream. I just left my home country a week ago to fulfill my Around-the-World dream. I will be travelling for more or less a year around the world.

Aside from the adventure of seeing and experiencing the world. The other purpose of this trip is to meet people around the world that will contribute to my 3rd book.

And lastly, to develop my character. The last long-term backpacking journey that I had gave me self-confidence like never before. Now, I'm excited to embark on another journey that will shape my character. It's like knowing that it is inevitable that you will come out a far more better person at the end of the journey.

My mindset on subs

- I view subs playing an integral role in my life. I believe I can achieve my goals without subs but by using subs, it can shorten the learning curve (by years) and hasten the process to achieving my goals.

- I have PU, pheromones, and subs as my tools. When things fail or succeed I always view it as a team effort by all of those tools. I don't credit or blame a particular tool.

- I don't heavily rely on these tools. (ex. "Subs don't work bcoz i didn't get the girl.", "I will only go out when i have pheromones.", "If only i read the PU technique I would have gotten the girl.")

Living a life of purpose, traveling, and PU have drastically changed my life. and now I'm on another great journey. I know that traveling can really change your life and I'm excited about it. I'm excited (with the help of Am6 and AOsi) to see the kind of man i will become.

PS. Will try my best to update this journal everytime when I'm not busy.
Even AOSI v1 may throw off your AM6 results.

I'm interested to hear about your v1 experiences though, so feel free to continue.
I'm officially a graduate of AM6!

Wow, six months just blew by. I will provide the summary of the six stages of AM6 for me. But before that here are some important notes.


1. I used AM6 and AOSI v.1. At first I intended to listen to AM6 for 6mos. and use AOSI on the right situations and under the rules (3 loops at most and only once a week). What happened was I did use AM6 as I intended it to be but just used AOSI just 3 times, will explain that later.

2. I used pheromones, namely, Cohesion and Overdose, like 3-4x per week. Which means any results that I had, is a mixture of both the subs and pheros. So this journal may not be a good guide for most people but hopefully provide an different option for someone.

6 Stages - Total hours: 2248, Ave. hrs./day: 11hrs & 45mins

Stage 1 - Total hours: 384, Ave. hrs./day: 12
I didn't experience any significant change in how I act, feel and think. I didn't go out that much since I was working from home.

Stage 2 - Total hours: 384, Ave. hrs./day: 12
Same thing with stage 1, no noticeable difference. And just stayed at home most of the time. It is important to note though that since I was focused in work, I accomplished almost all of my passion projects.

Stage 3 - Total hours: 384, Ave. hrs./day: 12
Started my round-the-world travel. I was focused in the journey on seeing, exploring and experiencing stuff. I was in contact with people and beautiful women all the time. I already have IOIs thru my PUA foundation so no significant increase in IOI.

Stage 4 - Total hours: 366, Ave. hrs./day: 11
I had way more and in constant contact with people and women since I volunteered in a party hostel and attended lots of parties. Again bcoz of PUA foundation, I have a number of women approach me but again there no significant increase in those situations. I continued to become more of a lone wolf than I already am. I do things my own way. The good thing about it is I was enjoying the world, the bad thing about it is from the outside perspective I become more aloof socially.

Stage 5 - Total hours: 292, Ave. hrs./day: 9
I had to return home to attend to some personal matters. I still work from home but I got out more often coz I had to catch up with my friends. I continue to focus on my purpose and create more financial wealth. Not much emphasis on women on this stage.

Stage 6 - Total hours: 438, Ave. hrs./day: 13
I feel more grounded. More centered. A feeling of being enough. Of gliding to the will of the universe. I continue to shed the excess in my life and live a minimalist being.


I believe I only used AoSI like 3 times, one in a party and the next two when I when on dates. On the party, there were IOIs and I was approached+proximity but again I consider it usual for me. On the dates, it went well, no sex, no change on the interaction by those women sexually.

I posted specific goals from the previous post here are the assessment.

Goal on Dreams

- In terms of developing the traits I've said, I say I'm on its way to developing those traits (which I was already doing before AM6). But the difference now is I'm not doing it consciously or because I want to look or be an alpha. I just do it. I just realize that sometimes I am it.

Goals on Dreams

- I continue to live my purpose and enjoy the journey (which again I was already doing before AM6).

Goals on Money

- I have renewed vigor to create more wealth but now I want to be abundant not for materialistic gain, be alpha, for women or not to up my status, value or self-worth, but for the purpose of serving my life's purpose.

Goals on Women

- On this one I still have a fear of not escalating physically and verbally with women. I see myself flashes of courage though during my trip and I know I'm on a slow but steady track.


In a short summary, Yes AM6 did its job of shaping into a man I want to be.

This RTW journey has been amazing. The more that I do it, the more it becomes spiritual and philosophical. I don't want to go into specifics about the moments I've experienced, the wonderful people I've met, the women that have been now part of my life and the beautiful places I've seen but it has been such great ride. Although I can't attribute all the great things to the sub, I'd say in many ways - how it changed me, how I view things and act on things - it really did its job.

It did its job that I honestly feel I don't need to run AM6 ever again.

And I say that because interestingly enough, I sometimes feel that it has become a sub to end all subs. It made me sometimes feel that I don't need to run other subs anymore. While sometimes I feel an area of my life is now handled and the if I do need to run another sub, what I need to take is for another area of my life.
(08-13-2016, 04:14 AM)kenpachi Wrote: Even AOSI v1 may throw off your AM6 results.

I'm interested to hear about your v1 experiences though, so feel free to continue.

Hey man,

Unfortunately, I didn't run a lot of AoSI v1. From what I experienced, I had the warm feeling after the 1st 3 usage then after that I went back to the normal feeling.

In terms of interaction with women, nothing that jumps out of the situations I had been before.


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