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Title: Experiment: Running Two Subs Together
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Experiment Running Two Subs Together (i.e. one during the day, the other at night)

I recently concluded that running two subs together reduces the effectiveness of subs and also causes unwanted side effects like exhaustion, pressure in the head, difficulty retaining information. YMMV, but this has been my experience and I thought I'll share.

So, a bit of background. I can't eat food that's hot. I think I'm okay with spices, it's just that if something contains too much chilli I don't deal very well with it. There's a certain brand and type of tuna that I know for sure that causes it.

Around day 28 or so of my MHS usage, one night I was hungry and wanted to add something quick to the salad I bought. I only had two cans of this tuna in my pantry and I thought oh well! salad looks bland and doesn't contain any protein either. So I added a can of tuna to my salad. To my surprise, after eating it I didn't feel the effects of hot chilli this time. I thought to myself, yay now I can eat fiery chilli like that.

A few days after that, Universal Detox was released. It seemed like a subset of MHS (in the physical detox part) and I wasn't really keen on stopping MHS to use UD. However, I noticed that UD is a B/C type sub - just like MHS. B/C type subs cause physical changes rather than manifestations, I thought it will be easy to observe the changes in the physical body and I decided to experiment with running two subs one after the other on the same day.

I was listening to MHS at night and I started listening to UD during the day. Started gradually with 2 loops, but then increased the number of loops to 4. Within a day or two I started feeling extremely exhausted and very thirsty. I had trouble retaining new information and I couldn't stay awake for more than 10-12 hours a day.

This lasted for 4-5 days and things started getting better in the exhaustion department after around 7th day. At the same time, something else was starting... pressure in front of the head (i.e. eyes, forehead and extending to about 2 inches beyond the forehead on the front part of skull) with light headache. My peripheral vision shrank and there was a general feeling of being unwell.

Anyway, on day 9 of running both UD and MHS together I again bought salad and I wanted to added protein to it. Opened my pantry and now there was one can of this tuna. Since I was able to have this tuna last time without any issues, I just opened the can and mixed it with my salad.

This time I did feel the effects of hot chilli :@ As if whatever MHS had done, had been undone to a degree in less than two weeks. This has lead me to believe that running two subs together reduces the effectiveness of the subs drastically. On top of that the exhaustion, decline in cognitive function and the general feeling of being unwell are not worth it in my opinion. That's been my experience. Your mileage may vary.
Or you could simply listen to what results I get from experimenting like this so you don't have to... just saying.

2+ subs at once, 5G+? Bad news.
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