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Title: Appetite Suppressant - AS5.75
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Okay, will try it at lower volumes and possibly directly on the iPhone 3. Funny how this worked so quickly with me and then stalled with her.

We just went for a 3 day vacation so I figured I'd try just giving her a break and start anew when we returned home. I just re-started playing it for her this am when we were making our Saturday breakfast and it played for a couple hours while we cooked, ate and cleaned up.

Tonight I'll go back to playing it all night I think. Maybe I'll put it on my side of the room rather than hers since that is where I had the speaker when we did DMSI and it worked so well for her. Maybe it sounding like it is farther away will help--not just lower volume. I moved it to her side of the room for this because I wanted her to 'hear it real well'.

Thanks for your help! Here' hoping it takes with her. She says she really wants it to work.
Further away is lower volume. Volume drops off at the square of the distance from the source. Just like light.
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