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Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid (Multiple Versions) - Shannon - 05-24-2014

About Emotional Healing And Pain Relief Aid:

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 06-04-2014

About Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid:

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 06-06-2014

On Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid:

Quote:When I first started I was deciding between ASC and EPRHA and chose ASC because I didn't believe I needed EPRHA. During ASC Shannon recommended EPRHA to me because I was asking why ASC wasn't having an effect on me and he believed that resistance was the problem.

I took Shannon's advice and ran EPRHA for 64 days and now believe that everyone should run EPRHA as their first subliminal. .... In the most gentle way it began dismantling negativity and guide me to a more serene mental state which was followed by clarity, focus and progress in my life.

.... EPRHA didn't undo anything from ASC (ASC didn't do much for me because I had strong self-confidence already) but it did expose and undo insecurities that I was trying desperately to hide from the world.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 07-14-2014

About Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid:

Quote:96 days in

This sub is absolutely phenomenal. I’m easy-going, joyful, smiling, laughing and joking a lot, behaving spontaneously, being nice to people, the tension in my body is still there but it is much weaker. I think that quite soon I will completely get rid of it once and for all! I’m getting my life back. Just short 96 days back I had no power to say one sentence, let alone joke or laugh. Doing small tasks was a torture.

- I have developed a healthy attitude towards my job, relationship with other ppl and more. I can say that there is nothing toxic left in my life...
- My inner dialoge has changed completely. It’s completely positive. I have no negative thoughts and if occasionaly some negative thoughts come to my mind I automaticaly shift my thinking in to that of a positive one. It’s amazing.
- I don’t allow anyone, anyone or anything to mistreat me in any way whatsoever (that’s huge for me...). I’m much more confident – I think that it’s due to decreased fear, guilt and shame. It feels great.
- I’m very calm, I respond calmly even if things go wrong outside...
- If I don’t feel very well cause’ of the tension in my body I think «but that’s OK. There is nothing to worry about.» That’s OGSF in action I guess! I don’t fear this tension any more and that’s what makes it weaker...
- It is as though all the negativity is being gradually removed
- Letting go of the past has been a huge issue for me and EPRHA is dealing extremely effectively with it... I’m really greatfull for that... previously I lived in my head going again and again through the same unpleasant things, now I no longer dwell on my past, I’m more in the present moment
- Previously it was like going from point A to point B as quickly as possible (f.eks. cycling) now it is no longer like that, It’s like: oh yeah I need to get from point A to B, that’s OK, let’s enjoy the ride! I’m enjoying my life like I did when I was much younger (a teenager I guess) before all the crap that happened to me
- I view my entire life uptil now in a completely positive light although I was not successful, although the failure hurt so much. I perceive all my failures in a completely positive light, because the success I could have achieved would never bring me the type of satisfaction using Shannon’s subs brings. The success I could have achieved would be like winning a lollipop compared to what is possible using these subliminals. I can now start from the beginning, everything... I have the power and the right to start everything again and succed this time...
- I realised that everything that happened in my life uptil now is my own creation. No one is responsible but me, my subconscious programming. I am responsible for everything that happened in my life, everything that hurt me, all the negativity and positivity.... that’s amazing! And again, it’s little bit paradoxical, cause’ the only thing I didn’t have much influence upon (uptil now!!! Yey Big Grin) is actually my programming, cause I aquired it when I was a child. And people create their own realities and they don’t understand that life doesn’t happen to them, they don’t understand that they create everything...their subconsciuos programming, (of course there are people who know that, but how many individuals are aware of that...?)

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Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid (Multiple Versions) - Shannon - 10-22-2014

About Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid:

Quote:... I feel that the ERPHA work has made a huge impact in my life. I feel so much better than I did 3 months ago. ...

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 11-12-2014

About Emotional Healing & Pain Relief:

Quote:P.S. I believe that no doctor/therapist could have helped me the way I helped myself using this sub

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 01-14-2015

"... I appreciate your work very much, Shannon. I'm not stating it lightly when I wrote that EPR [Emotional Healing & Pain Relief] got me through.

Life Tune Up was purchased for me by my brother for Christmas.
Your programs have changed his life. ..."

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 03-31-2015

EPRHA (Emotional Pain Relief and Healing Aid)

Quote:This program for me worked perfectly and have achieved quick results my fear has reduced loads! Tbh the little things that would affect me dont bother me at all anymore! It actually keeps me happy! And gives me really goodnight sleeps which is a bonus! I'm just more focussed on the things that are important to me! Thank you Shannon. Its had a huge positive impact on me!

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Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid (Multiple Versions) - Benjamin - 05-15-2015

Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid.

Quote:...I feel much more relaxed, happy even. Currently I am extremely swamped/overwhelmed with work and home but I am handling it without a problem, staying calm, cool and collected. It takes a lot to get me angry or make me react. I am speaking my mind without apology and not rehearsing what I have to say in my head before I say it.

The change was so smooth that I really don't even notice it. I will just do or say something and will think to my self "Wow, where did that come from?"

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Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid (Multiple Versions) - Benjamin - 03-07-2016

Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:Quick note: As I continue to listen, I'm noticing a general feeling of contentment and gratitude. It's a very calm, peaceful feeling. I've been very loving toward my son this morning, and my heart just feels very, very open.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 03-08-2016

Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:...I did tremendous progress on STRESS RELIEF in just one year, but on EPRHA 2.0 listening to it for just 1 hour a day I already have made a significant progress in just three days. The point is that the growth takes place more naturally - it just happens I just relaxed, didn't even bother with trying and wanting to release feelings, it just happens - meaning I just do it it's not about releasing something that is stored in the body anymore, it's that I naturally change the way I feel even though I've been still dealing with a lot of fear I woke up today positive and thinking that "I can", and feeling "I believe in myself"...

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 03-08-2016

Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:...Anyway, had my first real big success with this subliminal. I was out running some errands and feeling pretty run down. Normally I head straight back home, but since I need a job I figured I could stop by one of my grocery stores and see if they were hiring. About halfway through finishing up my errands I decided I wouldn't go and I'd do it tomorrow. But when I got in my car I headed for the direction of the grocery store lol. Went and asked, said they weren't hiring at the moment. As a side note, I feel like most major retail stores don't do in person applications anymore. It's all online. The job application process nowadays doesn't really work with that oldschool foot in the door method as well.

So I'm pretty amazed at how well I was able to turn my decision around and just go for it. In the past the fear definitely would have won out or if I went I'd have a pounding heart as I sat in the parking lot debating whether or not I should go in. I still had a bit of anxiety, but the major difference was there was something else there that helped me push past it that I never really felt before.

2 days in now and I can actually feel myself not giving into the fear as much. And it's not fighting the fear or overpowering it, but an actual restructuring of how I respond to fear which is pretty great.

I know that achievement doesn't seem like a big deal here. But I have to emphasize that I've NEVER in my entire life got past fear without a ton of mental strain and stress on my part. Just being able to do something as routine as this without feeling like I'm in a life or death struggle is so relieving. It's made me realize all this guilt and shame for not being able to overcome this stuff was unnecessary. Mostly because now I realize if I'm given the right tools I can overcome stuff. But in the past when I was younger I was never given any of that and the blame fell solely on myself instead of seeing that I had a problem with limited solutions being offered to me.

So Shannon if you happen to read this, you've really outdone yourself with this subliminal. It's going to take me a few days to really wrap my head around the fact that it's this powerful. There's a strong feeling of disbelief that it's helping me this much. Probably because I've never encountered something that actually works this well on me. But so far results look very promising.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 03-15-2016

Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:...I’m beginning to transcend many old paradigms. I feel like I’ve emerged from a cocoon that I built when I started EHPRA 2.0. Now I’m a butterfly, but it doesn’t stop there. I’m building another cocoon. I feel like I’m going to keep going through metamorphoses.

I’ve begun to not care about what other people are thinking (at least in the negative sense), or what others have achieved. I’ve used other’s judgements, beliefs, and achievements as excuses for self-pity. I’ve used that self-pity to hold me down (by giving away my power in an underhanded, sneaky way), by pre-choosing my own failure through that comparison – whether or not I even want to be, do, or have what they do. I’ve used all of this to blame my failures on others.

I feel like I’ve had these tendrils that I’ve sent out into other people’s lives, and now I’m withdrawing them to gather and keep my energy and focus where I can control it, within myself...

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 03-26-2016

Quote:And to Shannon, comparing EPRHA to EPRHA 2.0, I want you to know that they’re worlds apart. It took me 6 weeks to know that EPRHA could actually do something besides make me feel extreme rage and anger. With E2, I’m seeing the positive already and now that I know the pattern, I’ve been experiencing the positive ever since the 2nd week. While I may not be where I want to be yet, I feel that I can make it there, especially with E2. The technology in 5.5G has me SO excited for 6G, you have no idea! With ASC, I got results, but they weren’t as “Okay, I know for sure something is different” as 5.5G is. It was more like I looked back and realized “Oh, I don’t think I would have normally done that. I guess ASC does work!” Thanks for the work you put in E2! I don’t feel that “zen” emotionless state. I feel like I’m myself and the program is slowly, but still very surely making progress to give me a clean slate just like I want! It’s because of my incredible experience in 5.5G thus far that I’m only using 5.5G or higher programs in the future. And that I’m most likely going to keep using E2 until AM7, SM4, and WM3 in 6G are complete. I imagine that they will be the do all, end all in subliminal audio accomplishments, especially if you use the “rewrite the past” technology (which I REALLY hope you do)!

I agree wholeheartedly. Although I never did EPRHA 1.0 solo. Compared to the subs I ran until now, E2 is playing in another league completely.

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