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Ultimate Monetary Success (Multiple Versions) - Benjamin - 07-12-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Man, I am driven today. It's more like cruising on a highway vs cutting through cars in traffic like you are in a high-speed car chase. It's effortless. I took a step closer to my goal today and that is saying something. I usually procrastinate the life out of it. I am worry-less if it will work out or not as there are potentially infinite other doors to go through to reach that same destination. Abundance, not a bad mindset to have, huh.

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Ultimate Monetary Success 5.75g - Benjamin - 07-12-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Received a job offer today that's a definite upgrade to my current one doing the same thing.

(after first day of listening.)

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-12-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:My Uncle stopped working like 12 years ago to take care of his Mom under the condition that she supported him financially. She died Aug 2018.  I thought my Uncle would jump into the workforce after the funeral, he didn't.  I bought him LTU-Life Tune Up v5 at the introductory price.  It brought him out of the emotional depression he was in and was his old self before his Mom died. (my Grandmother)

Because he has no income except for the odd jobs his friends or family give him under the table, he gets free medical care and is reluctant to get a full-time job because he wants to keep the free medical care. (his words, not mine)

When UMS was released, I showed him the product description and I warned him... "You will probably lose your free medical care if you listen to UMS- Ultimate Monetary Success."   He understood and wanted a copy as soon as I could give it to him.

After he listened to UMS, he got steady odd jobs for the entire week.  Usually, he only has one odd job per week.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 07-15-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success 5.5G:

Quote:I have a confession to make...

10 July 2019 is the 90th day we're on USLM4. But since UMS came out, I can't wait to use it.

So, on 11 July 2019, I crossed my fingers, downloaded it and listened to it immediately. Yes, I was aware about the break. Yes, I was aware about the potential turbulence.

After the loop finished, I felt all the "familiar feeling" when you ignore @Shannon's instruction. Tiredness, massive headache, brain fog and so on. It was so severe, that I decided to end my work day earlier, go home and have some rest.

The next morning, the feeling persist. My head was still heavy. D*mn, after more than a year of using IML products, why in the world I still want to ignore the instruction?! I was truly regret the decision. LOL

But about 2 hours later, the turnaround began.

After my usual morning routine, on the way to work... I felt AMAZING!!!

Everything's so bright. My mind was clear. It's like my mind and body were in-tune with the vibration and frequency of wealth and abundance. And I felt... LIMITLESS!!!

At work, I checked my email. You know, business as usual.

There's an email from one of my blog readers. He asked some specific questions about his current investment and portfolio condition. So I gave him my professional opinion, again as usual. I wasn't in the mood to sell anything. Just happy to help.

Several times emailing back and forth, he ask to buy one of my premium service.

Again, I wasn't sell anything. I didn’t pitch my services. We didn’t run any promotional campaign. He just simply wanted to buy!

So, in less than 24 hours,  I already tripled my investment from UMS. Wow!

And in the last few days, I have more and more people expressing their interest in my product and service. I even make another sale on Sunday morning (yesterday).

I know my result is not typical. I already have a running business, where people can give me money in exchange of product or service.

(A business I build with the help of all the 4 iterations of USLM, btw)

To be honest, the business is not exactly thriving. It has its ups and downs. And I haven’t hit my financial goal, even after 10 months using USLM. Monetary success is a long, long game.

But now, after UMS, I KNOW it’s coming! I can feel it. It’s close. Really, really close!  Cool

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-18-2019

Ultra Monetary Success 5.5g.

Quote:As I pulled up to my Uncle's home, he was already outside waiting to tell me something.
4Kingdoms!! Some lady gave me a $4,000 bike yesterday. It has 28 speeds and it is light as a feather. Her son stopped riding it after he started driving a car. When I was done with my job, I walked out to my truck and she asked me if I wanted it.

Then we took my Mom out for lunch. When we got to the restaurant. I told the owner, "My Mom wanted ribs for her birthday, so I brought her to your restaurant to celebrate her 75th birthday."  He said, "I'm buying your Mom lunch!"
Edit to add: Just remembered that the Owner didn't ask for proof. He didn't ask to see my Mom's id to look at her date of birth.
I pointed out stuff to my Uncle, that he wasn't picking up on. 
  • Children being drawn towards us.
  • Homeless NOT asking for money or food. When we went inside for ice cream, the homeless lady was outside on a bench, we were on the other side of the window sitting at a table. My best guess is... the auric shield was so intense, she got up and walked away.
  • At the exit of the store, we went shopping at, the security guard was checking everyone's receipts before they walked out the door.  When it was our turn, he didn't stop us.  We just walked out.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-19-2019

Ultra Monetary Success 5.5g.

Quote:So quick update,

I have also increased my loops to 1 loop a day and probably will take a break in the weekend.(depending on how i feel about that)
so monetary wise, I am getting back pay from the government from last year from taxes which I thought I had already gotten.+172 euros
my job has given me more hours than anyone else
probably + 600 euros
my dad told me I could sell his old records and share the money with my Lil brother, I did and got 150 euros p.p.
my little brother sold our 2 old Gameboy advanced for 160 euros so 80 euros p.p.
my aunt asked me to do some work to accompany my uncle who has a rare type of dementia and will pay me for it
probably 10 euros an hour this would probably amount to 5 hours a week so 200 euro a month.
so all in all.
+172 one time
+150 one time
+ 80 one time
+ around 600 monthly( no fixed hours)
+around 200 monthly( no fixed hours)...

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-22-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Put four bets of $20 each on the horses. Three were for a place and one for a win. I only ever bet for a place but one horse stood out and thought I'd bet for a win and it was a good choice cause it won and paid $4.00. Got $80 for that so got my money back. One more horse got a place and paid $2.50 so made $50. The other two didn't place. $130 not bad. Yeah boy.

Quote:Just found a $20 note in the space between the wall and washing machine near the front foot of machine right hand side in vacant holiday property we look after. Yeah boy.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-23-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:...I could feel something was different about my attitude but I didn't know how to describe it.  It wasn't an IDGAF like I had on DMSI, it was different.  DETACHED, that's the feeling.  At work, I felt detached from the outcome.

It didn't matter if my co-worker did his/her job.  It didn't matter what people thought about the quality of work I did. The drama going on had no impact on me.  I felt detached from all the possible outcomes that were happening around me.  As Oversoul stated, "It felt absolutely natural."...

Quote:...My Mom told me, my Brother has been very happy since he started listening to this subliminal!!  I'm very happy, too!! I see my Mom is becoming less negative each day she hears a loop...

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 07-25-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:UMS Day 14 - Hybrid FLAC headphones

Hello fellow bloggers and thank you Shannon.

After following the 1x1, 7x0 protocol, I read on the Forum that we could experiment with every day.  So, for the last week I tried every day (7x1).  After further reading on the Forum, I have decided to adopt 3x1, 7x0.  I am now starting my 7 day rest period.

Since my last note I have worked steadily at my new part time job.  I am now up to 15 new clients in the space of two weeks!  My boss told me that I am the highest paid tutor and that he wants to extend the relationship to the school year.  I have also had some of my own private clients tell me they want to work now in advance of the school year.  All this is VERY unusual as tutoring has historically been dead for me during the summer.  Things are going great, and I feel I am close to my initial monetary goal.  As a result, I have decided to raise my goal.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Shannon - 07-30-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success 5.5G:

Quote:I played one loop last night. I'm going to try to run the program just once a week.

SO and I went to an estate sale today. I began to feel so happy from about five blocks away, and it continued to build. I had to tell SO that this wasn't normal for me, and that we were going to do great there today. The euphoria only lasted about a minute or less. We spent close to $60. We got a box full of old stuffed animals because we noticed something in there. It turned out that one of the stuffed animals was wearing a huge 14K chain, weighing 85 grams. It's worth over $2000 if we were to just sell it for the gold value.

ETA that in case anyone is wondering. There is nothing unethical about this. The people died and a business was hired to sell the stuff.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 08-06-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:There is so much going on with UMS that it would take "forever" to journal this time I will leave a quick notice about the E3 in UMS. E3 started to work very nicely and smoothly right a way when I first started UMS, and it has been very smooth ride ever since. I feel much healthier, and happier, than in years, maybe all kinds of crap has been gently but surely dissolving into nothingness, and continues to do so. It feels so natural and effortless to feel healthy now. What amazes me is how fast it works, as well as the depth of it. I have mentioned somewhere else in forum that I feel much more confident about my ability to attract women as well since UMS, along with my confidence to create the kind of lifestyle financially, and otherwise, that I desire.

I have always had a weird relationship with money, and in the past it has had more impact on my sense of self worth than is anywhere near reasonable. If in the past I did not have money I felt like I had not much of worth in most other areas in life either, especially regarding love and sexual relationships. Its like I associated money with everything else. So no wonder that since E3 in UMS is aimed at healing all that prevents of achieving the design goal of the program it is doing some major work in the "background" to solve my earlier twisted perception regarding wealth, and healing several areas in my life at once in doing so....yet this "major process" feels very natural and gentle despite of such a huge change.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 08-14-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Felt absolutely incredible first few hours of my shift today. Came in so confident and radiating so much happiness, joy, humour, and idgaf attitude I felt it was magnetic and made me sexy as fuark.

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Ultimate Monetary Success 5.75g - Benjamin - 08-18-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:One thing that I have noticed even more strongly in the current cycle with UMS than earlier is that I seem to fluctuate between "old me" and this "new me" that UMS is gently but firmly pushing me towards, even tho this "new me" feels much more natural and something that I have "always been", if that makes sense. Similar thing has happened with other subs as well, but with UMS its more pronounced. When Im being this "new me" it feels familiar, and the "old me" feels strange even tho I have spend being "old me" most of my life. Maybe its the E3 in UMS that is restoring things to "natural order", or combination of several modules. Whatever it is, that is the best way I can describe it.

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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials - Benjamin - 08-26-2019

Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:So the last couple days, I seem to have noticed the tremendous effects of the bloom.

It seems like today and parts of yesterday. My interactions with people have skyrocketed. I seem to be socializing with a lot more people than before. I feel more confident too. I haven't listened to the program in like a week.
Today at work, I got so much work done. I feel like in the social zone today. I have people trying to talk to me who I haven't interacted with before. It's been fun today.

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