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I have been listening to BAMM for approximately a week now and the one thing I have noticed from listening for a week is that my productivity is skyrocketing.

I am more productive in everyday household tasks, I read more, I don't waste downtime by being unproductive. These changes have been very subtle but noticeable.

I am not one to write extensively about my experiences. I never one to journal a lot but I will try to consistently journal about BAMM. I apologize to those who want long paragraphs about BAMM. Trust me, when something major happens I will write in great depth about it. Smile
nice!! I start Sunday. I'm pretty excited.
I start Thursday the 14th of March. Like Spiral Im excited too and in my case dang it I dont wanna be lagging behind y'all. Enjoy. Keith.
Keith, with a program that takes years of use, I don't think it's going to really be a big deal in the end. I think it'll all come out in the wash.
What stage does the BAMM kick in to high gear? After the 3rd stage?
Stage 1 and 2 are foundation. Stage 3 is transition, half ramp up and half foundation building, but is pretty hardcore, and stage 4 is where it gets majorly hardcore. Stages 5 and 6 are also pretty hardcore, and then it begins to focus more specifically. It's divided into ignition group, launch group, cruise group and orbital group. Hard to describe, but I would say high gear starts in Stage 1, compared to anything else I have created so far.
I think you may have already answered this, but will one be able to achieve a specific amount of wealth using BAMM if that is what one wants versus a general desire to be a multi millionaire without a specific goal?
You can achieve whatever you choose to achieve. BAMM sets the bar at multi-millionaire. You choose where to stop after that.
I am noticing with BAMM that I am getting more things done as I almost have a OCD like compulsion to get things done now instead of later. I have random ideas potentially business ideas pop into my head like If I get irritated with something and complain about it, I will think "how can I fix that" and make it into a profitable idea. Nothing serious just fleeting thoughts.
hehe pretty cool. When you say you almost have an OCD like compulsion do you have a build up of stress when you get really productive or are you feeling balanced and for the most part patient with yourself?
Could you use a supplementary affirmation around deservedness such as "I deserve to make 237 million dollars" in the case of your goal?
(03-12-2013 08:32 AM)THolt Wrote: [ -> ]Could you use a supplementary affirmation around deservedness such as "I deserve to make 237 million dollars" in the case of your goal?

Yes, you can, but you risk limiting yourself to whatever amount you decide. The program doesn't limit you that way.
Could you add at least to the affirmation. Like I deserve to make at least 237 million dollars?
THolt, can you explain your attraction to affirmations?
Sean, we're going to do bad cop good cop. I'll be the bad cop... lol
THolt, the program doesn't limit you in any way. It sets the minimum achievement at "multi-millionaire" and then gives you everything you need (besides action and actually making the necessary choices and decisions) to get there, and go as far as you want. I think you're worried that you'll "only" achieve 2 million dollars.

Well guess what? Everyone who is worth a billion was once worth "only" 2 million or so. What's the difference between Mr. 2 mil and Mr. Billionaire? Mr. Billionaire didn't hit 2mil and jump on the couch with a bag of potato chips!

How far you go is your choice. It's all taken care of in BAMM. You decide where to stop.
Thanks for clarifying Shannon.
Tholt IM ON BAMM Now as of 2:55 PM March 14th-13...its amazing. Keith.
BAMM is making me realize the stupidity of the rat race. People work for a boss that has no clue how to get wealth.
Good point Man. so true....sooooo true! Keith. BAMM is doing some amazing subtle stuff in MY Life Day 4.
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