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Full Version: How much time needed between subs
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Hi all,

I have just completed a full year worth of Ultimate Monetary Success. I believe results could have been better, perhaps due to fear blocking results. I know for sure that I have issues with fear that I still need to resolve. Still I'm overall happy with the slow and steady progress on UMS, there are a few little improvements in my financial situation. Overall it has slightly improved.

I am a long time lurker of the forum but haven't visited the forum during my UMS run. I jus touched base again and noticed that OF3 is out, I have purchased a copy yesterday and planning to run this one for 12 months as well. I think it is best for me to release as much fear as possible before I proceed with any other sub. I truly believe fear is the biggest issue for me to work through, so I'm excited to run OF3 for a full year.

I stopped listening to UMS on 2nd of June, 2021. Now my question is, when can I start listening to OF3?
I have briefly looked for this info, but couldn't find it quickly and I know most of you here are well informed and up to date with everything.

It will be exciting to see what OF3 can bring to the table. Once again, keep up the good work @Shannon. We are all grateful for your work.
Hi Simon,
It is best to take some time off to let it settle, usually 1-2 weeks is good. Hope OF V3 goes well for you.
Thank you, Simon.
Hi all,

I have started OF3 around one month ago and just followed the instructions for usage: 2 days on, 3 days off, with one loop per day on the "on days".

I don't know if I'm seeing any results or not. Can't really notice much. But I feel alright and well, so I don't have much to complain about. I felt alright before starting the sub, and I still feel well since I started it. 

But, I want to see if I can crank up the exposure to this sub in order to get real evidence of fear being removed. Because I know there is still a lot of fear. It is BY FAR my biggest issue, although I have ways to cope with it. Especially in social settings it is having a negative impact on life quality.

Is there any comprehensive guide to find your sweet spot in terms of listening hours per day, and ratio between on and off days? Or is there some general usage pattern advised with this sub, based on people's experiences? I don't look around at the forum that much anymore, but it looks like everyone is experimenting with a personal usage pattern for this sub, is that right? Perhaps there's a consensus on this, or is it just a personal thing to discover?

If so, then I would love to have a certain framework or guideline to follow, how I can find my personal sweet spot in terms of usage pattern for this sub.

Thanks to anyone who would like to share his input!
Hi Simon,

This should help you out: