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Title: lano1106 NSFM 575G
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Maybe be a case of resistance draining you as you forge on towards your goal.
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I am still very tired like I was fews ago when I wrote the previous entry.

I think Shannon is right about what is happening. It seems like a recurrent pattern occuring more or less after a week of usage of a new program.

It is like that for few days then the exhaustion goes away and my energy level returns to normal.

Today gov local gov did announce a return to lockdown for some BS reasons. Gym is closing again after tomorrow. So, it is kinda silly it did only reopen for about a week after a shutdown that has lasted 6 months.

Given that the gym is my main source of social interaction, idk if it make sense to continue NSFM as I did apprehend correctly as something possible happening.

As a detail worthwhile to mention related to the program goal, the girl that I did mention about few posts ago that she did seems very interested to connect with me.

She did look for me on FB, initiated a convo with me that I did ignore because I didn't recognize the name. I thought it was some spam/scam kind of thing. Therefore, I did unknowingly created some intrigue because she was wondering why I wasn't replying.

Upon my arrival to the gym... I did great her gf... and she shouted at her friend to tell her that I was here. So my interpretation is that she did discuss about me to her friend and tried to figure out why I wasn't replying... It is very funny...

So, yes the girl of my previous post told me that she did chat with me on FB... This is at moment that I connected about the dots. I told her what did happen when I did receive her messages...

I did exchange few messages with her tonight after having come back from the gym... I'm still not sizing up her interest to me... We will see if something good comes out of this...
Last night, I have made an erotic dream. It has been a very long time since the last time that it did happen.

Tonight was that last time I went to work out before the gym close again. There is some talk that the owner may defy the forced lockdown and I'll support the initiative if it happens but I'll beleive it when it happen.

Before leaving, I was having a discussion with a buddy and a young woman from the class did invite herself in the discussion and we ended up talking a little bit together...

There isn't much more to say about this anecdote except that she overheard what I was discussing and she felt compelled enough to join the discussion.

Could be something... Could be nothing... just documenting my currently rare interactions with the opposite gender.
Last night, I did make a lot of dreaming that is usually a good sign that a program is operating.

However, the dreams had nothing to do with seduction. It was more related with work.

I can also report that the extreme fatigue is for the most part gone. The fact that it coincide with the start of my heavy dreaming period might be a sign that the fatigue was a symptom of resisting and now the part that was resisting has just given up and this is why I am dreaming and the fatigue gone too.

I miss a lot journaling about my trading project when talking about it was relevent to overcome fears (of success?) and when I was running BASE.

but I'll limit myself to say that 2 of my optimization tasks that were a big burden on my shoulders since at least last fall have been completed.

A third that is expected to be a game-changer one and which was a major refactoring task (it did take almost 2 weeks to realize) is about to come to completion...

What I love about major refactoring it is that by shaking a lot the code structure, it makes visible bugs that have always been present but did stay invisible until the refactoring. I did catch 2-3 of these with the latest refactoring... Those small discoveries are very satisfying...

I am very excited about it (actually much more than by potentially seduce women...)
It has been a long time since the last journal entry.

I simply had nothing to say about seduction for a couple of days. A lot of things did happen with my trading system but I can't talk about it in this journal because it is unrelated. I can't wait starting UMS just for that exact purpose. I feel like I am going to get a strong TID with this one since I have kept going with this goal...

2 things did happen today that made want to write about...

I went to order some food at a drive through service. At the interphone, I had unexpected surprise to speak to a girl that had a very sexy and flirty voice. This was almost turning me on... I didn't openly flirt back consciously but my voice intonation must have changed to match her vibe.

When I did reach the window, I did try to spot the lady with the headset taking the orders to see who I was talking with but I could not see anyone with a headset so the sexy voice will remain a mystery.

Next, I did exchange few messages with a woman few weeks ago. Possibly sometime right around when I started NSFM. At some point, I took the conscious decision to steer the convo toward sexuality because this is where I had interest to see the convo going. She didn't answer and I couldn't care less. Prospect not biting to the bait that I put in water aren't the kind of fish that I am interested in catching anyway.

but out of the blue, she did reply tonight 3 weeks later and the answer is rather favorable to what I was seeking to hear.

We will see...

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