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Title: Zone's DMSI 3.3.2 Journal
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Hi y'all,

Wanted to start a journal since I'm using this sub now. This is day 8 for me following the 8 days on with 4 days off schedule. I've been going out to the bars / clubs with a friend on a semi frequent basis and thought observations from these nights out might be useful. We usually go out one night a week and are out from roughly 10pm to 2am switching between venues during that time.

My first week observations that might have something to do with DMSI was two weeks ago when I had a pretty tame night by most accounts. We usually strike up conversations with five or six groups on average depending on how loud the place is and how friendly the people are at the venue. I tend to do better at the loud places and my friend tends to do better where conversations are easier to start. My major note from this night out was when I was walking back to my car. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get back but on this particular night I was stopped by an incredibly sexy latina. She positioned herself right in front of me and wanted my help showing her friends what twerking was. I was happy to oblige. Her friends made an instagram post of her twerking on me. I was in utter shock honestly since nothing like this had happened to me before. She said she was down there a lot and would see me again. She was pretty drunk so I continued back to my car.

Last week was a bit more spicy at one of the clubs we went to. The night started off tame as well. We started a few conversations that were okay but didn't really go anywhere. We were bouncing around a bit since we wanted to try some new places and that's when we found a new club. It wasn't packed but also wasn't empty. It was too loud to do much talking but I had a couple of girls that seem to dig me right from the moment I stepped in. They took turns dancing (and grinding) with me. It's not that this is completely new but I've not seen it with friends before. They weren't that attractive but it was still a fun experience as a whole. We connected with another group after they left but the same spark wasn't there even though one of the girls was extremely attractive. After talking with them for a bit, it became obvious that they were not straight which might have explained it. Another interesting thing that happened this night was I was waiting for my friend to come back from this store front where he was asking the guy in front of it a question. A group of women were walking by and one of them stopped and asked me if I was looking for something. She was attractive so I responded "Not anymore." She smiled and asked me if I knew where some bar was which I told her was just a couple bars down from where we were. She had the doe eyes and then her friends dragged her off. I've had a couple times where random women on the street have come up to me while I was waiting for something. I've not seen that a lot before either.

Last night when we went out it was a pretty good night. I noticed more eye contact with beautiful women than I've seen in the past. I also must admit that we did drink a beer at the first place. Usually we don't drink a drop of alcohol (which women seem to bring up a lot, funny enough). I just usually have a lot of fun and they just assume I've been drinking already. Also, I must admit that I drink some caffeine before I go out. I'm usually an early riser during the week and it's hard to have good energy til 2am when I'm usually asleep by 10pm. If anyone has a good alternative then I'm all ears. Also, I'm willing to experiment with forgoing the caffeine to see if it changes the night out. We ended back up at the club from last week and there were a lot of people there. A lot more than last week! I ended up having one girl grind on me while the guy she came with sat there and watched. I thought it was kind of funny. Seems like women love playing all these different games. I'm wondering if having a bunch of targets waters down the aura since there are so many beautiful women? Also, I noticed that this week I didn't have the random conversation in the street.

One thing I also noticed is that I shower before I go out. I know the pheromone thing might not work since I'm essentially cleaning them off right before I go out. Would it be better to shower in the morning? Or would it be better to skip the shower that day? I'm willing to adjust it to get better results but it seems like there should be a balance between having pheromones and smelling like you haven't showered in days.

My plan is to update this on my nights out and also if something out of the ordinary happens during the week instead of doing daily reports.
This week I went out a few times and noticed some changes. On Wednesday I went out dancing which isn't something I normally do. The night went well and I met quite a few new people (never been dancing there before). One notable thing from that night was one of the prettiest girls there didn't seem very happy most of the night. We danced together a few times during the class portion and I think she would cold since she wasn't wearing a lot of clothes and the AC was running full blast in there. Later that night I asked her to dance and it was the first time I saw her smile (while we were dancing). It was almost like she did a complete 180 during that one dance. It was late so I left shortly after that.

Last night I went out with my friend to a new bar that had a bunch of games / swings. It was like a kids playground except it was for adults. We didn't even make it into the building before one cutie started a conversation with us. We talked for about 30 minutes and towards the end of the time her boyfriend and the rest of her group showed up. The conversation probably lasted an additional 10 minutes from there before her friends dragged her away to another bar. From there we went upstairs and continued talking between ourselves. It was particularly interesting because during the rest of the night I made a lot of eye contact and smiled. Several groups of women approached us during the night and once a second group of women approached us while another group was already talking with us. I've not seen this happen in such bulk before. We ended up with 2 phone numbers and 3 snapchats without ever even asking for them. The girls would say something like "Do you have snapchat? We come down here quite a bit and should hangout again!" For reference it wasn't the prettiest girls in the place but they were attractive. The thing I noticed was that we talked with some groups that had women I wasn't particularly attracted to but they never offered their numbers. It seemed to only be from the groups with attractive women in them. Another thing I noticed was that the women that approached us seemed to get more attractive as the night went on. It was almost like the effect got stronger as we stayed in the same place for longer. Usually we hop between places but last night we stayed at the same bar all night. It was a really good night.

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