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Title: What happens if you go immediately from one sub to another?
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Hey, I was just wondering, since it's said that it's best to give a week between subs, what happens if you don't do that and you just start using the next sub right away?
Depends which generation. 4g and 5g shouldn't matter as much, but it's still good to take a week or so to let it settle. 5.5g other than E2 you need more time or you'll likely have turbulence. Early ones is 21 days, latest are 35 days because of P6 it's running in your head for that time.
Thanks Benjamin. What do you mean by "Turbulence" Just curious.
Turbulence is what happens when two subliminals are both trying to execute at once in your subconscious, and both are trying to achieve different goals at the same time and use all available resources to do so. When it happens, it can result in a variety of experiences, the most common of which is sheer exhaustion. Other things you may encounter are cancelling out of effects and results, headaches, strange and unexpected reactions, irritability, frustration and other things. It is generally not a pleasant experience when it happens, but it doesn't always happen. Depends on the specifics of which subs you're trying to use.
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