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Title: Ultimate Writer
Thread Modes
-- Improve handwriting, have handwriting of a confident, self assured person.
-- Writing Ideas come naturally to you.
-- Unconciously knowing to apply the heroes journey in novels and stories.
-- Create writing pieces that are clear, conscise, and grabs the readers attention.
-- Be a master advertiser
-- Mindset of a successful writer
-- Ideas for writing comes in dreams
-- Enjoy writing 
-- Conquer all fears holding you back from full writing potential 
-- Motivation to write 
-- Become persuasive in writing
E2 Days in All: 606 Days

UD Start Date: November 1st, 2017- January 19th 2018

DMSI- February 22nd 2018- When AM7 Comes Out?

This would be awesome. Also, I think that it lends itself to a fairly general script that would allow for individuals to develop individually as they would like (i.e. I don't think there would be a need to hone it for different genres, etc.). Motivation is a sine qua non, of course, coupled with setting clear objectives and sustaining all with ongoing research in practice whatever the field. Count me in!
"I dunno. I didn't go into Burger King." -- Pulp Fiction

Hmm, that would be great, indeed! Never got Shannon's feedback to this?
It wouldn't be anytime soon, atleast not until 6g is developed and released. This isn't high on the priority list.
Bump. Will add ideas later.

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