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Title: UMSv2 TID effect, intresting thoughts and results
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hello there,
With new technologies shannon cooking up, it seems the new generation of subs are indeed promising, I thought to create this thread to share with each other most obvious TID effects of the new Sub as well as intersting thoughts and perhabs some awesome results when the sub does comes out.

I know most of us like to share in shannon's journal disccussion, but I think its better to dedicate a seperate thread for such a promising Sub. I personally dont keep a journal in the forum and I know some others dont as well, but sometimes there are very interesting things happening thats worth sharing, if not for all of you, at least for shannon as a feedback for the awesome work he does.

As always, Have a wonderful monetary success!
Hey man! I definitely am extremely excited for UMSv2.

So I have not noticed crazy amounts of TID, like unexpected money or somesuch.
But, I have been having a lot of synchronization stuff happening.
Like i think of the word Antarctica and someone says it, or knowing where a ball was going to go and then it went exactly there.(on the tv with tennis)
then there are some stuff that has been going on for a while now(like years) but is been picking up again lately.
and that is seeing 11.11 or 111.

I will update some more if I notice more stuff.

One of the interesting TID that I have been experiencing is my own belief with money, especially the manifestation of money, or the attainment of money.

These changes in belief is so deep I'm thinking it's the fear removal module. I'm at a level where I simply think there is no difference in the process of manifestation of anything, whether its to manifest drinking water or having Monterey wealth.

So let's say you Want to drink water, the manifestation of drinking water (from thought to actually drinking from a glass or bottle) is so easy to our mind that there is no fear or anything around it. But what actually happens during that process? What happens is you get a desire, this desire then converts into a thought then this thought charges the smallest particle in you which moving you into the direction of water.

The exact same process happens when you have the desire to get money. The problem is we have been misguided and misinformed and mis influenced as well regarding money. So when we do get the thought of "I want money now" instead of this thought being converted into proper particle movement (example go to pc or go to your planning book etc etc) what happens is that thought is being redirected into misleading paths, these pathways seems the most obvious next door to go for us, but unfortunately these doors are what we have been misguided mis influenced mis informed etc. And the problem is we are not aware of this situation. Hence the results in repeated cycle of frustration.

Then how come drinking water is easy but getting money is not? Simple just go back to your childhood. You will find that whenever you needed water, it was there. But money, always questionable.

So what is really changing in my behavior? Well whenever I get the desire of money, I start to pay very close attention of my next flow of thought or actions.

What I have realized is I have been behaving extremely irrational.

This is such a profound and interesting realization and it's pretty clear is the result ofUMSv2 stage 1

I can't wait to start Stage 1.
Another interesting TID happened last night. I had a dream that I was working out with Anold schwarzenegger. He was my buddy, my friend in the dream. It seemed as we have been working out for longest while together. This is interesting because in the dream I was almost at the same level as Arnold (mentally) people looked at us with respect and admiration.

It seems that I am at a subconscious level being lifted up to higher levels of vibration, similar to those elite who have achieved success

Note: I have never had similar dreams before.
Is TDI something different from TID? In the glossary, I only found TID (Temporal Impact Displacement).
(Yesterday, 09:53 AM)MegaMan Wrote: Is TDI something different from TID? In the glossary, I only found TID (Temporal Impact Displacement).

TDI is when someone mis-types TID.  Smile
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