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Title: Shop downloads using indeterminate progressbar
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I'm not sure what plugin the shop is using for the actual download links, but when the actual download starts Safari (and presumably other browsers too) shows the download progress as "X out of ?" where X is the currently downloaded amount and ? is a question mark representing a missing or invalid Content-Length header.

Is there an update to the download plugin that allows adding the filesize when hooking up the links or somehow getting the filesize?
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Yeah it does the same for me in firefox. It doesn't show the actual filesize. Direct from S3 it does, but through the site it doesn't. I can't say why as I have no idea, but Andrew would know.
There is but the update also breaks the downloads entirely as it has a much stricter ruleset for characters that almost all filenames do not follow. It's on the list but unfortunately not very high on the list for now unless the plugin maker relaxes its character rules again.
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