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Title: Proper use of brainwave entrainment programs
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Is your Special Meditations BWE suitable for user below 18 years old?
(03-27-2012, 12:33 PM)Shannon Wrote:
(03-27-2012, 04:54 AM)Tigurinn Wrote: I wonder if you can post up the pdf of the complete instructions for the Core States of Awareness Exploration Kit? I'm especially hoping for explanations, in layman's terms, of what Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta are supposed to do.

And one of these is supposed to help with learning and passing exams? (because the school sub didn't work for me)

For some rather convoluted technical reasons, I can't easily do that. But a short rundown goes like this.

The major and widely accepted brainwave states are classified into Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, which are respectively lowest frequency to highest frequency.

Exactly what constitutes the point of demarcation for each is a point of contention for researchers.

Delta is a state in which the brain is generally understood to be busy doing repair work on the body. It shuts down physical consciousness almost completely, and some sources claim that even the subconscious is inaccessible at this level.

Theta is where the body is shut down, but the subconscious is active and directly accessible. This is where REM sleep takes place, as well as medium to deep hypnosis, deep meditation and deep trances, including the "shamanic trance state". Theta is possible to access while "awake" through doing things like watching TV, playing video games and watching movies, also. Training your brain to stay here while you are supposed to be awake will result in ADD, according to my research. Deep memory recall is possible here. Some sources claim psychic awareness is enhanced.

Alpha is where the conscious mind is deeply relaxed and the subconscious begins to have direct access or be directly accessible. This level corresponds to light/medium depth hypnosis, and normal meditations. Daydreams are found here. This is where the primary frequency of the Schumann "Earth" resonance is found, also. Alpha allows for some conscious awareness to remain for the untrained meditator. Enhanced learning is possible here. Some sources claim psychic awareness is enhanced.

Beta is where we experience "normal awakeness". It is where the conscious mind takes over and the subconscious is largely "out-volumed", so to speak. This is where adults are supposed to be, predominantly, during waking hours. Correlates to focus and ability to do complex mental processing. This is where you want to be to wake up, and this level balances out ADD caused by the overaccess of Theta, according to my research.

Gamma is where the brain is at it's "highest rev" state, so to speak, and this is where hyperfocus and the highest levels of concentration and processing capacity come into play. Because this level requires so much focus and energy to maintain, it is not accessed very often or for very long. Some sources claim this is also a gateway to psychic experiences. You don't want to stay here too long, as it will act much like a caffeine overdose.

If you want to pass exams, using Alpha would help you learn faster. Being well into Beta would be best for actually taking the exam.

When you say the school sub didn't help you, what do you mean? What were your expectations, and what were your experiences? How long did you use it? How consistently? How did you use it?

You mentioned about being in Theta too much can result in ADD, is it possible to retrain the brain if it is already showing signs of ADD? If so what would be the best and most effective way to do so?
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