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Title: New Free sub?
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(01-06-2021, 10:56 AM)RTBoss Wrote:
(01-06-2021, 09:03 AM)reki Wrote: Any chances we get a new Free sub? I'm almost finish with my 6 month run of EPRHA 5g.

The next free sub will be Absolute Self-Confidence 6G.  

Maybe buy something?  I recommend OFv2 5.75.5G

Yeah, exactly.

With the pandemic and how badly Shannon's sales have been hit, unlikely another free sub beyond ASC 6G will appear on the horizon.

OF 5.75.5G is a remarkable sub, I'm using it myself.

If you still want "free", you can continue with E1 beyond the 6 month period which is fine to do. Or move to ASC 5G, which I had good experience with when I first tried the subs. Both are very old by today's standards, however. They really pale in comparison to current day subs, especially OF 5.75.5.G.

It might be time now to delve deeper into IML's pool, after 6 months of a free sub and getting value from it. Maybe try buying a new, current, sub. OF 5.75.5G is a very impressive sub so far for me.

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