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Title: Maximum time on OFv1
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Is there a maximum amount of time for running OFv1 after which I should take a break?

I have been listening for almost 10 months, and it’s having some effect, but not obvious. I feel like it’s doing some work in the background to unwind layers of fears, but I don’t feel like it has unwound any deep rooted core fears yet, and I still haven’t overcome any major life issues in wealth, health, or romance.
I don't know about how OFv1 to work well. But when i'm feeling doesn't feel right in OFv2, I'm trying to tweaks my loops and volume. Shannon knows better how his product works.

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OF can be run for longer than the amount of time instructed, but it's really a good idea to take a month off after running it for 9 months. It may also be helpful to run something else and then come back, but for some people it will take a very long extended run to get to where it's going, also. If you take a break and find that the fears are growing back, then keeping going is a good idea, or getting and using v2.
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