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Title: Master List of Acronyms
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I don't know how many times I've started reading the journal discussion forums and the discussion has turned to what have the person has used or what's in the next update for *insert file name here* and asked myself, "What does that stand for?" A master list should be somewhere and somewhere easy to find because if it does exist, I can't find it.

(Seriously what does US and LM stand for?)
Ultra Success (although sometimes people seem to be using it for ultrasonic) and Luck Magnet. I think there was such a list years ago, but likewise I have no idea where it is anymore.
Up the top of the forum you can find 'glossary' subliminal-shop.com/glossary/

That has the acronyms, and i'm working on expanding that and the FAQ.
Now I just feel blind for not noticing that. Then again, I'm trying to remember the last time I looked at that top bar and it's kind of small on my mobile device while also not really drawing the eye with the neutral colors with blue above.

Edit: now that I've looked at it. Could use with a table of contents or something at the top along with the ability to just straight up make it alphabetica instead of sections. If I'm looking up something like US, I don't know if it's a program or a technology when people are asking if it's added to something. I would assume it's a technology if I didn't know otherwise. Maybe this is just me complaining about something or a legitimate argument over how to organize a glossary. I expect most glossaries to be a straight alphabetica rather than the bit of a hodge podge the current glossary is.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking if they are all in one then there might be confusion between whether it's a program or technology in other ways, but i'll see what I can do.

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