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Title: MLS questions
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I have been using MLS for 15 days, and I don't notice anything different in my learning. My question is how much days till I notice something, some improvements in memory or cognition?
Is 3 months meaning 1 day listen 1 day off, or only days that you listen counts?
Can I increase time of listening to let's say 6h/day?
Usually you should have noticed something by now. It's hard to say how long, it depends on the person. Have you noticed any shifts in your thinking or your dreams being affected?

3 months is 3 months, you don't need to overanalyze that. You want to stick to the loops instructed on the page, increasing won't necessarily be better.
I have notice that I can remember more what I am dreaming,only that. I hope it gets better with conscious memory and learning. Thank you for your answer!
Do you know what way is best for learning languages? Can someone learn language only by listening to youtube videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5rajg7kgpQ&t=12586s ?
Or is the language course better way?
Or from some book?
Or all combined? Smile
The basic answer is keep going, it's a minimum of 3 months for a reason.

As for the other question, I have no idea. I did japanese at school but struggled with it. Maybe someone who has learnt other languages can comment.

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