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Title: MLS With Pmemory?
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Would MLS help with the pmemory program, or has anyone using MLS found pmemory to be more possible after using it?

For those that haven't heard of it, pmemory (Perfect Memory) is an insane Russian memory program. After completing the 59 lessons in level 1 you will easily be able to learn any language and memorize a book, among other things. I was never able to finish the first lesson, and was wondering/hoping this might be something that could help take completing the program from highly improbable pipe dream to realistically attainable.
If you execute it, it should result in a pretty damned close to perfect memory on its own. If you don't execute it, it doesn't do much. For some reason, a significant amount of people refuse to execute out of fear. Not sure yet what they're afraid of, but now that we have the fear removal module working, the next version of MLS should work for almost everybody.
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