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Title: Just Got DMSI, Questions About Using It
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I understand that we are meant to use DMSI for 8 loops per day. Do people have experience with using it while sleeping, and also with and without headphones? 8 loops amounts to just under 9 hours, and I find that I like to be in bed each night (or relaxing before bed and in bed after that) for about 9 hours.

My concern is, I might use a few more loops than 8 per day. Setting up almost 9 hours of headphone listening without stopping each day could be a bit difficult for me, but I do believe I can make this happen, if I am very intentional.

Also, does it matter if we are listening to the flac or mp3 files, for efficacy? I understand that the hybrid files are most powerful.

How well would it work if I listen to my 8 loops on speakers at night, instead of with headphones?

My ultimate goal is my complete sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. In the past, I have had lots and lots of good sex with a large number of women. However, I had to take a handful of years off from pursuing sex and relationships, in order to understand myself and the structure of my own purpose and happiness much better. I am now ready and willing to go back to this kind of engagement (sensually and sexually speaking), from a place of knowing myself well, and being clear about what I am and am not willing to tolerate in my life. Also, I am feeling very lucky and well-positioned, in that I now live in a part of the world where the women are much more beautiful, and much sweeter and nicer than where I come from in the USA.

Any and all thoughts on my questions and how I can achieve the best results generally from using this product are welcome!

My thanks to you all. . .

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